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Version: 1.0.0

Added: 23.06.13

Updated: 29.01.14

Category: Other

Tags: services, jobs, modifications, upgrades, dolphin 7.1, consultancy, migration, integrations

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Already have an existing website with many profiles and don't want to loose all profiles when using the Dolphin software? I can help you migrate your existing data so that people can login to your dolphin site using the same login details as on your old site, having the same profile details, avatar, friends and photo's.

Please be aware this is not a module you buy but a service, which includes consultancy time, needed for mapping your datastructures to reflect those of the Dolphin software.

Data migrations currently supported:

- User profiles
- User avatars
- User photo's (including adding a watermark if it doesn't exist already)
- User friendlist
- Forums (including splitting long topics, as the current forums do, after x posts)

Migration of other data is not standard and involves besides extra consultancy time also development time.

The cost for this service is devided in two parts

1) Investigation/consultancy/testing ($250)
during this stage I check your websites current datastructure and configure the mappings needed for a successful migration

2) Data migration ($1 = 200 profiles + 1.000 forum posts)
In this stage the data is migrated to support the Dolphin software according to the mappings made during phase 1.

The price is determined by the total profiles or forum posts to migrate and a fixed investigation/consultancy fee.

For example:
To migrate a website with 100.000 profiles and 500.000 forum posts (including photo's, avatars and friendlist) would cost $750

consultancy: $250
Profiles: 100.000 / 200 = $500 (including up to 500.000 forum posts)
total cost for migration $750

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