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Added: 18.01.10

Updated: 18.07.13

Category: Location

Tags: extensions, modifications, dolphin 7, places, points of interests, google maps, maps, kml, kolimarfey


Support Forum: http://www.boonex.com/unity/forums/topic/Kolimarfey-Places.htm

License:  This is proprietary license product made by kolimarfey. You can not resell or modify see more this product for commercial purpose without permission from kolimarfey.

Technical Checklist...

This extension adds new section to your site where users can share information about places they visit. Place has a location on the map, unlimited photos, information, comments and voting. It is necessary extension almost for any site. It is great to share places you have ever visited.

Maintained since 2008.

Last update 06/03/2011.



  • Place location on the map with any precise

  • Unlimited place photos with three dimensions (icon, middle and big)

  • Place comments

  • Place voting

  • Place fields: name, description, category, country, city, zip and address

  • Page composer for places home and place view page

  • Browse all places sorted by latest

  • Browse all places sorted by best voted

  • Places homepage with big map with all places and several latest places along with the best ones

  • Friendly urls structure

  • Powerful Admin panel allow to change settings of all maps and other settings

  • HTML description field with separate page block

  • List of best and/or latest places on homepage

  • List of member's places on profile page

  • My places page

  • Optional notification to admin when new place is added

  • Search by keyword, country and city

  • Unlimited embed videos from YouTube/Dolphin

  • Places map on homepage

  • Tags

  • Browse by category, country and tags

  • Admin categories editor

  • Admin can edit/delete any place and manage photos/videos of any place

  • Local search

  • Video upload

  • Optional Places approval

  • Drawing on the map

  • Custom icons for categories

  • Map filter by categories

  • Membership levels for add places, view places, browse places and places administration

  • KML/KMZ files uploading

  • 3rd party RSS feed for a place

  • Featured places, chosen by admin

  • Wall updates

  • Spy updates

  • Site stats show places stats now

  • Site search can search in places now

  • Geo position meta tag




Adding a place

Adding a place


Admin homepage map settings

Admin homepage map settings



Browse places

Browse places



Admin categories editor

Admin categories editor


Map drawing

Map drawing


Browse places by categories and countries

Browse places by categories and countries


Places homepage block

Places homepage block


Map local search

Map local search


View place

View place



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Super Job, super power, super mod.

thank , kolimarfey
Gread mod, high quality, works perfectly!
Undeniably one of the best mods ever seen.. A great asset to any site, would love to see more mods from kolimarfey
Fantastic mod and the customer support is excellent. I had a problem to begin with which was solved quickly. Highly recommended.
This app is awesome Thanks :)
Thanks Alex for a great product, my members are going to love this mod,

I can recommend this mod 100% , Alex helped me get this up and running quickly,

John minglewithfriends.com
Greate module and support. Thanks !
This mod was easy to install and worked right the first time. I fully endorse this one! Thank you.
The Products are working error free. The guy is 100% competent, 100% helpful, 100% friendly. Anytime again!
Purchasing, downloading, and installing the pack was effortless and perfect.
Easy to install and very good support
Can you help me install. I'm confused on altering the .htaccess file?
You can purchase installation service here - http://www.boonex.com/unity/extensions/entry/Installation or any questions are welcome via email.
Can you insert in your mod a new field : website (link) ?
Yes, you can customize fields as you want - documentation inside the package describes this.
Powerful mod, powerful guy, fast and friendly support. Nothing to said, only "THANKS"! Waiting for other mod from you
Very nice mod...it is just prefect for many reasons!!!...Thanks kolimarfey for developing this!!!
This is a great mod that does what it is said to do. The developer gives quick and easy to understand support.
A great mod, worth every penny. well done.
This is a great mod! So far I found it easy to modify using the supplied directions and have added several new columns to the places_places table. I even added a select box to the add place form with values based on a new table that I created. Thanks for the excellent documentation.
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