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Chat+ avatar from Dolphin siteProfessorSr started 3 Sep 2017 · AlexT replied 11 Sep 2017just wondering what files changed that bring avatar from dolphin site to chat+ server. I am using the most recent rc3 and it ...
Chat+ Direct MessagesProfessorSr started 20 Feb 2016 · ProfessorSr replied 5 Sep 2017Well, since I managed to figure out how to get the Push Notifications working, I decided to go a step further. So, I put a bu...
Chat+ mobile appProfessorSr started 24 Aug 2017 · ProfessorSr replied 4 Sep 2017I have successfully customized the mobile app for the Chat+ server. It includes automatically going to server instead of user...
Better SEO Title for member profile pages - part 2Autopilot started 27 Mar 2015 · modzzz replied 18 Aug 2017
Thumbs-Up Replacing Plus-Minus for CommentsUnderDog4All started 21 Sep 2013 · Annnalotta replied 12 Aug 2017Need I say- BACKUP before making file modifications and changes. There are always more than one way of doing things, s...
Cron Job Setup and Testing ExampleDosDawg started 20 May 2011 · maisnet replied 27 Jul 2017Ok this is not going to be a catch all end all to the woes of the cron settings. but this is my attempt at providing some inf...
Force to confirm email if any user change email iddddolphin started 3 Jun 2010 · TruckingSpace replied 25 Jun 2017Do you want your members need to Force to confirm new email id if they change the existing confirmed email id
Change login Username to Emailwolf2217 started 20 Mar 2010 · disstudem replied 4 Jun 2017This will prompt your users to log in with their email address instead of their Nick Name Open your inc/ ...
hiding page blocks on mobile devices.arkane220 started 6 Mar 2016 · disstudem replied 4 Jun 2017We all have the struggle of making our sites more mobile friendly and because 75% of my visits are from mobile device.
Deano's Add PHP Block HackDosDawg started 18 Mar 2010 · disstudem replied 1 May 2017This is a post that Deano provided us in Beta and RC's ==============================================================...
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