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iPhone/Android app rebranding service


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Added: 26.03.11

Updated: 04.08.12

Category: Mobile

Tags: services, android, iphone, rebranding, kolimarfey

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License: custom

Technical Checklist...

Rebranding service for iPhone or Android Mobile application. It includes:
  • Lock application to login to your site only, it will have your site name by default, your site users will have to enter username and password only
  • About page image and text modification
  • Changing logo on initial app screen
  • Changing logo in top bar
  • Changing background color/image
  • Translate it to your language
  • Help with submission to the store
  • Add link to join page on your site
If you need to rebrand both iPhone and Android apps please purchase this service 2 times. Please make sure that you have(or going to buy) paid Dolphin license from BoonEx - since mobile app works with licensed Dolphin sites only.
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I love my re branded APP!!!

Kolimarfey did this job for me. I have a custom designed template for my D7 and Kolimarfey matched it perfectly. This can be a time consuming process due to iTunes so it is with some anxiety that you wait for iTunes to approve the App. He also helped with the translation into Danish. I will recommend Kolimarfey to anyone. He's polite, helpful and most of all: He's a Pro.

You should be aware, that in order to get a developer account at iTunes you will have to pay see more additionally $100 for a year. It has nothing to do with Kolimarfey. Again iTunes.

Perfect service!
Ivan did a superb job of rebranding the mobile apps and assisting me in getting through the pre-requisite vetting process of Apple (Android was easy).
-- Initial beta-testing responses from some of the 'power' users of our site are good. Since we are a more content driven site and less of a social networking site, it is too bad that the icons don't link to other parts of the dolphin site such as articles, blogs, forums, etc. However, the networking/messaging part of the mobile app works pretty see more well. Just to be clear, most of this was beyond the control of Ivan.
-- Again, Ivan did an absolutely excellent job of rebranding and keeping me updated throughout the process.

Very nice work thank you.
Like comment i put theese and i sugest you to other ppl want rebranding and submition
Communication: excellent
Quality: excellent
Response time: excellent
Price: excellent
Brilliant work, I am very pleased with the Itunes and Android Apps that Kolimarfey produced. They match my website perfectly. Kolimarfey was extremely helpful and understanding considering that I am a complete beginner. I would definitely use him again and would recommend him to anyone.
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