Dolphin 7.0.8 BETA 1

Andrew Boon posted 13th of October 2011 in News. 38 comments.


Told ya!

... that D7 is not discontinued and will not be discontinued for years ahead.


Dolphin 7.0.8 BETA 1


IMPORTANT: Do not update your live sites with this BETA. It is not meant for production yet and there will be no update pack from this beta. Just test it on a test installation.


This is mostly a "service" update, so don't expect any new bells and wistles. For the most part there're bug-fixes for forums, mobile apps support and some other issues. We do hear your suggestions and Dolphin 7 will be receiving more feature updates in future versions.


Dolphin 7.0.8 Beta Demo -

Download -

Tickets - 39 tickets were closed 


Dear all, please give this BETA a good spin and let us know about any issues. We're very much looking forward to making Dolphin 7 more and more stable!


NOTE TO DEVELOPERS: Custom templates for Forums may require update after this release.


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It's almost very perfect , but why there are no download button on video and audio view page ? it's so difficult to download video and audio now !
Nathan Paton
The Flash apps have the download feature included in the player itself. I don't think it's hard to locate it, but for consistency, it should be moved.

I'll give this beta a go when I get back from New York. Looking forward to testing some of these fixes.
When hiring a coder for Dolphin Boonex do i then make wise of choosing someone from within the community - someone who knows dolphin or can i safe go with a php-coder with absolut no knowledge of this platform?
ooch, I'd say find someone experienced with boonex code structure.
Nathan Paton
What the man above said. Also, this isn't the place to ask questions like this.
In Predefined Values - Language - your programming code and MySQL type is defined as SET. This limits the number of entries to 64. There are at least 85 languages.

In fact SET should not be used at all in any of the predefined values.
`sys_pre_values` table hasn't fields like "set" type. If u mean another place then plz specify.
Try adding 65th entry to Languages in Predefined Values. You'll get a database query error.
The readme file goes like:

This is a Dolphin 7.0.7
Released on 01/08/2011.
Yes, the beta of a new version use the same file of the previous stable version. Dont worry, this is normal, not a bug. You'll see the correct version number for the D7.0.8 official.
Pagination in "Browse files by category" still doesnt work. It shows only 10 results.
Thnx for report, ticket was created
And a version with a possibility to edit translation of categories?
This is too important to be forgotten!!!
just in response to your "Told Ya!" instead of a told ya, possilby should have just openly retracted. denial of the fact does not make it go away. LOL.
Andrew Boon
"[some] things exist merely in the mind which contemplates them" ;)
"Which is just about everybody....";) Big Bill, aka Skyforum....
i think the comment box should be worked on too. i mean visitors commenting should be able to add their names.

i hope you look into this soon.
Hi dolphiers.
I know there are a lot of important things to fix and release. There will always be.
But Time-Zone feature is something I really miss here.

Please, release Time-Zone Feature
And thanks for listening the costumers.
Андрей, когда будет исправлена ошибка при новой регистрации, когда вводишь все данные и нажимаешь "Сохранить" выдает ошибку, что типа не заполнено описание профиля, но на самом деле это поле заполнено и минимальное кол-во символов превышает то, что установлено в админке, see more и только после второго нажатия (если, кто знает) на "Сохранить" данные сохраняются? Эта ошибка существует с первой версии Dolphin 7. Неужели никто этого не замечает?!
Пожалуйста уточните - все это происхожит при регистрации нового пользователя? Или ввода лицензии? Просьба воспроизвести эту проблему на нашей демо-версии Также уточните Ваш браузера и его версию.
Да, все это происходит при регистрации нового пользователя. Эта проблема существует ровно столько сколько существует Dolphin 7. Соответственно и версии браузеров FireFox, Chrome начиная с тех пор.
Только что зарегистрировался на вашем демо-сайте с первого раза без ошибок. Кстати, вот see more например, только что на вашем демо-сайте несколько раз кликал мышкой, чтобы сменить статус пользователя там где пишется сообщение. Такая проблема и у меня в дельфине. Что-то ваш сайт вообще лежит.
Странно - и сайт работает, и все с одного раза кликается на Firefox4 и 7. Дайте пожалуйста УРЛ (плюс доступ одного тестового пользователя) Вашего сайта, проверим и там.
I just need to see D8 being released!
Hello I name myself Denis I have a site with boonex and my webmaster was danro32

But it m has to injure to fall but I have a problem I do not know boonex at all

I would like if possible to have a tutorial which could show me how to work with bus I like it

Thank you has you

PS: PLEASE I am French if possible to forward me French information
Nathan Paton
You should post this in the forums. You'll find the French forum here:
Being that version 7 will continue, is version 8 being produced as a "new" product requiring additional license fees?

Thank you..
Andrew Boon
Dolphin license is valid for any version of Dolphin, old, new, past and future. There may be pricing policy changes, but current Dolphin licenses will keep working no matter what, even for Dolphin 8, Dolphin 9 and on.
When iam trying to install beta old version is going to install.Pl let me know the procedure how to install beta version
Nathan Paton
If you're talking about the version number displayed on the installer, that isn't usually changed until release.

You can install the beta like any other version. Remember, this is for testing purposes only.
I'm really looking forward to the new release. I have quite a number of niche communities and interest specific web properties I own. (all ad supported so growth is slow but moving)
Dolphin has become the cornerstone :<) of most of these sites and I am looking forward to making them all fully licensed and legit once funds start coming in. Despite the various naysayers, I love what you are doing with the software and and am totally stoked about da new chit :) Are you going to work on any packages see more for more than 3 site? Being a newb, some more in-depth support would be great, I know that comes with the license so I am kinda flying by the seat of my pants until then. I'm an alarm installer dammit... not a webmaster :)

I know off topic but I wanted to give ya a Kudo for all the mooching I have been doing. OK flamers, out with it tell me how naive I am :P
Please make the preference better! Every Sunday my page will dont. But, only 15 people are parallel online on my site.... load average by 150 and more and the site is vor an hour offline... and no i have not a cheap server.... 2x 3 Ghz CPUs and 1 GB Ram...
your cpu rating is good but your ram is very low. if you can, i would add another gig of ram and that should solve most of the problem.
i test dolphin 7.0.8 and when I try to embed a video from youtube does not post. EMBEDDING VIDEO FAILED
why? the video i try to embed is
Try this instead.
Are u able to host version 8 beta . When iam trying to host beta version it is installing 7 version.Can you pl send me the souce code for beta version .There are so many options not available in 7 like chat ads etc..,

pl see me site
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