Dolphin Betas And RCs
Post Dolphin 7.0 problems in Dolphin 7.0 forumAlexT started 28 Dec 2009 · Nathan Paton replied 19 Nov 2010Please post Dolphin 7.0 problems in Dolphin 7.0 forum:
READ THIS POST BEFORE SUBMIT YOUR BUG REPORTVictorT started 22 Jul 2009 · mastermindsro replied 9 Sep 2009To make the bug reports more effective please read and follow the points below:
Available membership types missingCALTRADE started 13 Sep 2009 · sharonmann replied 24 Jul 2019I have defined three membership levels, however when I go to "my memberships" the "available membership types" is empty.  Wha...
Couple's avatarsfrancisca_carv started 19 Sep 2009 · AlexT replied 23 Apr 2017When a member is a couple and tries changing the profile photo, only one changes. It seems to be impossible to change the man...
Feature request: "clickable" tags in profilesCALTRADE started 26 Nov 2009 · modzzz replied 3 Apr 2017When you put a tag field on a member profile, it would be nice if each of those tags were "clickable" links, that wold take y...
Latest builds?newbreed started 5 Aug 2009 · Nathan Paton replied 5 Jan 2017Where can one find the latest Beta build?  And does anyone know how often they are being rleased?  I'd like to do a test inst...
facebook connect error.mchauhan started 19 Dec 2009 · AlexT replied 9 Nov 2016after getting a new  api key for facebook connect and trying to test it i have got the ...
Couple's Bugs.. Need a Ticket Please.Zarcon started 16 Oct 2009 · AlexT replied 13 May 2016While assisting another member, it was discovered that several issues existed with Couple's profiles. Below is a description ...
Chat+ configurationnewton27 started 27 Jan 2016 · ProfessorSr replied 5 Apr 2016I've upgrade a test site from 7.2 to 7.3 b1 with success.   Now how to configure the new Chat+.  
Question for AlexThoustonlively started 4 May 2014 · JUN10R replied 20 Mar 2016What are the chances of moving the file: /modules/boonex/wall/js/outline.js To --> /modules/boonex/wall/templates/b...
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