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Video Phone


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Version: 1.1.4

Added: 30.01.10

Updated: 25.10.15

Category: Communication

Tags: extensions, flash, video, phone, broadcast, stream, ray, widget, dolphin 7.1

Demo: http://rayzzz.com  username - test,password - tester

License: IMPORTANT: This is a commercial product made by Rayz expert and cannot be modified see more for other than personal usage. This product cannot be redistributed for free or a fee without written permission from Rayz expert.

Technical Checklist...

From now your site members can easily talk and even see each other with my new application - Video Phone. It works as the real video phone indeed except an ability to call on real phone numbers, just inside the site.
A user receives a phone "calling" signal when someone is calling to him. Now he has 2 options: to reply the call or to reject it.
Video phone conversation can proceed in 3 ways (is chosen by the user):
1. Audio and Video
2. Just Video
3. Just Audio
Audio channel volume can be easily changed by user.
Video can be extended on the whole application.
Video broadcasting ability can be granted/denied for certain membership level.
All phone signals (calling, busy line and dialing) can be easily changed by the admin of the site.
Test this application at http://rayzzz.com. The registration is very easy and soesn't require the confirmation.

The latest version is available at http://www.boonex.com/m/video-phone-2
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license key not working
is it working with version 7.0.3
it seems not working.... i think i wasted my 40 dollars grrr
Really cool stuff !

I like the ability for premium members to organize private "video coaching" sessions with other members :-)
Great mod, and Rayz was very helpful to help me with the RMS stuff.

A big thank you !
Emma VPP
this thing does not work maybe you can help me fix it it's never work help me fix
Another FANTASTIC mod by Rayz! This is another one of the Must Have mods that sits at the very top of the list of available modules!

I have purchased this script twice as well as the Live Camera for 2 seperate sites. Installed within a few short minutes with no snags, and pretty much runs out of the box ;-)

The mod has been installed for over 3 months now and has always operated beautifully without a hitch or hiccup!!

Great mod........great price!

Another five stars across the board for see more this mod!
I FIND Rayz to be very patient to newbies who lack knowledge and supportive to issue of explaining things to me. In my course of understanding the multiple mods Rayz installed for me, I RATE Rayz 20000 A+ outstanding serivce. Thank you
I have to tell you, Rayz is the Best!! I'm a newbie, and I've lost so much money from Module's and Templates that...Don't Work...No Tech Support...and the list goes on and on!! For what your paying...$35.00 and what your getting...$1 Million...I guarantee anyone this is the best Module Developer out there!!
mine either. suppose to install video in ray>modules>phone, but it doesn't even appear in it. sent Rayz a message. I won't rate this yet. I have to give him a chance to respond.
same experience purchased module does not work send various emails no response as yet. another 35 days to go to get a papal refund.
I ope he replies it seems he has given good service in the past
Its a sweet module:-)
Ray has been awesome. I've purchase several of his mods and he is gracious to respond.
Cannot say enough about the responsive help. Thanks a lot. Have everything working now.
This is a very nice Module!

installing was easy and didn't take long. I run 7.08 with custom template.
If you follow the steps in the Readme file then you should not have a problem at all.

And Ray, thanks for extra file so I could change mod to my liking :-)
5+ stars
Hi Ray.
We have an internal RMS free server.
This is the best solution.
I have problems with RMS connection. I hope it works cuz based on the description it supposed to be a very useful module. **Help**
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