Profile & Timeline in Dolphin 7.1 Osho

Andrew Boon posted 7th of June 2012 in News. 61 comments.

Dolphin "renovation" project is going on in full steam and today we'd like to show the updated look of member profile and the new Timeline.

Yes, you read it right - it's Timeline now, not Wall. The big blue giant is "imputing" naming conventions for social networking features, so it won't be long before your users would expect you to have a Timeline, and wouldn't care about your Wall. Anyway, Timeline would have made a better name for the thing in the first place.



It really is a timeline, actually. Now it has a fancy, ajaxy "infinite scroll" and a period range selector, which create a feeling of peering back into past. All updates are arranged into daily groups, with improved date representation.

The new Timeline now includes updates from many modules - photos, videos, music, events, groups, blogs, articles, news, etc. Direct posting to Timeline has also been improved.

Another notable update is grouping. Yeah, the long awaited grouping. Now, when you upload, say, 20 photos - it would only show one update, with 4 thumbnails and reference to the album and amount of added photos. It is even smart enough to merge updates if you add another dozen of photos to the same album within one day. How cool is that! Same applies to other media types.

The Timeline makes profile dynamic, interesting and interactive. Default profile configuration in Dolphin will give it a major prominence, so expect the Timeline to improve even more over time.



Other components of the profile will look familiar, but we have removed a good deal of junk, rearranged what was left and voila - a fresh profile à la mode. Check it out....


There're many changes in other Profile-related pages and functions that we're working on right now - expect an all-around better user experience.  


More cool news about Dolphin 7.1 coming very very soon, so don't go too far!



Dolphin 7.1 will be a direct upgrade from Dolphin 7.0.9. Licenses are not version-sensitive, so current license will work with 7.1 just fine. It's a good idea to buy a license now, since prices are likely to go up soon. 

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RE: "Another notable update is grouping. Yeah, the long awaited grouping. Now, when you upload, say, 20 photos - it would only show one update"

I think I'm going to cry.
did you get a hug?
I give you one :-)
If you ever try to hug me, I'll hurt you
Then I would need someone to hug me LoL
If "BoonEx-Unity convention or something similar" ever happen I hope you going to be there :-)

May be it is going to be with the release of 8.0 so you don't need to wait for Dolphin 12 :-)
cant wait to get my hands on 7.1!
Here we go :-)

Do it :-)
Nathan Paton
Ssh... We 7.1 users need to remain elite!
yeah, i know this repository ...
Mhh... How cool is this.... !!!!
When the expected update? I was raped by F5 button :)
Nathan Paton
Don't think Andrew wants to give a definitive date right now. But it shouldn't be too far off...

Oh, and you should probably see a doctor.
I was a doctor. He says - this is normal :-)
Bloody beautiful mate bring it on, I'm ready!
WooHoo well done indeed...
These updates are looking really awesome Andrew. Cant wait to test drive this. But PLEASE tell me ya'll are also enhancing the mobile apps as well. Will any of these new features (i.e Timeline) be available in the mobile apps? Will any of the original default apps be available (groups, events, forums, etc.)?
Check and you see what BoonEx is doing :-)
29 minutes ago: Alexander Trofimov - Mobile design update - Mobile Blogs

I simply love BoonEx :-)
Nathan Paton
"$this->displayMsg(_t('_Empty'), false, $sCaption);"

There's your update!

(Of course, I'm sure more's coming. But can't help poking fun at people who don't check the changesets.)
I like the new changes. Seems that Dolphin is moving in the right direction. Great work.
just the word "Time line" terrified me... I hate the FB one with a vengence... But this actually looks good, I am looking forward to trying it out.
Andrew Boon
Yeah, but just the word "timeline" seems to make heck of lot more sense than "wall" for what it is :) . Personally, I don't like the two-sided timeline approach that they have - makes it terribly messy. Also some of their smart grouping is very confusing, so we're building a more linear, simple timeline that feels like a much better fit for Dolphin sites.
I love the timeline so we are not running on to a wall anymore :-)
i am soooo happy..Can't wait for this update to be out
Keep them coming! Seeing these updates for 7.1 has given me new hope for one of my bigger projects, I only hope the transition wont be too painful (templates & modules).
Andrew Boon
Transition should be comparatively easy with this one.
Looks nice :-)
Are Profile comments still available?
Without the 'wall' feature, comments would be the only on-profile posting method now... would be nice to still have comments as an option.
Andrew Boon
You can post messages/photos/video/music/link directly to Timeline (same as you did to wall, only they look better now). Also, yes, profile comments block is still intact, we just turned it off by default.
ah! that time range (days ago) slider is pretty cool.
7.1 is going to be in my eyes a major update and definitive a huge step forward for everyone at BoonEx and BoonEx-Unity.

Things are happen it looks fantastish!

Andrew, may be you could organize a BoonEx-Unity convention or something similar for June/ July 2013 I'm quite sute that I could plan ahead for such a trip and it would be more so pleasure to get to know you guys as well as some unity members in person :-)

We are a unity :-)
Andrew Boon
We live Down-Under, remember!? :) June-July is a bloody cold time here ;) , but hey. good idea!
ok lets come to Australia 2013/2014 :-)
cos then it's here in Sweden bloody cold and I love the sunshine :-)

Even down under has to come up once in a while to get the light!
Nathan Paton
Let's all have a convention in Leominster.

