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Ultimate Watermarks - The orignal one to support tranparency!!


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Version: 2.2.2

Added: 17.07.13

Updated: 21.04.22

Category: Photos

Tags: extensions, services, modifications, dolphin 7.1, watermark, transparent, module, image, professiona, templates

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License: Commercial License

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Professionally protect your photos with the Ultimate Watermarks Module.

Not only can you use pictures for you watermark, but you can also use any text, in any colour and in four different font types (all included!!).

There are 9 pre-defined locations where you can put your watermark, from top left, to bottom right. Scaling and sizing of the watermark is fully automated, and once you have uploaded your picture/ set your text, etc. You will always have the perfect watermark.

See the watermarks in the images and just imagine what your site would look like when you have photos that have such high quality watermarks. Since photo's tend to spread over the internet, your professional watermark probably will be seen by many people around the world! These photos might be the first impression people get of your site, so you better make sure it's a good one!

Currently supported in this Watermark Module:
- Support of transparency (ranging from 1 - 99)
- Picture watermarks
- Text watermarks
- Four fonts to choose from
- Text in any colour with the color picker
- Nine pre-defined watermark locations (left top to right bottom, but others can be included)
- Automatic re-sizing of text and images for the optimal watermark (no silly watermarks that you can hardly see!)

Installing the module
To save you the trouble of manually making modifications, this module comes with a free installation service.
However, if you rather make the modifications yourself, you are required to replace three core files and copy some new files to the server. All steps are written down in the included readme file.

Watermarks and existing photos
This module does not add watermarks to your existing photos, only to newly uploaded photos. People that do need their existing photos to be watermarked can purchase this service seperately at a cost of 100 photos (including icons, thumbs and photo units) for just $1 (minimum price $15).

Font quality
This module includes four open source font types. These fonts not necessarily are high definition fonts and therefore might not be suitable for smaller photo's. If you have a high definition font available that you want to use, I can add this free of charge!

Any question? Feel free to contact me and I'll get back to you A.S.A.P.
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Thank you for the nice module. I wish you luck.
Thank you for your review. Any questions, don't hesitate to contact me!
Much better than it was, so happy now :-)
Great to hear and thank you so much for leaving your feedback
What can I say except another excellent module! No more wondering about the size of my watermark and the members photos! Looks like I'm on my way to an actual professional site. Ease of install is good too.
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