HTML5 Video Support In Dolphin 7.1 Osho

Andrew Boon posted 24th of October 2012 in News. 69 comments.

Flash is on the way out and Dolphin is not sad about it. Osho now supports HTML5 video, which works as a module. Basically, you can just activate this new module and all newly uploaded videos (old ones, too, in some browsers) will play via HTML5 native browser player, with browser controls. Naturally, it will finally also play on modern mobile devices. 

Additionally, we've updated the media server, ffmpeg (so, it converts uploaded media much faster now) and video comments (they are a lot more stable now and support HTML5 playback, too).


On to pictures... controls looks different in different browsers, since HTML5 video tag uses native browser settings:


Safari Video

Safari Audio

Chrome Video

Chrome Audio

FireFox Video

FireFox Audio


IE (yes, IE) Video 

IE Audio

iOS Safari Video (iPhone, iPad, iPod)

iOS Safari Video - Full Screen

iOS Safari Audio

Other browsers supporting HTML5 video playback will work, too. So, Android phones and tablets, Opera browsers and Windows Mobile are in the game.


This is a very important update, because it both streamlines Dolphin's media handling backend and makes media playback universally accessible. So, we absolutely had to squeeze it in to Dolphin 7.1, despite our effort to wrap up the development.



Ok, good, now when you're going to release the damn thing already?

Oh, thank you, imaginary me, for asking. We're sending a "preview" package to a few people for a quick test today or tomorrow. Everyone else should be able to get their hands dirty shortly (a week or so) after. Stay tuned for more updates!

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nice nice, i don't mind waiting for improvements like this :)
this is the best news i've heard all year, who cares if it looks different in different browsers, the most important thing is not to get left behind as mobile devices take more and more of the market, as long as we can kiss flash goodbye, i'm happy, top marks!!!
I'm quite excited since I "just" got used to this version. Oh well, there goes all my extensive customizations.
I really feel that Dolphin 8 becomes Dolphin 7.1 ...
Features that must be present for Dolphin 8 have been moved to D7.1 and D8 seems to be withdrawn (no update for 3 months).
I want to know who those 'few people' are and how I can get a ticket on that email list :)
Mr.Boon let's make this simple and send me the download link, no one needs to get hurt haha :)
What about the sounds module; will it be HTML5 compatible too?
mobile ready video.. neat.
If flash is on the way out as boonex keep saying... when are you going to change chat.... because chat is flash based..... go ahead...... Make my day..... lol
If you change chat and it works and is better..... I will swim to australia through shark infested waters and snog you....
Should this new version of Dolphin be compatible with mods, etc., that work under the Dolphin 7.0?
Yes. Please read the previous notes from Andrew Boon. He goes of them thoroughly.
Will check it out on all PC/MAC/mobile and tablet. We need this to start business!
Ok, now I am pleased with everything that is going on right now. I have even got a server with Zarcon on planet Zarconia (near pluto I think).

HTML 5 Video/Audio, way to go!
This is very welcomed news. You guys are definitely positioning Dolphin for the future.
very good, Plugin with Logo and Subtitle ??

Many Happy!! :-)
Thats a very good news. I am happy :D
All we need is "Ajax for photos and associated comments" and houstonlively will be happy
Naw....I'm never going to be happy.
I just gave it a test drive!!! Almost pissed myself... ;-)
Is CC (closed-caption) and/or subtitle implementation left out?
Very nice update :-)
Have a question, is there any way that videos that are uploaded to the site rather than embed, can allow a user to forward skip without rendering first? Like youtube will or lighttpd will allow...
would be a major feature for dolphin to handle video as a serious media package.

Any ideas about this?
flv files in general allows this doesn't it?
no. try uploading an flv file in dolphin (pre 7.1) then skip forwards before it renders. It will not jump forwards.
Its the server settings and codecs that allow this. I used to run a media server for video sites, using lighttpd. Gave me this feature, same as you get on youtube and other big vid sites. Its essential though for a decent video site these days!
Absolutely agree with Daihlo. Imagine having to sit waiting for 5minutes of a video until it gets to what you want to see. That is a turnoff for the user.
I dont think this is something that can be built into Dolphin as its more to do with back end setup. But, it can be coded in as an option at least as far as compatibility goes.
Is 7.1 out already? I've been away for a while
Nathan Paton
No, it's still in the works. Pre-beta tests are underway!
Nathan Paton
I'm surprised (and excited!) to see this show up before Dolphin 8. Already have a new test site up.
Just tell me the licence price hasnt gone up yet..... I need yet another license and its not payday until wednesday....
Mr Boon, could I be on the list for the Beta Release :)
Awesome, I would love a test drive. I have my project on hold for this.
Chat needs to be improved and also SCREEN RESOLUTION compatibility. The css seems to be messy in the current SVN of osho. For example the "add" (green plus icons) buttons that are hidden behind the upload buttons. This is not the case on lower resolutions.
Played around on a pre-beta test site and noticed that IE Audio didn't work for IE8.
Should all such findings be New topics in "Dolphin Bug Reports"?
Its weird because I think we need one "officialy topic" where we report those bugs....I noticed that audio bug too. Overall osho has cross browser bugs, especially in the CSS area. The html5 players wouldbnt be problem for IE8 if it had flash fallback.
Unfortunately, uploaded videos do not process
Check if cron job is setup properly.

If cron is ok, then try to run ffmpeg from SSH command line and see if it can be run on your OS. We updated ffmpeg binary - it still can be run on almost all linux OS'es, but it maybe that not in your server environment - then you need specific ffmpeg binary especially for your system.

Also it maybe just ffmpeg permission problem.
I have determined that videos process much faster if you remember to set up the cron job :)
What's the ETA for the new update?
could you also make the Osho more mobile compatible(JAVA and SYMBIAN devices?) I just wish boonex could be accessed on devices other than the androids apps... just like facebook's mobile site option.
Awesome news! Guys... you rocks!
Keep the good work.
AweeeeeeeeeeSOME :D it's gonna be a HIT WOOP :D
My I T guy has been raving about this for a while and as soon as he saw you had it he contacted me post haste.
But I am really waiting on Dolphin 8. Tell Julia & Markus I said hello, And wow is Matthew growing!!!
Be Blessed my friend!!!
This brings great peace to my center. I am sending out vibrations of Beta Testing Candidacy.. Thank you sirs may I have another.... :) really wanna do beta. Yeeeeees. Hit me with your best bot! Ok Im a really bad poet. Hang 10 Web Surfers. Im a watin....

I have a question. Music and videos files that i have now uploaded in Dolphin 7.0.9 will work well with uptade in Dolphin 7.1?
very very great....!
what do you think about a responsive template framework for all devices?

i like this clean, easy template style very much....good hard work!
(( G )) Those who force an early release of any item by method of complaining endlessly, will wake up with bugs in their britches. Ahhh but wait, we will whine without end asking why and when will that be fixed. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good day & a Happy New Year.
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