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Classified Ads


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Version: 2.1.8

Added: 17.08.10

Updated: 22.05.19

Category: Ecommerce

Tags: extensions, ads, advertisement, paypal, modzzz, store, trade, classified, auction

Demo:  username - tester,password - test123

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License: IMPORTANT: This is a commercial product made by Stellar Soft and cannot be modified see more for other than personal usage. This licence is valid for one domain only. Redistribution of this product for free or for a fee without written permission from Stellar Soft is strictly prohibited.

Technical Checklist...

A major replacement for the Ads module. This is a thorough Classified implementation. This Premium version allows Multi-media upload, Paid listings and Paid Featured listings, drill-down by location (country=>state=>city), discussion forum for classifieds etc.



This is not limited to a single Country. The mod includes a listing of States/Regions for all Countries. When adding an Classified Listing, the State field is automatically populated upon selection of a Country.


You can drill down Classified Listings based on location. An additional section is included which lists all Countries in the world. Upon selection of a Country, all regions in that Country are displayed. Upon selection of a Region, the listings available at that location are displayed.


Classified Listings in My Area - Displays the Classified Listings located in the same City that the member is located.

My Classified Listings - Displays the Classified Listings posted by the member.


Google Maps Block

Classified Description Block

More Local Classified Listings Block - This lists other Classified Listings located in the same City as the Classified Listing being viewed.

Other Classified Listings by member Block - This lists other Classified Listings posted by the creator of the Classified Listing being viewed.

Classified Contact Block - Displays information such as Name, Email, Website etc for the Seller.

Classified Location Block - Displays information such as Country, State, Address etc for the Classified.


Featured Classified Listings block

Recent Classified Listing block

Common Categories block

Local States Block - Retrieves the viewer's Profile location and loads the states in that Country


Admin can configure Classified Listings to send reminders to the list owner a preset number of days before the listing expires and/or a preset number of days after the listing expires.


Forum is integrated to facilitate discussion of a Classified Listing


Adds the ability to limit viewing of an individual Classified Listing to a particular Membership Level


Adds the ability for Admin to restrict upload of Videos, Photos, Sounds and Files to particular membership levels. This is in addition to restrictions for Paid listings


Adds the ability to allow members to Embed Videos from Video Sharing sites such as Youtube


Improvement of the search functionality to allow searching by Keyword, Category, Sub-Category, Country, State, City


You can drill down by both Categories and Sub-Categories

Comprehensive list of Classified Categories and Sub-Categories included


This is an optional feature that allows your site to charge fees for Classified Listings.

Classified Packages - Admin can create different business packages with different benefits. The variables are :
a) Allow Videos
b) Allow Photos
c) Allow Sounds
d) Allow Files
e) Number of Days Listing will show for

Invoices - View page to list all outstanding Invoices

Orders - View page to list all Orders


This is an optional feature that allows a Site Administrator to charge fees for Featuring Classified Listings.

Admin can set the cost per day for a listing to remain featured.


Ability to upload a Photo Gallery

Ability to upload a Video Gallery

Ability to upload a File Gallery

Ability to upload a Sounds Gallery


Members can Rate Classifieds Listings

Members can Comment on Classifieds Listings

Members can Request more Information about a Classified Listing .


Members can Share Classifieds Listings with other site members or external friends.

You can view my full list of more than 200 mods at
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Hia Guys and Gals,

This mod I will adapting to help people who have had things lost or stolen. This mod is perfect for this application. Another great mod at a very good price.

Thanks Modzzz
student jug
Great Mod perfect enhanced classified mod exactly what i was looking for. Easy to install and professional follow up from Modzzz.. Members will love this it seamlessly integrates on my website.

Thank You :)
This is an astonishing MOD and the ads look so fantastic ALL the mods these guys design are just so well thought out but they also keep giving with advise and extra help to help you get to where you need to go to get the job done. The response is amazing and the talent of these guys just keeps coming. I needed some extra help and they just did it to make the app better........ I cannot think of a better way to bring attention to your site than to offer a classified section for your members to see more take advantage of this VERY powerful mod. ALL I can say is thank you, thank you, Thank you...........Guys keep up the amazing work and keep those mods coming..........I would buy any mod they build and have bought at least 7 maybe more........
Additional Stars
This mod started my vision of making money while giving an opportunity for people to expose themselves in ways that is profitable for everyone. It works well and I am happy with it. Thank you Modzzz....

well what can I say about Modzzz that as not been said already. This mod beats the default ads, a must have mod.

Can not get enough of he's great mods. My members have started to use my site more now.

I now have over 20 mods from him now on my site, which all work great and the members love them.

The only thing is that he makes so many great mods it's hard to pick which ones I want first,. :D
Hi, I get a problem with the Premium Classifieds mod. When I want to add a new classified, I get a blank value (no dropdown list) in the currency field. I've tried to add the value manually in the database, but I can't find the table, and also I've tried to edit the BxClassifiedFormAdd.php file, but end up at 'ClassifiedsCurrency'. Does anyone can help me?
I hope it's ok to post my problem here

NOT A SINGLE SOLITARY GLITCH! ... I never worry when I am installing a Modzzz mod. They have always worked perfectly for me. This mod is FANTASTIC in it's design and usability. I have removed the sadly lacking "Ads" and replaced it with this mod.

Don't waste your time or money on any other classified mod, this is the one that all the others will be modeled after!

Thanks again Modzz.
MODZZ ..... What can I say HE IS THE MAN!!!!!!! The module is fantastic and he installed it and made some small changes for me I'll now be looking at other modules after this great, fast, helpful service! You Rock MODZZ
As usual what ever we say is less for this programmer.

He is simply great and i would like to give him more than 5 stars but unfortunately Unity doesnt allow...

Fully recommended for whatever reasons.

Great mod!!! So well thought out and service --- very prompt. I like modzzz mods so much that I have now started submitting requests for other mods. I trust modzzz to make very easily administrated and valuable mods. Again a wonderful mod!
This is truly a wonderful module. The support is great, I requested some modifications to be able to offer both paid and free classifieds and support was offered without hesitation. Thank you very much for all your assistance and the great module. Hope to see many more great modules like this.
another great mod. thanks
Excellent mod, does exactly what is described above and does it well! This is a MUST if you plan to have any type of classified listings on your dolphin site, the built in module can not compare to the features modzzz has provided in his premium classifieds. Installation was simple, as always, and modzzz is excellent when it comes to support.
Jerome always helped me in everything i needed, i know he has a lot of work, yet he always gave me excellence in their work and personal attention.
I owe alot to Jerome, the best mods ob Boonex are from him, actually i am planning to buy them all because their products and services deserve more than five stars!!!
Awesome mods, awesome support, quality service before and after purchase ;)

I think the above says all that needs saying about Modzzz
Cant say enough about this Mod, got it and had to have some custom work done on it to fit my needs and once again modzzz came through huge!!!! you might want to add that feature to the mod :-)
thanks again

P.S. you know I'll be back
As usual with all of his mods, this was an easy install. Clear directions and works as described. Thanks again Jerome for a great mod.
Fantastique... ! Un petit prix et un super produit ! Bravo pour ce travail impeccable... !
Merci encore pour l'aide apportée aussi...
A bientôt !
Great mod.

But you should write the system with "query string" in URL

That way the URL's can be pushed into other sections within the site and to external sites.
Your Business Listing has that functionality.
Old style. Just direct paypal Payments.
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