Because I can't afford to travel to Sweden or Australia.
Australia :-) cos BoonEx is based there :-)
Save a few bucks a month and may be if a lot of people go Australien airlines give a discount :-)
It would be easy for BoonEx to add something where members could book a fly and each time 10 more join it gets a bit cheaper :-)
Nathan Paton
Can I travel via kangaroo?
Depends if the kangaroo has it's own free mind or working in the tourist section :-)
Its all good for me Andrew you are in Sydney, and I am in Brisbane = 1 hour on a plane!
Nathan Paton
I like this more than Facebook's timeline. But I also think a rock is a better experience than Facebook, so...
I actually found a lot of old friends via facebook and I never found them under a rock :-)
Here's what I don't understand. How come Boonex can't come up with an original idea? The last one you had was the idea for a modular community software.

That's the problem with linear thinkers (geeks). Stepping 'outside the box' just isn't in their vocabulary.

The 'timeline' isn't all that great as far as I am concerned. I already have trouble because people think they are exposing too much of their personal information. There is a rather large community of people who are balking (and removing) see more their timelines from Facebook. So much so that people are now building apps to help you do it.

Also, when the hell are you going to actually finish one of these projects? Hell, even version 6 was never really completed. I would rather have a community that's slightly lacking in features that's complete and works as advertised than an overbuilt sledge-fest that mimics everyone else's ideas that's full of dead ends and unfinished thoughts.

Quit smoking crack and get one of these finished please...
Andrew Boon
In terms of privacy Dolphin timeline is much better than Facebook's. Most concerns are caused by automatic inclusion of actions that are performed elsewhere. Our timeline is rather simple and predictable - there's no tracking of one's actions outside of the site.

As for original ideas - there are many of those in Dolphin, but not do much in latest iterations, because compatibility is such a big concern for D7. Still, you'll find some very unusual, yet cool bits in 7.1 - in photos, in mobile see more app, etc.

If, however, you want really "innovative" try D8 - it's different from anything you'd find online, be it software or website. I mean both on user and admin side. It's practically developed without reference to existing systems - just a whole new vision.

Hope this sounds optimistic enough. :-).
Andrew, are the 'Groupings" aggregated using the spy module, or the wall module? I would presume this is done in the spy module.. correct?
"Grouping" is implemented in Wall module.
Looks really good, looking forward for it....thanks
Im seeing all these updates but where do i go to get them and how much do they cost?
Nathan Paton
7.1 will be a free update, as usual. But this is all in development, so no download right now.
I purchased my dolphin license and have my community up and running. Love the script! Cannot wait for this update, the simple design it fantastic!
Hello Andrew,

I have created a module for for 7.0.9 and would like to know for 7.1 has
the module structure or the pages system changed, and have the
database tables been renamed. Or anything else that I need to know so I can prepare my module for 7.1

System tables structure is the same. I suspect that design maybe be will need some small update - like margins, paddings.
For sure - you can try to get latest version from SVN and check your module compatibility.
Thank you so much Alex will do.
Looks like its going to be a nice update for us regardless of what the name...timeline...wall...whatever. Looks clean. Hopefully the code is just as clean and continues to stay that way. In regards to the timeline looking better than Facebook's...that's an opinion...if it were fact...Dolphin would be the platform companies would be building off of instead of Zuckerbergs.

Regardless, I love my site despite no members. I could always take my guard down and let all the bots join up. Looking forward see more to the progress.

@Houstonlively...hang in there brother...we all need a good cry every once in a while. LMAO
The only thing I don't like about this. is the logo on the center and the search box on the left.
I was wondering if we could have an estimated timeline. I have had a couple of sites completely on hold waiting for this update. I read on one of these andrew said a few weeks. It's been a couple already. Are we at least looking at another month here? I am just trying to schedule my time. I will need to take some time off of work once this software is launched. It's totally cool if it is going to be another month. Just would like a "Timeline" to go by lol =)

I WAS excited for this. Boonex some how ALWAYS makes it sound like it's UPDATES or new platform is going to get released to the public soon. I know someone asked how close this product was from being launched and the response said with in weeks. It's already past over a month now. No dedicated release date still. I am thinking this probably has a few more months to go before it's released. Then it's D8 is SOON to be out. UGH... The waiting game is terrible. It's like Christmas time came and see more went. I am still waiting for my present. LOL... Just annoying for those that plan on using this update. Sorry for my Rant!
Feerie Jade
Love it, Love it, Love it.
Is there any chance in the NEAR future that there will be a way to easily substitute Nick Name with First and or Last Name of members?
I'm asking before I endeavor to make the multitude of changes myself and then find out it is in the works on the BoonEx end!
Thank You.
Do we have an estimated date on this?
Hi Andrew, question about Timeline...
I just bought the multi wall generator mod from Scriptologist, allows me to place a wall inside modules view pages. This is a big feature for me...

Will the Timeline render this useless, as I guess the whole Wall module will be dropped altogether?
OR, will there be a timeline for Groups by default!!!!
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