Paid installation service

Can someone please tell me what is the time frame for the completion of professional Dolphin installation? I have paid for the installation service on the 15th of May.

Quote · 20 May 2008

depends on who it is that is installing. some of the larger guys it may take a couple of weeks, especially with all that is going on now with dolphin/ray/orca.

in the future and for any of your other dolphin/ray/orca needs hit me up.



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Quote · 20 May 2008

Couple of weeks its unacceptable time I think.

Quote · 21 May 2008

I think once payment and account info has been traded 1-3 days tops in my opinion big or small guy. If they are serious about there service I don't think something as simple as installing this should take longer than 3 days. If you were talking custom jobs/modifications than yeah maybe longer, but not for a standard simple install. Who did you hire and how much? You need it installed fast and for a decent price you let me know and I'll either do it myself or point you to someone. Only drawback is some hosts don't support dolphin and you should have one that does to begin with.

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Quote · 21 May 2008

I think in Boonex they were busy with new upgrades. Normally I will finish it within a day or hour.

Quote · 21 May 2008

i agree. i have the install down to 10 minutes if the server is set up right from the get go. I just started using linux and php a few weeks ago myself.  Sorry windows IIS7 guy here :)


i can also give you a hand if needed....


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Quote · 24 May 2008

Also for your own curious mind

you can install at home for practice so that you can get it going to see what it has to offer

wamp5 ( mini server with everything you need to get started )



wamp5 ( has all that it takes to host dolphin on windows )


1.apache 2.2.8

2.php 5.2.6


4.mysql 5.0.51b


 * windows xp/pro & vista operating system*


all you have to do is put a password on your mysql/php passsword so the database is secure from hackers  then enable a few php_extensions and put DOLPHIN in WWW folder  thats it Laughing

Quote · 2 Jun 2008

As for me .. average timeframe for install dolphin (and licensing all, recompile orca`s etc) - about 10min (using SSH)

.. Install RMS and connect Ray to it - 10min too ;)

so this is not much time to install all clean

Quote · 13 Jun 2008
I took a dedicated server with Hostforweb as recommended in this site, and I prepared all the requirements. I installed alone Dolfin + rey + orca ad-free, I paid only the installation of RMS on my server, but today I'm still waiting ...
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