Dolphin 8 Sundance Alpha - Private Preview

Andrew Boon posted 4th of July 2014 in News. 54 comments.

Over 3 years ago we started talking about Dolphin 8 specifications and design architecture. Let’s just say that the ideas we had in mind turned out to be a lot more challenging than we thought, plus we decided to up the ante.

We did not want to cut corners or put out a product just for the sake of a sales-bump. Instead, the team was challenged to create something we’d be proud of, something we could build upon for decades ahead and something that would make community sites actually work.

Today, for the first time in years we have a package that can be installed, tested and isn’t too far from the final release stage. This is, literally, a homestretch. Dolphin 8 is coming!



What’s in 8? What’s with 7?

Since there’s no “public” D8 package yet, we decided to postpone any feature announcements. Dolphin 8 is incredibly advanced, exciting and forward-thinking. It has also been vastly improved from the time we’ve been showing preview videos a couple of years ago, with a lot of time devoted to “mobile” side of things. Details will come along with the public package.

Dolphin 7 development is going to continue. We have been working on 7.2 and plan to release it sometime soon. Since a lot of improvements have been made in 7.1 we see it as a mature product that will hold its value for years ahead. It may take a good while for Dolphin 8 ecosystem to catch up to Dolphin 7 and even then, they’re likely to be intended for different purposes. We’ll elaborate on this in D8 public package announcement, but the rule-of-thumb would be “If Dolphin 7 looks like a good match for your idea, don’t wait for Dolphin 8”.



How to test? Where to download?

At this stage we’re sparing you from the burden of encountering the first-row issues. Preview is being privately sent to only a few, most “stoic” members that hopefully would be able to help us fashion a more polished version for a broader preview round. Meanwhile, we are going to start posting about Dolphin 8 again. We hope Providers would be tracking the progress closely, in preparation for Dolphin 8 modules/extensions development.

And so the big fun, finally, begins!

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Super news, I'm looking forward
very nice!! cant wait to get my private test package ;)
I don't know why, but this kinda caught my attention. I remember seeing chatter about 8, way back when.... Then came the revamp of 7, which made me move towards Drupal (after trying several other pieces of bloat ware, or kaka) Don't get me wrong, dolphin is a nice, although overly resource hogging piece of software, I'm still here, after all :).

Great to see you are taking some time with this one along with the focus on mobile, something which 7 was seriously lacking... Even with that lil App. see more Good luck with it Andrew, I'll try to keep my eyes open for the launch
I am launching a site using Dolphin Labor Day is critical for this project...should I wait for Dolphin 8 and if so when do you expect to launch the public package? Also are we going to be able to upgrade from 7 to 8 with no extra fees?
Nathan Paton
You'll miss your deadline by a Labor Day or two. Use Dolphin 7 and add one of the responsive templates from the market. You'll have plenty of time to upgrade when Dolphin 8 is released. I wouldn't expect developer support for Dolphin 7 to vanish overnight.
Bsetec Templates are great for mobile users :)
I want to test it please :) im making suggestion and bug test for dolphin version since over 8 years now :)
another old member (been here since 2007) who wants to test the new Dolphin :)
Looking forward to this. I am hoping it includes whereby you can decide which blocks are seen in mobile phones and tablets and which are not. Just like Rockettheme for joomla. For their blocks they have so you can decide which blocks appear and which don't on different devices.
I am also hoping they do away with the phone app! This software should be setup so it knows when being accessed by phone/tablet or not. If by phone, then a cut down version of the site, much like the app. The app is just see more a pain, and shouldn't be needed! Responsive templates are 'ok' but still do not go well with all devices. It will possibly be better if we can decide which blocks are loaded when the site is accessed by phone or tablet.
I am definitely interested in testing 8.
I would like to participate in the tests
This is awesome news..I know i'm just a couple years with dolphin, but i have a major social site, And would love to test the new 8..Please think about it. Ty so much. Oh and MR.PATON, I'm about to move my buisness to Zarconia. Can't wait to do buisness with you!!!!
Nathan Paton
We'll be looking forward to it!
This is great news, congrats on another milestone achieved!!! Will there be a early developer preview available so that we can get our mods ready in-time for public release? Thanks.
is D8 a community CMS too? or will it be an awesome general web portal framework ?
hmmm... like DNN? a small clue would be exciting for us.
Andrew Boon
We'll always be focusing on community/social software.
yes mods4dolphin you have right, developers like you and IBDW and MODZZZ.... must test and get documentation first to start thinking about updating their modules at time. because we spent much money on the market and we need to upgrade all at one time "our customers" members satisfaction are very important so we don't need to give theme half service then we lose half of them...
I'm ready to test D8 :)
I would love to test out D8. I have a site built that really isn't used for anything but testing purposes at the moment.
I will like to test version 8.
don't forget the Bi-directional languages (right-to-left) !! :-)
Ready to test Dolphin 8 Got to beta test 7 and am anticipating testing 8 as well.
awesome...hope dolphin 8 launch this year..will this one have moxie manager or any other file manager for tinymce. ??? ...lif possible et me check the preview when it launch..thank u..
Count me in for testing.. This update is a essential breathe of air for the entire community and Boonex.
ready to test D8 ................
I too would like to swim with the dolphin8 :) .
Andrew Boon
We have only 6 people testing it now and already we have been told about a few confusing quirks that we need to rethink. Not major things, so not too much time to wait. The only reason we wanted to keep the first "show" THAT limited is because we knew that in years our perspective must have narrowed enough to overlook even most glaring inconstancies and we needed somebody else to have a look. A somewhat more polished version will be made available to developers and then Premium members see more soon. Public download should then be a lot more usable.
Tally Ho! -- Hope I'm still alive when the link is made available.
Eagle II Sends.. Over 67 years on the planet and still having fun on the web
Awesome news. I would love to test Dolphin 8 on accessibility for disabled and also to suggest improvements.
I'd appreciate an invite (to join) from a few of you who have D8 up and running, I'd like to look at it from an end user's perspective. Thanks...
Can't wait for this to go public! :D

