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World Map for Groups, Events and Ads


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Added: 16.02.10

Updated: 06.02.13

Category: Location

Tags: maps, google maps, kolimarfey, groups, events, ads, location, map, extensions, modifications


Support Forum: http://www.boonex.com/unity/forums/topic/Kolimarfey-World-Map-for-Groups-Events-and-Ads.htm

License: This is proprietary license product made by kolimarfey and can be modified only for see more personal usage. You can not resell or modify this product for commercial purpose without permission from kolimarfey.

Technical Checklist...

This module adds Google Maps to Groups, Events and Ads. There are combined maps on homepage and on separate page were all entries from all three modules are shown. Also each module have individual maps on module's homepage, where all entries from the module are shown and each entry has own map with entry location. All modules entries are grouped by countries and cities like native World Map for Profiles. It is possible to filter entries by module on combined maps.


- Combined map on homepage
- Combined map on separate page
- Groups, Events and Ads modules homepage maps
- Groups, Events and Ads modules individual entry map
- Page builder based
- Multilingual
- Autoinstaller, only one modification for ads is needed (can be omitted)
- Entries are grouped by city and country
- Individual shadow icons for each module
- Powerful admin panel



Homepage block:

Individual module's entry location:

Edit location:


Admin panel:



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like all of his mods....100% perfect

easy to install and very good support
Can't comment on communication, support or accuracy really; as there was no need.

Purchasing, downloading, and installing the pack was effortless and perfect.

Good buy.
This is a great mods!!!
Thanks for quick and good service.
The Products are working error free. The guy is 100% competent, 100% helpful, 100% friendly. Anytime again!
This is a well packaged module. His instructions are precise and the installation was a breeze. The communication and support are only so good because the module is so well designed that I could've put "zero" for both because I didn't need either..... and I'm a neophyte with this stuff.
Purchasing, downloading, and installing the pack was effortless and perfect.
Easy to install and very good support
Probably one of the best $75 Ive ever spent and honestly I would have paid more. Excellent code, easy to follow and well thought out. I cannot give kolimarfey enough praise. He answered my questions in a timely matter. Simply superb.
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