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AntonLV posted 1st of March 2010 in Boonex News. 22 comments.

Boonex updated certification mechanism in Market. Now you may check the status of your certification request, contact with certification officer and make some minor improvements and fixed during the process of certification. Certification officer is a verified person (admin or trusted member from Unity) who will check the product to meet requirements. You may see your certification requests via floating member panel -> Market -> My "Awaiting Certification" item. More detailed info will be provided when you try to submit new certification request for some of your products.

I pasted it in this post just everybody who are interested in can read it here.

  1. Threat it as an exam! You need to be ready before proceed ! You may fail certification process and refund is impossible since your payment will be paid to a reviewer for a time and efforts spent to review your extension.
  2. As soon as payment was made your extension will be placed in a queue for certification. It may take up to 7 working days before it will be reviewed.
  3. The payment can not be refunded if the reviewing process has started.
  4. Certification officer has the right to reject to certify your extension before the review and this case, your payment may get refunded.
  5. Your extension will be reviewed by a single certified professionals.
  6. The extension you upload and requesting to review must be fully functional and meet extensions' requirements and has no potential security and other problems otherwise, it can not be certified. So before you request a paid review please, make sure your extension matches our requirements to avoid any issues and upsets.
  7. You will be given only one chance to correct errors or other found problems. You will be provided with all problems and some basic guidelines on how to fix them. If you fail to fix all the found problems you will be provided with corrections again but your extension will not be certified. You will have to pay for the certification again if you want to get it certified again.
  8. You can communicate with your certification officer using Unity mailbox.
  9. You can ask for advice on how to some of the found issues, certification officer will provide you general guidelines on how to fix it, exact solution, like exact php code can not be provided. For example, certification officer said that your data need to be validated before saving to database, you need to find the way on how to do it by yourself, you will not be provided with the exact piece of PHP code on how to do it.
  10. You are not allowed to choose the reviewer, we reserve this right.
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Boonex is Getting Better
Can we get a list of certification officers? I would also like to ask how it is that a mod developer would be held to higher standards than the premium core developers are?

I'm just saying!!!!

Another way to make money eh? Nice..
Have anyone certified the existing Boonex modules for their errors and skin problems?
I would like to know the same thing DosDawg asked.

And whats with these Trusted Badges i see on all the mods in the market provided by boonex staff?

How do normals like us get one of these?
i asked the same question and here's the answer :)


You need to work for some time and get good reputation from the other members of the community and from Boonex too. If Boonex knows that your mods have good quality, you provide very good support to your clients, etc they can give see more you a Trusted label too.
This label cannot be purchased. You can only deserve it with your hard work

i am looking at your response here and would like to know who it was that provided you with that answer?

"You need to work for some time and get good reputation from the other members of the community and from Boonex too. If Boonex knows that your mods have good quality, you provide very good support to your clients, etc they can give you a Trusted label too.
This label cannot be purchased. You can only deserve it with your hard work"

now lets consider who has the Trusted see more Stamp

These are all boonex staffers, how are they more trustworthy than any member on this site?

Oddly enough Aramis --> 3660 points (somebody trusts)
Oddly enough Rayz --> 2843 points (somebody trusts )

Modders i know who have written some excellent mods and themes that are not being recognized here.

this is a shortlist of those who i know who have contributed to this community, worked hard, provided support for their work, and not only their work, but the mistakes that were found in the dolphin script.

2k word character
Now please tel me whomever it is that doles out these trusted badges, exactly how it is these people got left out of being trusted? I think this is a horrid comparison that you would say only boonex staffers are considered trustworthy but none of the others in this community are considered trustworthy.

I think this verbiage should be changed from "trusted" to "recognized" the presentation that some (boonex staffers) are trusted and others (boonex staffers) are not trusted, see more leaves something to be desired. not to mention that the entire community of people who make this script even revolve are considered untrustworthy.

as best i recall when this trusted badge was first mentioned, this was all based on the recgonition of who you were in the community, what you have contributed to the community and how long you have been a member of the community. as well as what others in teh community think of your support.

