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Version: 2.0.1

Added: 25.09.13

Updated: 22.11.16

Category: Core Changes

Tags: extensions, dolphin 7.1, modifications, integrations, forum, pagination, forums, performance, seo

Demo:  username - demo,password - Demo123

Support Forum:

License: commercial license for 1 domain

Technical Checklist...

Finally it's here, the module where everyone has been waiting for and no professional Dolphin site can do without.
This module brings pagination to the forums and with that improves the performance of your forums and most likely your whole website.

This module makes navigating through the forums and forum posts easy and makes using the forums fun again. The template is mobile friendly and tested on many different devices and OS's, including iPhones and Android.

Improved SEO. Add descriptions and keywords to the header of the page for better rankings in Google and other searchengines. Option to exlude keywords.

This module is also compatible with events, groups and store module.
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