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Forced Matrix for Affiliate\Referrals System


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Version: 1.1.0

Added: 22.06.11

Updated: 28.04.18

Category: Affiliates

Tags: referral, membership, payment, invite, invitation, aqb soft, affiliate, matrix, friends, dolphin 7.1

Demo:  username - aqbtest,password - xxxxx

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License: IMPORTANT: This is a commercial product made by AQB Soft. It cannot be modified for see more other than personal usage. The "personal usage" means the product can be installed and set up for ONE domain name ONLY. To be able to use this product for another domain names you have to order another copy of this product (license). This product cannot be redistributed for free or a fee without written permission from AQB Soft. This notice may not be removed from the source code

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Forced Matrix for Affiliate\Referrals System allows to attract UNLIMITED number of REAL members on your site. It gives the possibility for members to earn money or points for each referred member and for other members which were invited by your referred members and for their membership upgrades.

How it works:

For example, you may set $5 for each referred member on your site. If member invites 10 new members, he/she will get 10 x $5 = $50 as referral commission. If you already have our Points System, you may set points commission instead of money commission. You will be able to use only points or only money or both simultaneously. For example, 50 points for every new member, then 50x10 = 500 points for 10 members.

Forced Matrix Income:

For example: You (as admin) can create matrix 3x8 members.

When member A refers 3 new members to the site he/she will fill Level 1 in matrix 3x8. When one of these 3 members refers to your site another 3 members he/she will fill Level 2 with 9 members of matrix and so on till Level 8. Of course, members from each level can continue to refer members and they will be added to appropriate level. Any future referred member will be automatically placed below one of his/her referral, forcing the matrix to fill up to 8 levels deep. Members from matrix may get the commission for every paid membership sold or for every new member in matrix. Member from Level 1 gets commission for members from Level 2 – Level 8, members from Level 2 for members from Level 3 – Level 8 and so on.

There is very flexible system of settings for admin which allows to set price or percentage of membership price for each level (maximum 15 levels and matrix width limitless). There is the example for matrix 3x8 below:
Level PeopleAmountIncome
72187$1,00$2 187,00
86561$1,00$6 561,00
Total:9840 $9 840,00

This matrix shows that all members will get their $9,840.00 by filling their forced matrix and how fast they get $9,840.00 depends on how well they advertise their referral link or affiliate banner.

There is also the possibility to set the commission for purchase of membership levels as well. In this case all up-line level members will get the commission for purchase of membership level by down-line members.

So, the commission can be set for (one of the options or both):
  • commission for new referred member

  • commission for purchase of membership level

If you have Points System Matrix you can set additionally points for commission and matrix 3x8 will look like this:
LevelPeopleAmount ($)Income for join ($)Income for join (points)Points for join
72187$1,00$2 187,0024374
86561$1,00$6 561,0016561
Total:9840 $9 840,00 14748
Spillover for Forced Matrix:

Using any referral link or banner users can join and they will be automatically placed into a 3x8 forced matrix. It means that any person can have only 3 people directly below to him/her. If you sponsor more than 3 members, your new members will be placed under your other recruits to help them get started! This is called spillover. So, not only you can refer people, your up-line and down-line will also help you fill your personal matrix! Members can communicate with their invited members and teach them how to invite new members.

This modification contains all features of Affiliate\Referral System and several new:
  • Admin can see matrix of any member and his/her referred members.

  • Block with Top referrals on main page.

  • Block with invited members on profiles page.

  • Also now members can see member who invited him/her on My Account page.

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First, i whant give you for this mod 6 stars, smile.
Im not a specialist. I can install in 2 minutes with out problems and 100% works and correctly. Our new reseller team arround the world write to me "many thanks Bruno, now we can earn many dineros or points". So, this compliment is not for me, this is for you, was create this mod with a great multilevel system.
Many thanks and i hope i can found in the future other good mods fron Anton.

Best regards, Bruno
Hello Bruno. Thank you very much. :)
Excellent Module!!!

I installed it in under 10 minutes. Works exactly as promised. Very, very complete product. Excellent price, for so many options. I activated the Referral option only and later on will activate Affiliates option, to ease the transition on my site members.
I am in the process of translating into Spanish, French and Dutch, via the admin panel. Not a single problem.
Very satisfied!!!
Thank you VERY much for the review!!!
We appreciate it.
I have over 5 years experience using Dolphin and AntonLV and AQB Soft are by far the number 1 mod development team in my opinion. They develop outstanding mods and provide realiable, informative support. This particular mod is a MUST if you want to earn money through a membership programme and I fully encourage you to purchase it. To hire a developer to create a bespoke viral marketing programme could cost you thousands... This product will do it for as little as $100 and your members do all the see more work for you! They earn money, you earn money and your site should grow and grow!
Thank you very much for the comment! We are very appreciated!
Hey Anton I love this Force Matrix for Affiliate/Referral System Mod!!!!! Well I could sit here and write a super long post about the superior talent and professionalism that Anton possess, but it has all been said…. So all I’m going to say is this, he is the ultimate Dolphin developer and a very trustworthy person.
Thank you very much!!!
It's pleasure to work with you. :)
This is a product of capability, creativite and customer satisfaction. AntonLV (AQBSoft) is one of the best (top 3) programmers with excellent support. Anton's mods are brilliant in every aspect. I would recommend his service anytime and to anybody over and over again.

FIVE stars and Thumbs UP!!
Great provider and awesome Module!!! You cant go wrong with the support, I have purchased many Modules here and by far the best support!!!

Thanks again,

You are welcome and thank you for the review. :)
I have your Forced Matrix for Affiliate\Referrals System how to proceed with this ?
Will I get upgrade file or everything has to be installed newly by losing old data ?
Hello! You just need to pay difference and we will install it for you and transfer data from old version. Please use our inbox for questions, this area is for product's feedback only.
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