Pls, suggest your favourite "must have" ExtensionsAndrew Boon started 3 Jun 2014 · Autopilot replied 13 Oct 2016In case you missed the note, please participate in the comments here: 
New rule: No more "biggest Dolphin site" threadsNathan Paton started 6 Jul 2014 · Nathan Paton replied 6 Jul 2014It seems every time there's a thread about this, it devolves into a mud slinging contest. So until further notice, expect the...
To UNA or not to UNA....daihlo started 22 Dec 2020 · houstonlively replied 5d agoUsed to build a fair few sites with Dolphin back in the day, moved to WP based platforms as Dolphin just seemed to get left b...
New Years Salemodzzz started 1 Jan 2021 · modzzz replied 10d agoAll my modules are now on sale for $15 each (regardless of the listed price). Contact me for purchase details. Happy N...
Return to Dolphin not going so smooth....daihlo started 27 Dec 2020 · modzzz replied 1 Jan 2021On my return to Dolphin after several years away, I wanted to see if it would suite purpose for a video based site (music not...
Questions about using Dolphin version = 7.1.5tachy started 31 Dec 2020 · modzzz replied 31 Dec 2020Hi, currently im using Boonex Dolphin version 7.1.5While Dolphin 7.x will be supported and maintained until Decem...
Black Friday Salemodzzz started 27 Nov 2020 · modzzz replied 28 Nov 2020
RSS lenghtSanek started 22 Oct 2020 · Sanek replied 23 Oct 2020Hello guys! Havent found an answer on the firum. How can I change RSS lenght? Thanks for attention!
Advice for Major Projectankitdixit started 6 Oct 2020 · johnk42 replied 7 Oct 2020Hello Everyone, My younger sister is in the final year and I am helping here to build PHP based project. I am confused to cho...
Apps Rebrandinggeek_girl started 16 Jul 2020 · TravelNotes replied 25 Jul 2020Hello, looking for anyone interested in rebranding the apps and in making some changes to them.  Please contact me if interes...
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