Dolphin 7.0.4 Development Status

Andrew Boon posted 27th of October 2010 in News. 43 comments.

As you may guess we're now preparing Dolphin 7.0.4 and hope to run beta next week. 7.0.4 includes some additional optimisation of slow queries and bug-fixes. Not only that, though...

SPAM Control Tool

The major new addition in 7.0.4 is SPAM CONTROL TOOL. We're adding 3 methods of automatic SPAM control - DNS Blocklists, URI DNS Blocklists and Akismet. Early testing shows great results and we hope to provide an effective way to keep your sites clean of trash. We can't wait for this release, since even our own is severely infected with regular SPAM posts (which comes handy for our testing).

Stay tuned!

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adding admin modules like Auto-profile validation is good to.
after 100s of profiles joining, validating those email ids which are expired, duplicate etc is aggressively insane job
Good news.
Thank u Andrew!
Thanks Andrew, I would like to mention something to you about the D7 image management.

As all the images are dumped in ONE folder, site/modules/boonex/photos/data/files/ isn't this going to create problems once numbers of files become quite large? EG, I can not view more than 10K files in this folder as my host (Arvixe) limits the number of file views via Cpanel or FTP for security on their shared servers. This means I can only view and edit a truncated amount which used to be only 2K until I see more raised this issue with them. I was not aware of this situation until I needed to delete some images and could not do it as I could not even view them and had no idea what was going on.

With D7 making 5 files per image, I reach my view limit at only 2K members with images. Not many is it?

Many other D7 users would be in the same boat as me, on shared hosting. What happened to the individual ID folders as in D6? Is there a reason I am not understanding as to why all images are in one folder? There must be a valid reason for you to take this move.

Isn't there a file limit placed on a folder anyway? I have been told it is 32K, which is only 6K members with images, still not that many is it? Can we have a fast site with 100K or more files in ONE folder? How to edit and view these if we need to, as I can't do anything now, let alone once things grow.

Some food for thought. Your input would be most grateful, thanks.
can you do something?

D7 is an incredible software and I do not understand why you do not correct this problem
it's really unnecessary and annoying to see all private
is of no interest to our members - it devalues your software
all ads - has no private photo - why not do the same for :
all photos - Photo albums- videos home - all videos - recent groups.........

Dolphin 7 (Hookie) Final!
Posted: see more 25.12.2009 - by Andrew Boon
After OVER a year of development, 17 Alphas, 8 Betas, 5 RCs,

Today is 28/10/2010
It's been almost two years since you started the development of D7

you not think it is time to solve this problem
why not take advantage of the release of D7.0.4 - to finally resolve this problem
First of all, I strongly agree PIPRAT's opinion that D7 needs to use some hierarchy for all the files uploaded, photos, videos, audio and etc, not just dumping into a single folder resulting hard to management.

Second, I've raised the same issue as Danielmarseille's since D7 starting development that all private blue lock should not be display to the current user because they are nosecone to current user.

Hope these issues will get improving from D 7.0.4 and above.
akismet does a great deal in spam control, thanks for this.
I am VERY IMPRESSED by the7.0.3 update, and with 7.0.4 it looks like it will be even better..
Nathan Paton
I've been looking forward to the anti-spam features ever since I saw the first changeset. Is there any chance you'll also work on the captcha, too? I know a few people (myself included) would prefer something like reCaptcha integrated into the script.
Andrew Boon
There's a little problem with reCaptcha... one has to register with them to make it work. This complicates installation. We're looking at it though, might just make an extra module.

Old structure was even worse because there is 31998 limit sub-directories per one directory in ext2,3 filesystem and there is no limit (or it is very high) for number of files per directory. Now you are talking about limits of the software you are using for browsing, but not system limit.

In the future we will consider structure like this /a/b/c/d/abcd4543564.jpg, it will solve both problems, yours (with software you are using) and filesystem limits.

