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READ BEFORE POSTING - Tips and TricksZarcon started 30 Aug 2010 · galanopd replied 30 Jan 2019I have been asked by several members to create a forum post that will describe what the Tips and Tricks foru...
CheetahTravelNotes started 3 May 2020 · TravelNotes replied 3 May 2020Nice to see Deano back and working on a Dolphin derivative called Cheetah.
service menu profile user icon + name repeatedmrtn started 29 Apr 2020 · mrtn replied 29 Apr 2020I had read this forum article:
SSL on 7.3ProfessorSr started 18 Feb 2016 · hashemi replied 2 May 2019So, for its and giggles - i installed ssl on my centos 7 using letsencrypt - a free ssl setup. Only had to install letsencryp...
SEO Optimization newton27 started 2 Jan 2016 · newton27 replied 10 Mar 2019A good tip to stay on top the search engines..   Have someone write (or do it yourself) an intro page for you.
Greeting messages based on time at dayyzisano started 18 Sep 2017 · LeonidS replied 19 Jan 2019hi,   i added block (PHP) saying good morning , good night etc. to users based on the day, it include also the user na...
Add Member Through Admin Panel - part 2Autopilot started 17 Nov 2018 · geek_girl replied 18 Nov 2018← Add ...
Add Member Through Admin Panelgeek_girl started 7 Feb 2014 · Autopilot replied 17 Nov 2018Dolphin 7.1.x does not have a way to add a member through the Admin Panel.  Now of course one can add a member to the site by...
Profile Visits (View) Counterjohnk42 started 5 Mar 2018 · TravelNotes replied 26 Sep 2018Here's a lovely little addition you can add to profiles. It's quick, simple and a very nice feature I'm sure your members wil...
[Tip] Change delay timing of profile hover pop-upmika_p started 15 Mar 2013 · sureandhraindia replied 19 Sep 2018When you hover over a profile picture of a user, if you wait long enough- you get a pop up menu which enables you to send a m...
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