Installation & Upgrades
How do we upgrade the script? brunno started 19 Apr 2023 · johnk42 replied 30 Apr 2023How do we upgrade the script? Patch and versions cannot be downloaded the wiki pages do not work 
Install error 500 during initial installCohven started 6 Jun 2021 · geek_girl replied 25 Jun 2021I am currently trying to install version 7.2.1 Dolphin. (This version because it's the last version that all my modules worke...
Call to a member function getParam() on null in ~/gracey started 13 Mar 2018 · LeonidS replied 25 Jul 2019I have just tried installing Dolphin 7.3.4. All works well until I get to the last installation page. At this point I am gett...
Upgrading from 7.3.5 to 7.4.0antonovagim started 23 Feb 2019 · antonovagim replied 25 Feb 2019
Problem with installjqc21 started 13 Jan 2019 · geek_girl replied 16 Jan 2019I'm trying to install Dolphin.Pro 7.3.5 and when going to install/index.php I get this error: 
500 Error after inc installation of Dolphin 7.3Cohven started 4 Nov 2018 · Syclops replied 6 Nov 2018I am trying to reinstall Dolphin to my server. I am in install process. I get all the way to permission reversal and click ne...
Problem with Installation helplasvegas started 31 Oct 2018 · Syclops replied 31 Oct 2018Hi i have this problem when i tru to inst...
Dolphin-Patch-v.7.1.6-to-v.7.2.0 Issuesmichaelsurvivor started 22 Sep 2018 · geek_girl replied 25 Sep 2018I had a lot of trouble downloading
Error During installationkianarose30 started 4 Jun 2018 · johnk42 replied 4 Jun 2018Hi, Just wondering if someone could assist me with what i'm suppose to do next. I followed the instructions to upload the req...
Boonex Dolphin 7.3.5 Run in PHP 7.1.8mariomeraz started 31 May 2018 · PuppyShad replied 1 Jun 2018Hello   Try install and say     thrown in /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/dolphin/install/index.php on ...
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Below is the legacy version of the Boonex site, maintained for Dolphin.Pro 7.x support.
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