Thanks so much for explaining it to me and others who will read this thread. I look forward to the new structure being implemented and a patch to upgrade.
Thanks Andrew -

I would definitely put more emphasis on security in D7.0.4. Dolphin has been improved a great deal no doubts about that. But imagine driving a Porche with a Toyota engine. In other words, Dolphin is such a sophisticated application, but when my site gets bombarded with SPAM, all of sudden it becomes a hub for advertisements & SPAM and it becomes irrelevant as result. At times, I just want to shut it down because the SPAM I get is so overwhelming.

One security hole I see more have yet to figure out, at times my members receive personal emails from females telling them that they like their profile and they want to share their pictures with them. In fact, I get those emails myself from and from my Dolphin site. What I find very troubling, is my hosting company allows only 500 emails to be sent out from my account, but how is it possible a personal email gets sent out to all of my 10,000 members at once? How is this person gets access to ALL of my emails in my database? I’ve been getting lots of complains from my members about these type of emails, and I have yet to figure out how to stop that..

Lastly, I would look into implementing some type of security against DDoS. Distributed Denial of Service will not only bring the site down, but it will bring the whole server down to its knees and at times the whole network. I am not sure if this type of attack can be implemented around the Application or within the Server, but thought to mention it because I’ve seen how effective this type of attack is.

Keep up the good work. D7.0.3 is a Porche indeed :)

If you have an problem with the number of emails allowed or get marked as spam than most likely it would be an issue with your host or hosting plan, not dolphin specific. You need a higher profile plan that can handle all of that.

ddos is on your end or hosts end too. Nothing to do with dolphin. Shared hosting will block it to some extent, but if it happens regularly or becomes a habit they will not tollerate it for too long. You need more control, perhaps vps or dedicated, and then see more it will be up to you rather than the host to take care of it. Otherwise you can pay for someone else to handle it. They often do not handle it that well. Depends on what you are willing to pay for that option. A few dollars per month usually doesn't take care of it. For a few hundred it probably will, but most do not want to spend that kind of cash.

Most of what you suggest is on your host side and nothing to do with dolphin. So you might see what you can do based on what your type of hosting allows, or upgrade to a plan that gives you more control over it.

None of what you mention seems to be a security hole, but a hosting allowed or capped type of thing. They have certain limits which you have reached or not allowed. So most likely you need a bigger, more powerful, or a plan that allows more plain and simple. You have out grown your host.
in reference to emails allowed, that is correct, that is a hosting package setting. however, email being marked as spam, and i have been battling this from Dolphin v5, the email templates are deemed as 'spam-like' by MSN Hotmail, based on their spam filtering algorithm, the format of the templated emails are a problem.

Case in Study:
site launched on new VPS
dedicated IP assigned
IP entered into Microsofts JMRP (junk mail reporting program)
one week later after admin see more fired 9k emails which are allowed on the server IP was blacklisted on msn, hotmail because of spam-like email

granted, I scolded the account holder, because i have spent well over 150 hours submitting my IP's to these czars of email delivery services. but the fact of the matter is that all email addresses were provided by somebody who registered on the site and provided the email address. there was no report of spam coming from that IP, the spam filter picked up the templated emails as 'spam-like'.

so whereas boonex is making strides in making the application better, there are still some weak links that have not been addressed. one would be the email verification. yes there is a method on the site, I dont think it works efficiently. also the templating sytem needs to be addressed because it has clear issues.

I would actually like to see the ability as a core element to be able to deny from specific email extensions. actually have had requests for this same feature in the past, where you would be able to block msn email addresses or other known spam used email accounts such as yahoo or hotmail.

Old structure was even worse because there is 31998 limit sub-directories per one directory in ext2,3 filesystem and there is no limit (or it is very high) for number of files per directory. Now you are talking about limits of the software you are using for browsing, but not system limit.

