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unlimeet posted 23rd of June 2008 in Community Voice. 10 comments.

I listen a lot of people complaining after boonex.

I can say that for all e-mail and request like "it's not working", i understand a bit that boonex don't answer, we are enought client to show that's work and that if someone is not able to make the script working, he have to look himself before complaining.

After, boonex is selling script and people are awaiting some minimum support.

How many people are working in boonex?

Why one or two of them are not in charge for question and helping custommer ?

Some of us are living because of boonex script, and it's such a trouble for us to have website down because of boonex reactiity (it's 4 day now i asked for my licenses  to be transfert in my news domain, 4 day that I am at work pressing refresh and being not creative at all ... my boss appreciate, me less).

Why not increasing the price of the scripts for adding the support price ?

Or to put a payed phone number for people in pannic ?

We all human and when we spend money, we are awaiting to be able to do somethink with our new tool.

I don't ask new request from boonex,or to include payed mod in free version, but I ask to have an answer faster than 2 weeks for a working website.

What do you think about that, does i am just nervous because of my own actual situation or do you think so that boonex's service is not as it has to be ?

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i can tell you from my own personal experience, it was two weeks before i received an answer. i was writing all the names of those listed as being somebody.
VictorT Unoboonex, the lady whose name starts with an "L". i was writing two or three emails a day to just one of these people. finally i got a response. it was involving the same thing licenses. it was resolved after two weeks, but that is a terrible feeling, not being able to get in touch with anybody. i agree with you these guys see more should employ a few more people. i for one would be willing to answer technical questions that were related to licenses and licenses binding to domain names. there are a lot of things that we are in control of, that is not one of them. once this license registers to a domain, they have to physically make the change in the database.

i would like to see some changes in this regard as well.

Hi unlimeet!

We are sorry for the inconveniences and that you didn't get an answer from us.
Yes, we acknowledge that our support not so fast as we wish but we're doing our best to improve it and our omission is that we didn't specify on our contact page that problems with licenses should be reffered to the mail box not to support.

Please, take our apologies and your Dolphin license has been re-registered.

Let me know if you need any help.

Regards, LyubovL.
Thanks for answering and mocing my dolphin licenses (I still have my ray add-free on my old domain name :-( ).
Can't you add on our "My license" a button to change the domain, like it we will not have to disturbe your team when we want this kind of change (for exempe)

Sorry for Ray licenses, but you didn't tell anything about your Ray licenses, the Dolphin license is mentioned in your message, sorry :(

Now Ray licenses are re-registered as well. Let us know if you need any help.
At least once a day I read something on here that makes me laugh out loud... today it was this: "Some of us are living because of boonex script". Hahaha, you're living because of a free social networking script? I knew Dolphin was great but I had no idea it was saving lives! Good job Boonex!
Sorry Mscott for my poor english.
And yes, i am employ to take care of some website done with some boonex base, and the money i receive every end of month allow me to live.
I still say if there was a support ticket system involved instead of direct emails that nobody can find or most are not even sure where to send an email too things would speed up, get answered faster and they could be tracked much better.

I know these guys like making there own software and all, but in my opinion something like kayako's esupport ( would be very helpful for this. It can handle tons of support tickets with as many different departments as you want. You can see more can create automated replies, and it notifies the end user that their message was received...Anyway I used this when I worked for a hosting company and we received well over 500 tickets per day, probably closer to 1000. Without it there would have been mass confusion and lost communication, and angry customers. You can purchase it or go monthly for very reasonable. Many medium to large hosts use this, as well as other types of companies. Kind of over kill for the little guy or site, but for something like boonex I really think it would be helpful both to them and the customers.

Just my thoughts on support email vs. tickets.
Check out
when i put the free licence key it says the key is wrong. please help me too.
Wow... If I have found this thread earlier I would not have bought Dolphin 7 license. Its already 2011 and stil their support is non-existent. I could not even find a number to call for support. I was thinking of getting the Premium license but after this lack of technical support... I am thinking already of abandoning Dolphin 7 all throughout.
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