DosDawg (untrusted)
Who would be the best Skin Provider
Who would be the best Skin Provider
ue30 and Gorpus would be the two i would recommend.

AntonLV answered to my question
i suppose that is what he was informed of is that is the way you are greeted with the trusted logo. i think it is wrong to present some as trusted and others as not trusted. just the implication or inference that 1 member is on an inferior level from another based on 'trust' is provocative.

Nathan Paton
I'd prefer to not be trusted.

They say a woman is more charming when mysterious, after all.
Awesome... D7 built on standards and installs garbage in the name of mods...
Now I see this is the best effort taken by boonex. "avoiding garbage rather than cleaning up the garbage"
looking forward the boonex to provide the certified mods listed in admin modules.
Also Give a certified Stamp Icon in unity market too.
Hello everybody.

List of certification officers:

As I wrote before they are admins, agents and trusted members from Unity.

I cannot give you a definite answer how to get the Trusted label. I've already posted my thoughts regarding this question in another thread. The final decision is taken by Boonex.
Also I heard Boonex should know about your programming skills, support and so see more on to be able to mark all your modules as trusted by default. I think if somebody submit a number of products for certification and all of then will path it from the very first try, because they are all meet Boonex extension requirements, etc, such member can be marked as trusted. But it's only my opinion.

P.S. You are asking about who certificate Boonex modules. It's easy to say when you get such big script with A LOT ot features and find some bugs there. Note, only 8 programmers worked with Dolphin 7. Also I didn't see absolutely bugs free software even if it was developed with a great number of programmers and great budget. I hope you understand that programmers are human beings too and they can make mistakes too.
Andrew Boon
"Trusted" status is given manually to members that have a long history of compliance with BoonEx Rules and Dolphin Development Guidelines. This is very selective and will be given in very rare cases. This status is given to account and is assigned to all modules. As you can see it is now given to BoonEx employees only, since we have control over them and should there be a problem we can react, so we can vouch for them.

We do plan, however, to give this status to some other members in see more the future as well.
attention to the member : ecKREATIV -

I buy a module that person -

I can not download the module - and the person does not respond to my messages
No system is perfect!! I agree with the direction Boonex is heading... with the release of Dolphin7 we have seen many changes!! Dolphin7 is part of what I see!! The core Dolphin can be used anywhere from being a DatingSite , Community Site, Social Site, Online Store to well about anything!! Very easily... Then you have all the stuff behind the scenes!! It is awesome to see wiki articles that explain uniformity in the Core Dolphin Code!! It see more is awesome to see Highly Commented Code!! This type of stuff is great but does cost money!! The amount of bugs are very very very limited from what I see!!! So realy programmer "A " has written some exceptional mods and says he/she is very ethical but for Boonex to take someones word for that and mark programmer "A " as "Trusted" would not be Correct... again this is not perfect but it is best course of action I see!!
Nathan Paton
Hm, I see the list of certification officers are all BoonEx employees. Instead of using their actual accounts, some are using their pseudo-accounts. For example, LeonidS is behind the CitizenKane account.

Any reason behind this that doesn't add-up to being sneaky?
I hope Trident would be a very serious stuff in terms of quality.
Nathan Paton
@tomakali: don't bet on it.
What does the "Certified" label mean? Is it just a note to say that the mod seems to be working allright, or is it a statement on the actual security status of the mod? Do the certification officers read through the code at all, or do they just do a test install and give it a spin? What exactly is involved in the certification process?

In particular, are the Boonex certification officers qualified to screen the mods for XSS and SQL injection vulnerabilities? Do they run test attack scenarios see more from different vectors, or just give the code a general glance? (Are they all experienced developers themselves, even?) If Dolphin has just undergone a security audit and been certified as secure, certifying mods that open up new vulnerabilities seems to be quite counterproductive, for it conveys a false sense of security to users.

To illustrate, I subscribed to Drupal's security mailing list mid-November, and have since received some 50 odd reports of extension bugs and vulnerabilities, a good deal of them featuring serious security holes. I have no reason to assume Boonex indie developers would be any different or better in their mods' security levels; just something to think about before rushing ahead to plug in "certified" mods.
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