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How do i change the copyright footer. tarzan89 started 4d ago · LeonidS replied 21h ago 
Css modifications for menu and tagssureandhraindia started 30 Sep 2018 · sureandhraindia replied 3d agoHow to put a background for tags for entire website. Please see image.  Because tags are difficult to read when they f...
Please support the world's most popular templatebrentsu started 23 Aug 2018 · indybook replied 31 Aug 2018If BOONEX wants Dolphin and UNA to be liked by many people, I recommend not trying to design a template for BOONEX Only ! Bec...
A New Beginning?johnk42 started 24 Jun 2018 · Mayki replied 28 Jul 2018I initially wrote this in response to a previous thread, but decided to post it separately to avoid hijacking the thread....
Sorting Forums by the newer threads firstMorocco started 24 Sep 2016 · gsicard replied 7 Jun 2018Just a suggestion..
Can a dolphin installation be independent networksfiero started 9 May 2018 · geek_girl replied 9 May 2018Can a dolphin inst...
Tags for forumssureandhraindia started 4 Jan 2018 · sureandhraindia replied 4 Jan 2018Please add tags field in forums module. It is very important to have tags for searching, indexing, etc.
Is there a Restricted Content Feature?neotekcorp started 12 Aug 2017 · modzzz replied 16 Nov 2017We are trying to make our site user friendly to as broad a market as possible. We don't want to be censoring content either. ...
No SPAM can be registered successfully on my sitebrentsu started 2 Aug 2017 · remotefinda replied 5 Nov 2017Recently some spam can be registered successfully in BOONEX. But no any SPAM can be registered successfully on my website ! 1...
Should I pay a develoeprs monthly or weeklyotuuakaa started 11 May 2017 · neotekcorp replied 12 May 2017I just want to get some advice here. I met one boonex developers and we agreed on a price and a time frame. I said I want to ...
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