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Advanced Password Forgot


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Version: 3.1.1

Added: 06.06.13

Updated: 08.07.19

Category: Authentication

Tags: modifications, security, administration, core changes, password, password forgot, privacy, core

Demo:  username - register and request a new password to see the mod in action,password - n.a.

License: IMPORTANT: This is a commercial product and the license for this product is a personal see more license. This means you can install the module on mutiple sites that belong to you, but you do not have the right to distribute the code to other parties

Technical Checklist...

This module changes the behaviour of the password forgot function so that the person requesting a new password has to confirm the passwor change, before the new password is active. When the person clicks the link, he/she is logged in and does not need to login again with the new password!

For the confirmation message a new email template is added, that can be configured via the Admin panel, Settings, Email Templates.

Other options of this module include:
- Disable "Email not found" message (the message is a potential privacy leak)
- Option to let user create a new password instead of generating a new password (automatic generation of passwords is more secure)
- Redirect page (currently supported are account, profile and profile edit)
- Recaptcha

Installing the package is simple, just upload the package using the FTP option in Modules, Add & Manage. Select the module from the list of "Not installed modules" and click install.

By default the "Email not found" message is disabled, a temporary password is generated and the redirect page is "profile edit".

* This module also works with Dolphin 7.0.x, however does require one manual changes to the .htaccess file

NEW!!! This module works now together with my Bruteforce module for even better security. (

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Nice addition to Dolphin. Works great. Thanks for processing my order manually when it did not work.
As always, good to hear it works great!
And... any questions, don't hesitate to PM me
This is the way that it should work. One issue I have had with members is they forget their passwords and they would claim that the new password sent to them did not work; of course the new password was valid. This method takes that step out of the equation. Members click on the link and go to their profile edit page where they can change the password. Easy Peasy and I don't have to go in and change passwords for members any more.
Thanks for the feedback GG, much appreciated!
Awesome Mod, the simplest things make for a more professional site. Thanks Denre
Thanks Its, happy to hear!
Casal Pimenta
Very good!
Works Perfectly!
Support fast and effective!
Much obliged.

Fernando Pimenta
Thank you so much for your feedback
Great module! Works as stated, this module does not change the password unless you actually click the link. This is like the big guys. Thanks for another great module Denre! Always worth the money and support is outstanding!
Thanks for this great feedback newton!
it is great module .and i am satisfied.
many of my users are complained for my site for this feature.

Glad to hear you're satisfied with the product!
I would like to say a BiG Thanks to Denre for this great Advanced forgot module. Easy install and work perfect.Good vendor!!! Professionnal and friendly support!!! I recommend this module to all Boonex member. You deserve 5 stars ******
Thank you for your feedback. I'm glad it all works well!
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