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Global Videos 3.1


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Version: 1.3.0

Added: 13.04.10

Updated: 10.05.16

Category: Video

Tags: extensions, ray, flash, video, youtube, metacafe, myspace, site, dolphin 7.1

Demo: http://dolphinforever.ru/m/vbrowser/browse/  username - test,password - tester

License: IMPORTANT: This is a commercial product made by Rayz expert and cannot be modified see more for other than personal usage. This product cannot be redistributed for free or a fee without written permission from Rayz expert.

Technical Checklist...

Attention!!! You can get 2 my products (this one and any other from my store) for free if you will buy hostforweb hosting for 3 months at least following my referral link here. By the way it's a perfect hosting for Dolphin software.

Unlimited number of videos on your site. No bandwidth or HDD storage used.Perfect for sites with no (or small) contents.NEW!!! XNXX (adult) site is added; all buggy video sites are fixed.All videos are brought from the biggest video sharing resources - YOUTUBE, DailyMotion, MetaCafe and many others. Your site members (visitors) will be able to browse through predefined videos categories or search for videos by typing in necessary keywords directly on your site without being redirected to video sources. The most interesting videos can be added to favorites list or even shared with other site users by placing the video to featured lists.All videos are stored at their original sources sites and vieved by means of flash appliation, so there is no any bandwidth or hard drive storage consumption at all.If you have php experience then you can add your own video sites.You can test that application right here:
or see it in action installed in Dolphin 7.0 (will work with previous Dolphin versions too) at my demo site - . Some other features you should know about:- You can easily change (remove, change order) sites and categories and add your own to retrieve video contents fully matching your site theme.- You are getting homepage player with any videos you like from this application (look at "Global Videos"(Embed Video) section of rayzzz.com homepage).- Every used having some favorite videos gets the same player for these videos to his profile.- Your own banners can be added to the botton of the application. Banners can be managed via my free add-on "Banners Manager", that you can get at http://www.boonex.com/unity/extensions/entry/Banners_Manager. Don't forget it's just trial version and you will need to buy it.

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Great module. Cuts down on server load. And the developer is quick to respond to questions.Would recommend to anyone looking to help with the server load
Great Module and even better seller. He was very supportive and helpful. I am completly new to Dolphin and the developer was wonderful I purchased several other of his mods.
Rayz is someone you can trust to get the job done. I have had this module since version 2. He does the upgrade to the new version for a very modest fee. The mod itself is incredible. Will help and keep users interested and entertained on your site. Best yet, free bandwidth! You can not go wrong with this mod, especially for adult sites.
very nice module all my members are very satisfied, Rayz thanks
Global Videos is other mod Rayzzz very good. The support and mod is 100% recomendable.

Este mod Global Videos es uno de los mejores de Rayzzz porque es adictivo y lo mejor si quieres atraer visitantes a tu comunidad. Además Alexander es una gran persona, un amigo sincero y muy honesto con sus clientes. Yo particularmente confió mucho en Rayzzz. Son cuatro Años que llevo en Boonex y es una de las personas que siempre me ha brindado su ayuda y apoyo desinteresado. Si queréis que vuestro sitio see more funcione correctamente y con modulos que siempre tengan garantía les recomiendo a Alexander.
Muchas Gracias Nuevamente Rayzzz
This is great! My website looks alot more interesting. Rayz is fab, very friendly and installed this very fast. I would recomend him in a flash and i will be back to buy more. A1 and Thank you, Rayz!!!

Any module that is easy to figure out is GREAT! I installed but didn't know how to properly configure categories and videos, but the software was easy to use so I figured it out after about 3 minutes. Rayz you are getting it done.
Downloaded Global Videos 3.1, which I recieved confirmation pmt for software .... I am unable to register "then register it with the license from BoonEx unity site." I have not recieved any further communique with a license number, I tried using my Dolphin lic number but that did not work .... DUH HERE LOL! Where can I get the license registration number? ... thanks in advance for your assistance!
Licence can be retrieved at product's page
I need a registration number where do I get it? Purchased on 9/15/2011. Module wont work without it.
The concept is great but there are several problems, not just on my site but on the demo site too :-
1. paging doesn't work in category view, if there is more than one page of categories per site
2. Redtube only displays 1 page of videos (any category), there is no paging
3. Xtube only displays 1 page of videos from "special" categories, there is no paging unless you create a new category with your own tags
4. Break - several of the pre-configured categories don't find any videos and see more fail with "Elements Not Found"
5. Blip TV - none of the channels load, they all fail with "Unknown Error"
I guess it's because of API changes in the source but very frustrating because the module has such great potential!!
I have bought this module but don't know to add other site like google video. There is no player setting option. Kinly guide me.
Hello! The dolphin to version 6.0.6 was very good and I bought the version for dolphin 7 to be a great module to the site to be very happy members. I wonder if you could install on a new global videos dolphin 7.0.8 script Arvixe on the same server as before?
Thanks for the quick install. Can you please tell me where the administrative area is?
My feedback:-
Concept: *****
Core Improvment *****
Easy to use: *****
Installation: *****
Does what it says: *****

Presales Advice:: *****
Seller Pre sales Response: *****
Seller Presales Response time: *****
Aftersales Support : *****
Seller Aftesales Response: *****
Seller Aftersales Response time: *****

Will I continue to use this product? Yes
Would I recommend this product to others? Yes
Would I purchase from this seller again? Yes
Follow see more up Support: *****
Customer Care: *****
Overall: *****
Fantastic mod! First class....
I recommend this mod to all..
- quick and easy to install, great functionality.
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