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Mike posted 7th of April 2010 in . 27 comments.

After checking my redundant array of internet services this morning (3), my last attempt finally linked with an out-of-country connection and I still had paid up units left - hurrah. Ok - to work... While busily answering mails, arranging installations for customers and listening to yet another fireworks celebration outside the window, my wife called from the university classes she was attending. Her classes were canceled. Huh? What? That wasn't fireworks this time, at least not the kind you light a match to. Another revolution attempt was in progress (vis-a-vis spring of 2005)!

"PLEASE hurry to school and get Sabrina (our daughter) and take her home", she pleaded. I blurted out an involuntary "Oh S**T" before collecting myself and hurriedly getting ready to go when the school called. The Russian gushing urgently out of the phone was intense and fast - but I knew what they wanted and in MY best (poor) Russian replied that I was on the way.

Her school is about 4 blocks away, through a park (we always swing on the playground equipment there on a normal day coming home). This was hours earlier and vacant - no kids or parents - just people streaming in 3 times normal numbers coming toward and past me continuously. I was quickly walking into more and more intense and frequent gunfire - not seen, but heard, and the people and traffic continued to stream away from where I was headed... a little unsettling.

My daughter's school is merely 1 and a half blocks from the traditional launching place for revolutions and protests. I hurried inside the school and found her teachers and one other little girl whose parents hadn't arrived yet to retrieve her. Assured that the teachers would take her with them if no one came (my garbled Russian again) I recovered my little girl and departed.

On the way home, heart in throat, I kept up a nonchalant banter with her like we usually did on a "normal" day, while we eased our way in the same direction as the general population this time. I was taking note of the intensity (and of the proximity) as the sounds of gunfire echoed off the walls of the surrounding buildings. She seemed blithely and thankfully unaffected by it as we drew away from the area and made our way home.

My wife and her friends, trapped at the university, finally managed a taxi (no other usual transportation available) and made her way home. I'm fond of shaking my head and saying - "Only in Bishkek, " usually while watching someone attempt to drive here. I guess now I can add to that.

You know, some days really aren't like all the rest!

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Guys who are in Kyrgizstan, my dear co-workers!!! Please, stay home!!! It's terrible ((( just watched some videos in the inet .. (((((
attention you and your family - and the team boonex -especially the end of the video - http://tvkyrgyzstan.com/
Oh my goodness please stay home and keep you and your families safe, my thoughts are with you..
Be safe man. All of you.
Be safe, guys. Hope it's over soon!
Be safe guys... This word is changing a lot.... Dont know where it will end.
Breaking News in the USA too....New York Times....

Associated press Video....
THIS IS FROM GOOGLE NEWS NOT>....1,455 ARTICLES....(just click on "News" when you go to google)

Emergency in Kyrgyzstan as Police Fire on Protesters
New York Times - Clifford J. Levy - ‎44 minutes ago‎
Ivan Sekretarev/AP The police used bullets, tear gas and stun grenades against a crowd of thousands massing in front of the presidential office in Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan.

Video: Raw Video: Several Killed in Kyrgyzstan Clashes The Associated Press
FACTBOX: Unrest see more in Kyrgyzstan Reuters

Christian Science Monitor - The Hindu - ABC Online - Forbes - Wikipedia: 2010 Kyrgyzstan riots
all 1,455 news articles »
Thanks for the comments and sentiments. Heads down and laying low. But news says people moving into the city for more hi-jinks that will make tomorrow maybe even more dangerous.
2 UFO360

keep your emotions by yourself ! ...not "funny" at all!

..ppl are attacked by grenade launchers, ..snipers are shooting at ppl ...and the ground is trembling after every explosion + marauders are everywhere!..this very serious and sad.!

my close friend is still there, he's guarding government building.. i've just been there...

so PLEASE think twice before writing something here!
Hi Mike ;-) I don't hink that I can be so useful but let me know if you think that I can help in anything...
@UFO360 - What about this is funny? Are you retarded? Most of your comments lead us to believe you were a little slow but I think this settles it.
Our hearts and prayers are with you ... be safe ... all of you, and your families.
To all of you - thanks. A new morning, sunny and tentatively hopeful. Things are a little surreal with memories of yesterday and things are seeming closer to normal this morning. @Gorpus - I'll be in touch, stay careful @Michel - and everyone ... thanks, not much can be done, but we appreciate knowing you and everyone else here are with us in thought and prayer. Thanks very much!
Unbelievable! Just heard about this. My Heart goes out to you. I pray that you all will be well and peace will be restored soon.
I am very sorry to hear these kind of news, here in Europe as normal there is no information about it so the only thing we can do at the moment is some network to inform the people arround here.
Keep strong. And I hope peace is coming soon.
keep safe, all the best to you and your family, mart
keep safe, all the best to you and your family, mart
I hope all of you stay safe and hopefully a peaceful resolution will dawn shortly.
So happy to hear that things are starting to normalise now over there. Please keep us updated on the situation. I really wish there was something I could do to help. Sending positive vibes your way!!! Take care and stay safe.
Check in Mike. Let us know you're OK.
Yea Mike. Let me know you and your family are doing okay. Just saw the news. Please take care, stay safe. My prayers are with you.
How do you go? - The return to normal country? - Or there is always conflict?
A thought for you and your family
Sounds like things are still difficult for you guys over there, wishing you and yours safety and some peaceful nights sleeps!
It's nuts everywhere, Mike. Absolutely...EVERYWHERE!
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