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Version: 2.0.3

Added: 01.07.11

Updated: 22.05.19

Category: Other

Tags: extensions, advertisement, selling, shop, classified, modzzz, trading, gig, fivver clone

Demo:  username - tester,password - test123

Support Forum:

License: IMPORTANT: This is a commercial product made by Stellar Soft and cannot be modified see more for other than personal usage. This licence is valid for one domain only. Redistribution of this product for free or for a fee without written permission from Stellar Soft is strictly prohibited.

Technical Checklist...

This mod allows your members to share things they're willing to do (gigs) for a fee. (similar concept to


Create a gig for a small service you are willing to offer.

Share your gig with the world.

You will be notified when your gig is ordered, and be asked to accept it.

Administration will collect a small service fee for each service ordered.

Administration will credit your paypal account periodically for all successfully delivered work.

You can flag specific orders as priority.

You can track all undelivered, pending review, fulfilled and cancelled orders.


Find a gig you like and order it.

Pay for the Service by PayPal.

Track your seller's work progress, exchange files and communicate.

Get your finished work.

After work delivery, flag an order as completed or ask for fixes from the seller.

Provide feedback and review.


Seller will provide a description of the service offered along with cost and optionally they can provide instructions to buyers.

Seller will state if the service offered is shippable or digital delivery.

Seller can post audio description of service

Seller can post video description of service or videos of work samples etc.

Seller can post photos of work samples etc.

Seller can post files of documentation, certificates etc.


Admin can configure gigs to be fixed cost (eg $5 gigs) or variable (service providers determine cost for each gig).

Admin can configure service fee that is deducted for each ordered service.

You can view my full list of more than 200 mods at
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I have bought this modzz and I really like it...but I have minor issue that needs fixing if you may help pls.?
Pls visit my site and see in the very main page where the 'Cost/price Block' is, is there a way to either change the color of the font or the block so it's readable?


GREAT MOD! Really easy to install and use. Better than described!
This mod is 100% great and works without problems. You all can trust me .... when i can install, all can install this mod .... smile. Best regards, many thanks and sea you on
Had a little trouble getting this mod up and running, but it's only because I don't follow instructions very well. :) Got it loaded and working fantastic! Thanks for the guide through Modzzz!!
I mean what more can I say the man brain is awesome, always thinking
of ways to keep your community active:-) and the owner paid! Once again Great Work!!!
And service is always on point! 10+
Well I have been here watching Dolphins development for at least 5 years now and I have seen people come and go. I still consider myself a newbie lol because there is so much to learn about dolphin. Ok enough about me, I’m writing this review because I truly believe that Dolphin would have nowhere near the popularity it has, if it was not for the awesome work of Modzzz. I’ve recently purchase 11 mods including this one and so far all 11 work flawlessly. A creative, prolific, and programing see more genius. He is truly the one. Thanks for everything Jerome.
i wana say ....... awesome
I like this mod simply because it's in line with the idea that you can't help someone who wont help themselves....kinda? One of our goals is to provide members the tools for prosperity---->Whether it be in the heart and mind or pocket book... and this mod certainly gives them that opportunity. PS- I gained a member simply by sending her a message when I was on Fiverr doing some shopping- FOR MY NICHE. So keep that in mind- The people on fiverr you do business with may well be in line with what see more your site is about....why wouldn't they want to join, YES? Thanks Modzzz----another solid mod.
Would have been my favourite mod. However, the current version 2.0.1 has several bugs making the mod unuseable and will create user frustration, see details on support forum.
You should wait until it has been updated and bug free.
Questions on Support forum, internal messaging and direct mail on when it will be updated has been left unanswered by Modzzz.
Version 2.0.2 has been released which addresses all issues that have been reported for the mod.
This developer is amazing! I have purchased over 10 different mods from them. All of them very affordable. I have had a few issues, but they were "my own fault for not reading the instructions". I will continue buying from them as long as they keep coming up with these great ideas. :-) My rating 10/10. You will never regret your purchases with them.
Great mod and easy to install. Modzzz provided great service when I did have questions.
Great module, works perfectly and as I needed :)

Thank you!
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