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Version: 4.1.0

Added: 06.07.13

Updated: 30.04.17

Category: Location

Tags: places, location, travel, routes, dolphin 7.1, points of interests, google maps, maps, kolimarfey

Demo: http://kolimarfey.demozzz.com/dolphin71/index.php  username - test,password - 12345

Support Forum: http://www.boonex.com/forums/topic/Kolimarfey-Places.2.htm

License: Proprietary license, one copy per one domain

Technical Checklist...

Location based places sharing module. This is great module for any site where some place location is important. This is a great addition to travel based site, or can be used as clone of popular networks, like foursquare.

The module has many features like any full-featured standard Dolphin module,
plus some distinctive ones:

- deep integration of Google Maps
- drawing on the map
- KML files displaying on the map (for routes or large markups)
- completely independent media: photos, videos and YouTube
- extensive categories editor with build-in or custom icons
- beautiful design should nicely fit custom template
- native russian translation is included
- developing and supporting this module from 2008
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Very good product ! Thanks a lot...
Great mod, easy installation.
One of the best modules out there . It really spiced up my site. Very easy to install and great help from the developer for upgrade of the mod.
Hi, I have tried installing this on Dolphin 7.4.2 and it keeps failing. Can you please help?
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