Pls, suggest your favourite "must have" ExtensionsAndrew Boon started 3 Jun 2014 · Autopilot replied 13 Oct 2016In case you missed the note, please participate in the comments here: 
New rule: No more "biggest Dolphin site" threadsNathan Paton started 6 Jul 2014 · Nathan Paton replied 6 Jul 2014It seems every time there's a thread about this, it devolves into a mud slinging contest. So until further notice, expect the...
Wall Votine Issuehawk007 started 16 Feb 2024 · hawk007 replied 23 Feb 2024Hi, using Using Dolphin 7.4.2 ...
Host_Tools.php errorhawk007 started 11 Feb 2024 · hawk007 replied 11 Feb 2024Hi, everything on my dolphin site seems to be working fin except when I click the host_tools link in the left sidebar of admi...
Creating User Form and embed into new pagerichmanfl started 10 Jan 2024 · TravelNotes replied 3 Feb 2024Has anybody ever created a form in html or 3rd party form creator and embedded into blank page? Something like Mail Chimp or ...
Dolphin's end - part 2Autopilot started 21 Dec 2023 · LeonidS replied 21 Dec 2023← Dolphin's end
Dolphin's endJonnaklasine started 14 Jan 2019 · Autopilot replied 21 Dec 2023I am very disappointed that Boonex is discontinuing the development of Dolphin. I have 4 years of much work, a lot of ...
Vale Geek_Girljohnk42 started 25 Sep 2022 · hawk007 replied 19 Sep 2023It was announced on another forum earlier today that our friend and com...
Is Boonex Slowly Shutting Down?joelde123 started 8 Apr 2023 · johnk42 replied 19 Sep 2023Hello, been searching online for some Boonex links and to my suprise. Many of them is down, for example
Login form and recaptcharichmanfl started 20 Apr 2022 · johnk42 replied 13 May 2023I am running 7.3.5 and have the login/join page setup with Recpatcha 2.0 as the last page of the join form. However, when you...
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