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It's not about me.

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Does any one know how to fix the following error in dolphin?;
Warning! PageView cache cannot be evaluated. Please recompile.
Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/gpysevco/public_html/templates/base/scripts/BxBaseMenuSimple.php on line 45

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/gpysevco/public_html/templates/base/scripts/BxBaseMenuSimple.php on line 45

It happened after my hosting guys said they are repairing all sites databases, and soon as they got see more done, my site started showing: Fatal error;Call to a member function getClassPrefix () on null on home/my ftp username/public_html/templates/base/scripts/BxBaseSearchResultSharedMedia.php on line 121.

And then i cleared the cache, cache_public, and tmd now am stuck on the errors mentioned above! Kindly assist? Whatsup me on: +27 72 706 9000. or e-mail me on:
"... but fortunately most of the hard work is done by BoonEx developers and agents, while I do the "fun" part."

Yup... I'd rather be sailing too! (g) Ahhhhhhhhh for the life of you rich & famous.
Thank you for assisting me with quality and superb modules that I have now installed in my website. Please I urge you to continue to develop amazing products.
Happy New Year to everyone from Barcelona
I was doing just fine and getting to grips with 7.0.9
Then they went and broke everything by so called upgrade to 7.1
It is NOT an upgrade. Stop telling lies
It is a NEW platform. Everything is new.
It cost me a lot of money and I am very upset.

Sorry people but the changes are rubbish. I feel very more sad than upset.
The coders and developers ought to to be sacked. Slapped first.
Especially the person who has done the theme CSS.
Its see more quite pathetic actually.

When Andrew did things himself he did it right.
Hire Modzzz and Deano to sort it out for you if you dont have time Mr Boon

95% of Boonex customers are probably amateurs with little or no money.
And little or no idea about social networks and such technology.
I am part of the 5%. I like 7.0.9. It works. Its beautiful. Its simple.

7.1 is rubbish. Stay away.
Dolphin Licenses Pricing Structure Clarification: I love new structure!
... in particular Advanced BoonEx Membership (permanent). However, few things were not very clear such as the statement given below has said nothing about the "Prime repeat license".
"Repeat order discounts are applicable even when your account has licenses purchased (or granted) before the price increase. So, if you have 10 licenses now, no matter how or when you've acquired them, you see more can buy additional licenses for $149 each."
Above mentioned statement does not tells anything about Prime prices (in AUD). Therefore, just wondering would the same will apply to $299 (Prime) after you've purchased 10 or more licenses considering one has already acquired 5 or more licenses of "Prime" to their account?

Over all I love the move and looking forward to it....

Andrew Bon is prince of cms industry , every one Love and respect him for his honesty
Andrew is great people. Very professional and courteous. I have seen Dolphin grow to be a very very amazing product over the years. I remember when Dolphin first came about, and WOW so amazing. I have used many scripts of it's kind, but must say that the support and service is far better here with Dolphin than any other script I have used and own licenses for, thus being the reason why we are using Andrews script and not any of the others for this ongoing project of ours. Thanks so very much Andrew. see more We could not be as close to launch of our project without you and the amazing software you have developed. I have not and will not forget all the personal support you provided years ago when we first started our project. :D
How do I contact you Andrew?
see moreHi Andrew ,

I'm a very disappointed that Boonex has failed its mission outlined on your website!

"The BoonEx mission is to Unite People. We want people to collaborate in reaching global and personal goals. We believe that the entire world can be turned into a compassionate, humane and caring community..."

I have been requesting help for over 12 months and to date it has been useless!

Can someone senior in Boonex from Australia contact me please to get a working install going?!

Thanks Andrew for such a powerful tool to community founders like us.
Andrew is an amazing guy! ;-)
His hands are made of gold & he pours life in everything he codes.
I'm a big fan of his work!
I have a really successful project thanks to him!

BoonEx Dolphin is a big hit & success is no accident...
Покажи свой успешный проект!!! Show your successful project!
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