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Simple Member AnyWhere Block


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Version: 2.0.0

Added: 14.07.13

Updated: 25.10.15

Category: Core Changes

Tags: modifications, members, member block, anywhere, online, latest, cover, frontpage, photos, profile

Demo:  username - n.a.,password - n.a.

License: commercial license

Technical Checklist...

This module does what it says on the tin. It gives you the possibility to add a member block on just any page, using the PageBuilder module. Once this module is installed a new member block is added to the samples from where you can select it.

Just add the block to the page, change its caption and voila, a new member block is added to the page where you want to display the memberblock.

Now also included a Profile Photo Cover for the index page, that displays public member photo's and links to their profile.

The installation is simple, just upload the package using the FTP option in Add/manage modules, select it from the list of uninstalled modules and click install. That's it! No further configuration of the module is needed!!!

Questions... just ask!
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