In the future we will consider structure like this /a/b/c/d/abcd4543564.jpg, it will solve both problems, yours (with software you are using) and filesystem limits.

the sub-directory structure was/is relevant see more to a 32bit OS running a specific build. ext3 still retains the 32000 subdirectory limitation, but its not the subdirectory structure, its an issue with creating links:

A safe way to try it out; create a relatively small file (like 20MiB), format it with ext3, mount it, and see how many directories you manage to create ;)
I did try on a VM, and I only managed to produce 5123 subdirectories in a/ before it said: mkdir: cannot create directory `xxxxx': No space left on devicekblft is correct; the limit is on a per-subdirectory basis. You can have more than 32,000 subdirectories in a filesystem, just not in a single subdirectory. I did some tests on this recently.
That seems to contradict with the results I've got from geirha's code? Any ideas why?
I expect ext4fs will be more reliable in 6-12 months. Beyond that, Btrfs is likely to become the "top dog" among Linux filesystems. At the moment, though, Btrfs is even newer than ext4fs, and I wouldn't trust Btrfs with valuable data.
At the moment I think "ext3" still works for me. Although data on my development server isn't really that valueable, I like my machine to be stable. So if I don't need to change to another (less reliable) filesystem I prefer not to change. Thanks for the information anyway.
I tried it again (same VM) but this time in the "real" filesystem.
I created /tmp/a/ and /tmp/b/ and /tmp/c/ and ran this command in all three dirs:
echo {1..32000} | xargs mkdirThis time it only came up with an error on 31999 and 32000 (seems correct, see #1: "There is a limit of 31998 sub-directories per one directory, stemming from its limit of 32000 links per inode.")
My best guess is that 20MB just is not enough to store that amount of directories.


ext3 see more is not a preferred filesystem if you are running dolphin on 32bit OS. If you upgrade to 64bit OS, the problem is solved.

Hi, SPam Guard is good,
Does this version have a "Delete" button to delete pages? I can find out how to delete a page I created.
@DosDawg and AlexT

I have been testing the current D703 file system. I was able to create and dump over 35k files in the images folder and it is still working, although I must admit things have slowed down a lot when creating the image files. so if there is a 32k file limit, it has been surpassed and things are still chugging along. But only a demo site for testing is being used, so no load on it and the files have only been small, under 300k, most 50k, and no 2Mb photos like some members will see more want to upload :-)

The a/b/c etc subfolder system sounds like a good option, to keep a max of 9999 ID folders in each subfolder, if I have understood it right.
I haven't been on this site in a while and just stopped in to say hi to Boonex.

Couple of comments.

Very happy with Dolphin.

- I noticed a big change moving from Dolphin 7.0.2 to 7.0.3. Im still running my site on a shared service. Over all upgrading from .2. to .3 helped out a lot, enough to see the difference in my case anyways.
- my site loads faster and I defiantly noticed LESS database query Errors, big difference here. If im not mistaken, ever since the upgrade i only received see more one query error. I'm not an expert on programming or on database management which I'll leave to the experts on this site but as an end user of Dolphin I'm happy with the results.

I also noticed the error log found in the cpanel has next to nothing in terms of errors messages. before the upgrade i would have a tone of message which always WORRIED me but again, the upgrade pretty much cleaned the error log out.

Keep up the good work and I wait your upgrade from .3 to .4

Opinion/view from non-expert.
@7.0.4 includes some additional optimisation of slow queries and bug-fixes.

I love to find out if sql queries with LEFT JOIN, INNER JOIN or RIGHT JOIN are replace with more faster sql queries.
Good News about dolphin

but I wish you add other pay ways for as like ..

"The a/b/c etc subfolder system sounds like a good option, to keep a max of 9999 ID folders in each subfolder, if I have understood it right."

Yes, and it is a proven option, as mentioned in a related forum thread.

