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Version: 2.1.3

Added: 04.11.11

Updated: 09.02.16

Category: Administration

Tags: modifications, extensions, member, user add, join, dolphin 7.1, deutsch, german

Demo:  username - N/A,password - N/A

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License: This is a commercial product made by Andreas Pachler and cannot be modified for other see more than personal usage. This product cannot be redistributed for free or a fee without written permission from Andreas Pachler.

Technical Checklist...

Dies ist ein exzellentes und einfaches Module das dem Admin ermöglicht neue Mitglieder manuell anzulegen. Alle Profile Felder werden über den im Dolphin Admin Panel eingebauten Profil Baukasten verwaltet. In Abhängigkeit von den Profil Aktivierungs Einstellungen wird dem neu registrierten Mitglied eine E-Mail mit allen benötigten Daten nach der Registrierung zugesandt. Grundsätzlich verhält sich das Modul gleich wie eine normale Registrierungsprozedur.

Dieses Modul wird mit Deutscher Übersetzung ausgeliefert!

This is an excellent and easy to self-manage module that helps to manually add members by the admin. All profile fields are managed per build-in profile fields builder in admin panel. Regarding to your profile activation settings the newly added member will receive the standard after join mail with all required information. Basically the modules process is equal to the standard join process.

This module comes with German translation!

You are welcome to test all my products at:

v1.1.0 & v2.1.0
* updated for Dolphin 7.1.0
* fixed admin interface layout
* compatibility with D7.1.2
* tested v2 against Dolphin v7.1.3
* tested against Dolphin v7.1.4
* tested against Dolphin v7.1.5
* tested against Dolphin v7.2.0
* tested against Dolphin v7.2.1
* tested against Dolphin v7.3.0
* tested against Dolphin v7.3.1
* tested against Dolphin v7.3.2
* tested against Dolphin v7.3.3
* tested against Dolphin v7.3.4
* tested against Dolphin v7.3.5
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This is a really great mod to allow me to add new users whilse on the road. A definate must have.

Many thanks Misterpopper

Keep them coming
Nice mod. Its easy to ad new members directly from the cPanel. I dont know whey Boonex removed this function. It was part of admin and a nice feature. Mod is easy to install and all I need now is a mod from where one can update memberships in bulk and also delete it in bulk or maybe by membership or date last visit etc...
thank you for your review ... please send a pm with exact details for your needed mod ;)
Great Mod, Easy Install, Easy to Use. Works as Indicated!
This is a fantastic module. I cannot imagine any site not needing this mod.
I am building a site to manage both the public company face and a feature-rich internal offering for staff. This allows me to manage my staff and contributors, while allowing the public to join as they become engaged. Wow, thanks for such a solid feature!
glad that i could help you with this little kinky module ;)
I am happy to buy this product is very convenient
I thank the product of this work
I wish you success
Greetings and respect
Empfehlenswertes Modul, schneller Service und Installation, freundlicher Kontakt! Gerne wieder!
Problem solved this is a perfect mod for adding people to your site . Service was fast and professional. Great company to work with.
And again, thanks for your kind words!! ;)
This mod is perfect for our closed group site. Now we can add the new members easily! Installation was a snap, and it's an easy to understand mod! Thank you!
Great Work, perfect mod, easy to install, easy to work. Thank you!
Thanks for your kind words!!
VERY COOL mod, thanks Andreas.
Not being able to manually add users was a big issue for my site. People where being block by the system for no real reason, they made mistakes in the subscription process etc.

Your mod solved it all, thanks !
Nice that you like it! Thanks for your review!!
Easy to install and does the job. Thanks for this nifty yet a must module
Dieses Modul kann ich bestens empfehlen, ist sehr einfach zu installieren und arbeitet perfekt.Ich hoffe PAAN entwickelt noch viele weitere Module, nicht zuletzt weil diese eben auch gleich mit einer deutschen Sprachversion ausgeliefert werden.
Vielen lieben Dank für die Bewertung!
Excellent module, installed, works great~ Thank you!
THANK YOU....I assumed admin could add members at will, but nope. So, when I came across the module I was so excited.
Nice that you like it. Thanks for your kind words!
by buying this module directly rather than downloading will it install for me?
perfect, saves time for admins who need to create new members quickly on the fly without hassle!
Very good ..just what I needed!! Thank you
Module installed... up and running perfectly, a real Godsend! - Thank You.........Not being able to find a manual way of adding members was a big obstacle for me which I frustratingly realised only after setting up the site and on the verge of launching with an existing offline community. This module is excellent and simplifies the process of adding new users to my v7.3.4 site. Support was first class when I couldn't work out what to do.
Thank you very much for your feedback!
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