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Social Radio


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Version: 2.0.2

Added: 22.08.16

Updated: 19.05.19

Category: Social

Tags: extensions, radio, streaming, music, mp3, audio, modzzz

Demo:  username - tester,password - test123

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License: This is a commercial product made by Stellar Soft and cannot be modified for other see more than personal usage. This licence is valid for one domain only. Redistribution of this product for free or for a fee without written permission from Stellar Soft is strictly prohibited.

Technical Checklist...

This module allows administrator to create an Online Radio portal on the site where members will be able to listen to radio streams all day. This will give members another good reason to stay on the site.

Members can Rate and Comment on Stations.

Members can Share interesting Stations on social media.

Members can invite their Friends to listen interesting Stations.

Members can add Stations to their Favorites list.

Ability for Administrator to reserve access to post new stations or give this ability to members also.

Stations are grouped by Category and for each station that is listened, there is a suggestion list of similar stations.

While browsing, there is the ability to play stations in a popup.

You can view my full list of more than 200 mods at
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Its ok. i would really like for the description of the radio to be on the popup page but its ok maybe in the next update? or maybe even a way to edit the blocks in the popup page. that would be great.
I anticipate this module will be heavily used and enjoyed by my members. Easy to install and easy to program each station to stream. For the 35 stations that I've loaded myself (so far), a different icon for each has been selected, but a default icon is provided in case you choose not to upload your own. Members aren't restricted to your choices for stations, either. They can add their own, as well.

The pop-up player *really* makes this module shine! Members can continue to listen to their see more favorite station regardless of where they navigate to on your site.

Bottom line: Social Radio will greatly enhance *any* Dolphin site, IMO!
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