We do this now on several sites... one of them with ~1,000,000 users and ~8,500,000 images... and it works great.

its not a 32k file limitation, its a limitation on the number of subdirectories in a directory
@MMS and DD,

Thanks for clarification, I am sure many members are like me and don't know the inner workings of servers and file systems, having easy to understand education is great from you guys, and also the many others who input into development of this software. I am learning all the time :-) Thanks heaps :-)
If u have a dolphin 7 already installed what would u need to do to upgrade it into Dolphin 7.0.4
Nathan Paton
@DeanMonte: A patch will be released with update instructions added to the documentation section.
I think you really need to worry about slow queries, because with more than 200 users per minutes dolphin script can kill the most powerful CPU's :)

we work on several sites optimizing sql queries since dolphin earlier version, its costly if you optimize all of the queries, what we do first we apply the known slow-queries fixed then fix on-demand what ever slow-queries there are.
When 7.0.4 will be released? Look forward to it.
Ok, hope the best to the Boonex team :)
How difficult would it be to include a single media folder by default for any registered member? If that's not too difficult then that would be a simple and complete solution to the folder hierarchy problems. Just one single member folder could have a 50.000 file limit, regardless if those files are graphics, photos, songs, or video clips. Matter of fact, such a folder could also have an automatic yet adjustable (admin panel) file size limit included.

Someone else mentioned having 35.000 images see more loaded in a folder and everything still working. That's all good and well, but you also have to look at the future. What about years down the road when you have thousands and thousands of members, or even worse, just one group of say 50 or so members who are totally into photo & music albums? I could easily see just 50 members having over 35.000 and for that matter even over 100.000 files. So keeping all media contained per member would definitely go a long way to keeping large multimedia files managed, contained, and streamlined for speed, all at the same time.

I am inclined to agree with the idea of everything in that 'owners' ID folder, everything for that owner is in one place then, makes sense looking from the outside in, but I know nothing of coding. Would probably need a major recode by Boonex. There would still need to be some sort of folder system where the ID folders are 2K max in a group, due to the common file view restrictions placed on many of us shared server users by the hosting companies. I certainly don't like not being see more able to view the files in my folders, as they are currently truncated by the host. So I have no idea if there are duplicate files or not over 2K. The only way I can know what is in the large folders is to download them. Bring on the KISS principle :-) if that is possible with coding.
I hope Dolphin 7.0.4 don't have bugs
Nathan Paton
@UFO360: I take it you mean "less bugs," because that kind of mentality would stop any software from ever being released.
Excellent, can't wait for these features.
It seems as if we're shortly before the new release. The vibrations are coming. Be prepared for a surprise the positive way and for the peace and joy of X-Mas and New Year.
Any new news or updates on when 7.0.4 will be released? After upgrading to 7.0.3 i've had trouble getting my page builders to load and the date on the join for will not function....i've tried every fix in the forum that could be found and nothing works. Hoping that upgrading to the 7.0.4 version will fix both of these issues.
Great news... Waiting to see it soon...
I am been looking at features provided in other community software and did see another that has some much needed features to make a community/Dating site go ...

A few that I think, if were provided with the script, or at least a simple install module for Free, could make a big difference in how this script

stacks up to others on the market. Members/programmers , Hint Hint, U already programmed these, offer

them with the script/or free download and help the project go beyond what others see more are offering..

Single- and multiplayer games for members to play on the site.

Profile builder
AJAX-driven drag'n'drop interface for building a custom profile page.

User Points system
Members can buy or earn user points (credits) and spend them on site services , member store items, Virtual Gift Shop,

Virtual Gift Shop
Users can express their sympathy for other site members by sending graphic presents from a Virtual Gift Shop.

Referrals system, Affiliate program

Automatic Happy Birthday email (already provided by a member)

Sign in, with information from other social sites, like FaceBook.... import friends/photos, etc ....

E-Cards Module

Once these are provided for Free, other scripts .. service providers, would not be able to compare to this script
I still have 7.0.2. Lots of bugs with that one. I was going to upgrade to 7.0.3 but I'm waiting for this one instead. Looking forward to the release!
My dolphin site is so slow i really hope this upgrade to 7.0.4 helps, if not then i dont know what ima do :(
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