Dolphin 7.0.4 Beta is Here!

Andrew Boon posted 18th of November 2010 in News. 43 comments.

Hot from the oven (hm... sounds creepy for "dolphin"), Dolphin 7.0.4 is ready for anyone willing to test-drive the latest and greatest. Major highlights of this updates are:


- Anti-spam functionality (rid your site of those annoying pricks that litter the Internet)

- Speed improvements (we're not ever going to stop on this one)

- Media Server update (finally, the latest version of RED5 adapted)

- About 100 bug-fixes


We don't plan to keep it Beta for too long, so any quick testing is highly appreciated. Note, hower, that there will be no update packs from this beta to the final release.


Download Dolphin 7.0.4 Beta

Download Media Server for Dolphin 7.0.4 Beta

Test Dolphin 7.0.4 online


As always, please, post your specific reports at Dolphin Betas and RCs Forum, and keep this post comments for general impressions. Basically, if you want developers to see your post and work on it - post in forum. If you just want to express your opinion, say something general about this release, and you don't expect a reply - feel free to comment to this post.


As you may see, we keep polishing 7.0. We just don't want to proceed to adding any significant new functionality and preparing 7.1 until everyone has a very stable, fast, secure and capable software.



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- About 100 bug-fixes

but why beta

we be waiting so long and now is a beta
Nathan Paton
@UFO360: You'd rather not have the community test this release beforehand to make sure there's no outstanding issues?

Downloading now.
7.0.4 Beta Today
7.0.3 49 Days Ago
7.0.2 159 Days Ago

We waited a 110 days (3 months, 20 days) for 7.0.3 and you complaing that 7.0.4 beta took 49 days (1 month, 19 days).

It is a GOOD thing that boonex is asking for help testing the new features. Otherwise we may have to wait for 7.0.5 to fix a bug caused by 7.0.4
at last but will there be a upgrade from 7.0.3 to 7.0.4 for a modded site with other developers apps.
Andrew Boon
There will be an upgrade pack for 7.0.3 to 7.0.4. Naturally, depending on your mods you may or may not have problems with it though.
Nathan Paton
@magic123: As always, sites will have to take their modifications into account when upgrading. I recommend you take the time to make sure your site can upgrade smoothly before applying any patches, such as making a test installation based on your current site and getting in touch with the developers for the modules and templates your using to know when they'll update their offerings to be compatible with the upcoming release.
Oh I got a headache.....anyone have any Jack Daniels on hand?...Beta huh....well okay if we must.. :-(
Andrew Boon
There's your reason why we're doing BETAs on Fridays ;)
Nathan Paton
No matter how hard you try to tell people not to use the beta for a live site, someone is still going to do it and then come back here to seek support. But I do like your effort.
Yes I completely understand....But still could use a shot of
Magnussoft it does make for good reading though when they do
This is a big release. This release is like a nail in the coffin for all others trying to compete against Dolphin :)
I am wondering if we can find out how the new media server (Red5) benefits the end user? Like will it produce better video quality, faster streaming etc?

Thanks a lot!
Already test the beta and i'm very disapointed and tire to tell you guys many times to fix the chat rooms

I been asking you many times to fix the hidding chat rooms in the chat

I add 50 rooms and still see the other rooms hidding and you can't scroll down to see the other rooms

come on guys I been asking you for the same thing many times from version >> 7.0 > 7.1 . > 7.2 > 7.3 and now you for got this in 7.4 Beta

and than you guys come to me hey you keep posting the see more same crap man yea now you know why than you one people to vote for boonex

realy guys wat is the problem why you don't want to pay attention to this here is the proof



Please Please Please Fix thisssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
OMG.. I just like totally upgraded my site with 7.0.4 and like.. Now it doesnt work and stuff.. like.. what should I do?? OMG !!

Yes that was my best "valley girl" impression..

This is great news Andrew.. Especially knowing how much work I will have to redo in order to upgrade :(
(due to customization).. Of course I will wait for final release before upgrading the "live" site even though some will not...
Testing it out.... Great " valley girl " impression. LOL

Now there shouldn't be a lot of rooms, since all rooms which are created by regular users are deleted automatically when there is no people in it - this is new option in 7.0.4 and it is enabled by default.

Anyway this ticket is addressed and fix will be in future versions, most probably in 7.0.5:
Zarcon you are too funny.
You do know this new beta still shows as D7.0.3 on install page..yes? Cause mine
Nathan Paton
@LightWolf: There's a changeset that just went through that changes the version numbers and release dates in the script. You'll see these changes in the second beta.
So, I'm guessing 7.0.4 final will be released a few hours?
@ HL - depends on how many people decide to test it.. We have Magnussoft hoping for a second Beta (hahaha) but who knows.

@ Lightwolf - Glad you enjoyed the valley girl.. but I blame it all on the alcohol.. Its all your fault..

