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Version: 2.1.1

Added: 13.08.10

Updated: 23.02.20

Category: Other

Tags: extensions, post, modzzz, blogs, activity, comment, blog, forum, discuss

Demo:  username - tester,password - test123

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License: This is a commercial product made by Stellar Soft and cannot be modified for other see more than personal usage. This licence is valid for one domain only. Redistribution of this product for free or for a fee without written permission from Stellar Soft is strictly prohibited.

Technical Checklist...

This is the most comprehensive and feature-packed extension of the Blogs module available for Dolphin. This is an overhaul of the Blogs section with many new features and enhancements.



Added the ability to show full blog posts (all images etc.) in the blog home page etc. instead of a short text snippet. This option can be turned on/off in the Settings.


Extended Blogs block that now shows Latest, Top, Popular and Featured Blogs.


Administrator has the ability to configure blogs so that when new members join the site, a blog is automatically created for them.


Similar to forums, the blog is now improved to allow Sticky Posts. Blog creators can make Post sticky which will cause them to always be displayed at the Top of the Blog Page.


Adds Reactions Block to the Blog Postings Page. Persons reading a Blog Post can now state their reaction on how they feel about the Post (overwhelmed, saddened etc)


This feature allows members to state their mood (angry, bored etc) at the time of writing their Blog Post.


This feature allows Site Members to subscribe to a Blog and get updates when their are new Posts etc


Archiving allows the Grouping of Old Blog Posts by Year and Month. Persons browsing can easily access these from the homepage

BLOG MAIN PAGE (additional blocks)

Quick Post

Top Blog Posts

Popular Blog Posts

Latest Comments

Common Categories

Top Rated Blogs

Actively Watched Blogs



Adds the ability to allow members to Embed Videos in their Blog Posts from Video Sharing sites such as Youtube.

You can view my full list of more than 200 mods at
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These guys are great the service was over the top. I love this Mod and think it brings a great deal to the table. I can't wait to start using it to its fullest potential. To me an AP is only as good as the people who are willing to support it. In less than an hour they were on it and helped with an error that I made if blogging is going to be part of your site this is a great addition pull the trigger and buy the product.........
Just bought it and work ver well. Also thanks very much for the 1. class support during installation. This mod give a great value to bloggers at our site.
Man, I just used this new blog and it is beautifully done and flawless!
Another fantastic Mod from Modzzz, A great guy to deal with.
First class mods from a first class guy.
Have 9 mods now and will have more next week.
My members love these mods.
I applaud Modzzz's work on this module! I've been using it for several weeks now and I think this is the way to go if you want blogs on your site.
I applaud the support I have received too! Modzzz understood the tweak I wanted and made it happen!

Thank you again, Modzzz, five stars! ten if they had that rating here.
I have more Mods from this great programmer, and the Ultimate Blog is like all other scripts from him super!!!
Easy installation and no problems.

Thanks Modzzz you are great.
This is a great mod. And Modzzz offers the best and fastest support!
Really great support!! fantastic moodule
Love it - Thank you! Will buy again...
Jerome always helped me in everything i needed, i know he has a lot of work, yet he always gave me excellence in their work and personal attention.
I owe alot to Jerome, the best mods ob Boonex are from him, actually i am planning to buy them all because their products and services deserve more than five stars!!!
Great module, especially for the price. Had one small mod I wanted to make to it, and he'd already answered it on the support page. Well done. Have been building a site over the last few weeks and have actually purchased several of his mods. No complaints with any of them as of yet. (Lots of issues with Deano's Facebook Connect though...).
OK, you are going to really make me broke. Every time I buy one of your mods, it makes me want to buy more of yours. This mod does all what I wanted and needed and more. Thanks for the new addition regarding the RSS feeds. That was a highly requested feature from what I saw in the forums, so hope it makes more sales for you. Thanks again.
Thias mod is a must have for any site that wants to feature blogs it is over the top as is all of modzzz work, there is no comparison to the way this makes your blogs work and look compared to the standard that is included with dolphin.
Good work! Easy to install! Thank you very much
This developer is amazing! I have purchased over 10 different mods from them. All of them very affordable. I have had a few issues, but they were "my own fault for not reading the instructions". I will continue buying from them as long as they keep coming up with these great ideas. :-) My rating 10/10. You will never regret your purchases with them.
Please upgrade moudle!
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