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edit base css ?mlbs started 10 Nov 2017 · mlbs replied 15 Nov 2017Hi i have edited my icons and changed the color of them, my question is my custom template doesn't have an icon.css so if i c...
vendors still active or notmlbs started 4 Nov 2017 · Expertzkris replied 8 Nov 2017I have had multiple issues lately trying to get a hold of Vendors to ask general questions before i buy there products but ge...
advaced settings not expandmlbs started 26 Oct 2017 · modzzz replied 7 Nov 2017Hi i cant get into my advanced settings, they will not expand so i can change settings any idea how to resolve see pic...
quick menu linkmlbs started 28 Oct 2017 · AlexT replied 6 Nov 2017Hi when i go to builders/nav menu/ then i go to my profile and timeline-viewr block when i make this a quick link to put on a...
Email Attachments?sovereignamer started 1 Sep 2017 · geek_girl replied 22 Oct 2017When trying to attach a file, picture, media, etc. in an email (or other) it only shows field for "source". A browse to file ...
Can admins add members?diane_brooks started 6 Jul 2017 · johnk42 replied 7 Jul 2017is it possible for admins to add members...with their consent of course? I've tried to find a link etc in the admin ar...
Freezing Main Navigation Menu of Dolphin 7.3.3Kamal2011 started 19 Jun 2017 · Kamal2011 replied 30 Jun 2017Hello there,
Default Profile Customizerralphstrahorn started 27 Apr 2017 · neotekcorp replied 28 Apr 2017Is there a way to add more fonts for people to select in the profile customizer? Thanks in advance.
Modules that can bring money to site ownersmisterp started 27 Mar 2016 · arkane220 replied 30 Mar 2016Hi Guys, This is a concern that I would like  to share, may be it will catch someone else attention, first I have to c...
Tutorial on Shopping Cart and Payment Merchant.Spuninst started 29 Mar 2016 · Spuninst replied 29 Mar 2016Tutorial on Shopping Cart and Payment Merchant.   I am new using boonex,  and my deadline is a bit tight.
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