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Added: 17.11.10

Updated: 18.11.10

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another small module to help people connect more easily on Boonex. We often

find that any new website, be it dating, community, or any kind of

socialnetwork, it experiences a severe user drought in the beginning.

A new user joins, and is left alone without new friends etc. He cannot

obviously send request to every user individually to become his friend. This way

the site if eventually cordoned off..


To prevent this, here's a solution.

This module is called "Auto-friend request" module. Any user while joining is

able to check-mark a box which'll be an option to automatically send friend request

to new users who join.



If users "X" joins and check marks this box, then from that time onwards, all the

new users who join, will automatically get the friend request of the user "X". The

user "X" can at anytime switch off this feature by profile edit section.

Also, the new users will get only 10 new requests at a time. Only after accepting a

new request, will they be able to see the 11th one. This is to prevent spamming of the

mail box with friend requests.


NB: Even the current users can opt for this feature and their requests would be sent

to all the new users joining from that time onwards.


An extra feature with this module: To provide an option for all the new users to

avoid getting all the new friend requests automaticcaly upon joining. (this would come

at an extra cost of $5). This isnt necessay, but for some it maybe a need. So

keeping that into consideration :)







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nice one. I want that $5 extra too. Can you contact on my paypal email? I cant mail you here. I'm starter..
so cool a mod which help our users a little bit of circle to start with.

I am the one that initially commissioned this mod. Let me explain why I think it's a good idea. All sites need to start somewhere. If you have a site and the membership is low, many new users will login, not have anyone as a friend, label the site as a dud and move on. This mod enables an auto-befriending feature that existing members can choose to be a part of is they wish. Each new member that joins will auto receive a friend request from these existing members. This gives the new user someone see more to interact with in the beginning thus getting more of them to stay and become a valued part of the community.

As the site grows in membership, this feature can be turned off at any time by members who feel they have enough friends.

Anyakates was instrumental in listening to what I needed, then very effectively creating it. She was always available if I needed to discuss small changes or help me resolve issues. The support was excellent, the product works very well with my D7 sites and I would not hesitate to buy another mod from her.
Works great!
A must have!
Anya has provided me with a first class service. I had problems installing this mod and E-mailed her, only to find that she replied really quickly and within 24hrs the Mod was professionally installed on my site! Also she did not have to do this but also included additional 'add-ons' for FREE! thats what I call Service! I have been on Boonex now for some time and have purchased from lots of Sellers and spent £££££'s, Anya is definately one of my best experiences! She soon will be doing other see more work for me too :) If your new be careful with some sellers on here, but be rest assured Anya is to be trusted so don't hestitate to use her services...Personal Note: Thanks Anya and hope this is a long and prosperous Relationship between you, me and my site!!
hi i bought and tried to install this myself but its giving error
Cannot install module from "pontu/autorequest/" directory Failed
i done as you suggested but it failed
can you please look into it
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