I am working on a system that needs to look at Dolphin so will be taking an early look in the open Alpha's/Beta's to make sure i can get it to work with Dolphin 8! ^_^
I would think all Premium members would be able to get a copy ?
cool do you have a demo site up yet?
maybe some of the 6 lucky guys will send us a PM with a live webiste powered by Dolphin 8 :)
OK so you promised us the Moon and Stars, but there is 1 fact you can tell us "WHAT WILL THE PRICE BE ? " the software can be a secret but at least you can prepare us for the costs . I need to know <--------- i'm not made of money ;) and need time to save for any medium to large investments.
Andrew Boon
At very least you can be sure that any current Dolphin license covers Dolphin 8 as well. We sell them as "lifetime" licenses, covering all versions.
Don't get too excited folks. Dolphin 7 went through almost a dozen betas and RCs before it was released.
i would like to test it for the Bi-directional language users and rtl (right to left) direction
Will there be any changes to the mobile app?
Yes i also want to know about that. Since you told us that the D8 will no longer need RMS and also no longer use FLASH... so it will be possible to have webcam and audio chat over the mobile app??? I hope so...
Hope i get to beta test the New Dolphin 8, beta tested 7 and reported bugs from the start :) Cant wait to see the new product.
Any news for dolphin 8, how far are you gone with testing, when we will see examples etc :), tell something to us ordinary people :)...
Andrew Boon
More news coming today. Thank you for your patience!
If I buy the D7.1.4 prime license today and have some modules from Boonex market installed, and then D8 is release, will I still be able to upgrade to D8 with all existing functions?
Andrew Boon
Dolphin Classic is not directly upgradable to Dolphin U. They're very different. Your license, however, would work for either Dolphin. That means that if you have Dolphin Classic now, and at whatever stage decide to switch to Dolphin U, you would be able to download any Boone-made extensions free of charge.
Yes we want some news about D8 :)
I want to start a brand new Dolphin with my last license that i have.. but i wonder should i launch the website with D7 and after upgrade it to D8 or should i wait for D8? I intend to start a beta version of my website for September...
Also because i will launch it at BETA for my future member i can launch it with a beta version of D8... so i will have a lot of user that will be able to test and report the bug...
Same situation here... I wish I could start directly with D8. It would be great if I could get the alpha! Anyway, these are great news, thanks.
can i test too? Please you can send me link thanks
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