Anyway this ticket is addressed and fix will be in future versions, most probably in 7.0.5:

That's sck man I been waiting for this now you telling me is going to be in version 7.5

Wat are you guys goign to now remove the limit from 50 to 10 rooms in version 7.5

Please guy get a real life and stop wasting people time on this script and making bugs
Andrew Boon
Auto-deletion of unused rooms works now, so you're highly unlikely to encounter any problem in real life. A more specific fix should go to 7.0.5 since it's a time consuming issue, but it's not pressing enough to delay 7.0.4 at this point.
Well this is exciting!!! Can not wait to see how the new Anti-Spamming features work. Beta is perfectly fine with me. Not like I am going to put it on a production site in the beginning. All in All this is a huge step up for this already top of the line script!!!! Great Job Andrew and Dolphin Team.
Looking forward to this update also! Good job and keep up the good work!
Heck I must be keen, I have already updated my backups including the database :-)
Thanks andrew for your reply. I appreciate it. But i think as told earlier by one another user above that the developers of atleast major mods should be able to arrange certain issues or upgrades prior to the final release so that and even give proper instructions what changes they hvae made and what will effect with the upgrade without disturbing the whole website.

What do you think how many days it might take for the final release...

Once agian we thank and appreciate all the efforts of see more boonex team in getting out such a wonderfull product .

Andrew leave apart and dont even be bothered about some people always writing negative remarks and impatient remarks as they are nto aware of a product development or what it takes to come out of a product.

If they are so impatient ask them to invest money and get a product developed for themselves.


ii want to install dophin 7.0.3 bug fixed

but now boonex releases dolphin 7.0.4 beta

how long i will wait for dlphin 7.0.4 final?

and i will wait again for dolphin 7.0.4 bug fixesd.

then boonex will not releases dolphin 7.0.4 bug fixed but they releases dolphin 7.0.5 beta.

Nathan Paton
According to a recent changeset:

$aConf['release'] = '24.11.10';
should i not customize my site anymore and just wait for dolphin 10.0 or what...lmao!!
Indeed great news, can you guys make a special post for developers and designers once the 7.0.4 version or any future versions will be available? I mean we could use some details on what has been changed to the modules and templates system etc.. Anything that can brake our products..
Last time I had to look into each new file of the updates.. That's time consuming!

Thanks Andrew!
Nathan Paton
@mastermindsro: I recommend you look into using the diff command.
I am getting this error message when clicking the join button. Has anyone else had this problem?

Warning: require_once(/home/mychatte/public_html/SABD/templates/tmpl_business/scripts/BxTemplJoinPageView.php) [function.require-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/mychatte/public_html/SABD/inc/ on line 935

Fatal error: require_once() [function.require]: Failed opening required '/home/mychatte/public_html/SABD/templates/tmpl_business/scripts/BxTemplJoinPageView.php' see more (include_path='.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php') in /home/mychatte/public_html/SABD/inc/ on line 935
see moreThanks, Andrew, very exciting news. Where's the best place to post bugs?

If you put an apostrophe (e.g. DC's Best Whatever) in the Site Description (or Title, I think), you get the following error during install:

Error: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 's Best' WHERE `Name`='MetaDescription'' at line 1

The other apostrophe-related bug (when in the Home Page HTML) has been fixed.

Nathan Paton
Just a reminder for everyone, please post any problems you're having in the forums.
Thanks to boonex for permantly updates! But what should i say to 70% of comments here? ...better nothing ;-)
@Magnussoft I know how to see diff, the problem is Boonex never discuss the big modifications and what they involve.. In short.. can we have a short technical briefing for geeks ;) every new release? This won't hurt believe me!

If not on the official blog than anywhere on this big website please?
Boonex used to provide a differential type of pack or comparison but they haven't done that sines back in 6.1x some time. It would certainly help a lot for the techies and developers. Maybe it's too much additional work or something, but it would help a lot.
Can you PLEASE bring back the picture and videos approval functionality on 7.0.4?

Currently the problem is that when a picture is loaded by a user it goes to the "Pending" section in the picture admin section. The problem is that there is no "activate" button on that section which means that I cannot approve pictures. There seems to be a change from 7.0.2

I cannot set up an auto-approve for pictures because my website is a p0rnographic website and people post pictures see more which can get me in serious trouble with the law(child p0rn,etc).

Approvals are critical to adult social networks. Content needs to be approved before it appears on the website.

Thank you.
I am happy with D7.0.4 cause of facebook connect are working ;-) that what i need from D7
Dolphin 7.0.3 installed without any problems and is up and running on my site, but when trying 7.0.4 I ended up with this error each time:

1 You have manually removed BoonEx footers without paying for the right to. Please, go to and order the ad free licenses to be able to use your site without BoonEx footers. They will be automatically removed as soon as you register your ad free licenses. Please, put the __boonex_footers__ key back into Dolphin template.

I tried it even with different see more domains with different hosting companies and was not able to get it installed. My only problem I am having with 7.0.3 my videos stay in pending and I verified my cron jobs and everything was correct. I just removed (Video Uploading) for now, but would like to get it working since I am a license holder. Dolphin 6.1.5 is installed on my same domain same hosting company and everything works, but I like the new features with 7.0.3. Hopefully I can figure this Video Problem out.....
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