Dolphin 7.0.1 Beta 1 (Updated)

AntonLV posted 12th of April 2010 in News. 68 comments.

Boonex is close to releasing a new build of Dolphin 7.0 with a lot of fixes and improvements. Most of the tickets were closed and Boonex decided to release the first Beta. You may find it using the following link A separate archive was prepared too.


Also, you are free to download the development version of Dolphin 7 from the public SVN.

SVN: svn://
username: guest
password: guest

2. The SVN is updated on a regular basis several times a day. So, if there are errors in your installation you may need to wait and download a newer version a few hours later.

If you found some problems, feel free to discuss them in the Dolphin Betas And RCs forum with the other members. If a number of users have the same issue then you may post a bug report ticket in the Boonex Trac. It should be checked and the problem fixed by Boonex developers shortly. If you post the detailed description of the issue and the way it can be reproduced it will speed up the process.

Thank you in advance.




It would help us very much if you and anybody else would be posting bug reports with short and specific descriptions to the forum. In that case things would really go better. We are ready and will fix critical bugs and security issues swiftly. If, however, we move a ticket to 7.0.2 there must be a compelling reason for that. Anyway, 7.0.2 will not take nearly as long as 7.0.1. We're preparing to try a monthly update cycle.


Every day, at least 3-4 Boonexers start their day from exactly that - listening to the community, reading reports, comments, posts, etc. We're trying to find a an effective combination of bug-fixing, feature development , Trident development, and direct support. 

So, believe me, if you told us about the bug, there's no need repeating it over and over and talk about "lost spirit" or anything like that. Now, we're trying to release the over 200-tickets-worth update and then we'll be proving smaller updates with fixes like the join-form-multiple select, etc and adding features by small portions. About once a month or so.

Now, if you have time, please look at the beta, and we'll be releasing the update very soon.

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Another beta and another beta and another beta.........
DAMMIT! You didn't fix the dbTopMenu Firefox zoom problem. What are you waiting for?

Why tell us to post bugs in track if you guys are going to ignore the ones you don't feel like working on? I posted this one months ago, and you confirmed it yourself.
The problem was fixed.
Did you still see it somewhere? If so give me please a link.
how do i get the iphone and ipod fix?
OMG : Dolphin is Back With Betas im disappointed

@ houstonlively

agree with you i dont think Boonex or Dolphin are Doing The Right Job
Still having some problems with IE7. Not sure of that testing with IE8 in IE7 emulation mode is a good solution...
dolphin 7 have some problem with Internet Explorer. some mods also have same problem. Please before sell or release make sure with internet explorer and fire fox or what ever.
Has the problem with the inability to null multiple select fields made from a predefined values table been fixed yet? This is a basic database function that works with almost all scripts of this type, and in fact, worked fine in D6. I have done everything humanly possible to draw attention to this - blog posts, forum posts explaining the issue, messages to the developers, and contacting my agent - but nothing has happened as far as I know.

In fact, in Trac, they are even trying to claim this see more has been "fixed" for some reason: It hasn't been fixed - it doesn't work, and I will be happy to give any developer at Boonex full access to my system to try to explain it to them. I even posted this in the "disputes" section asking why this ticket had been inappropriately closed, but even that didn't work. Is there some reason Boonex doesn't want to address this issue? They even censored the blog post where I first brought it up.

English (google translation, sorry)

I want my money back. For 3 years only beta and error. I paid for a professional script and not for novice programmers.
Fuck your work.
Every month for paid advertising on Google and your employees tell me the page does not exist. Is that a rip off or what?

Finale should end its 2008th We have mid-2010 and Beta again and again error. HA HA HA

Since your really ridiculous.



Ich will mein Geld zurück. Seit 3 Jahren nur see more Beta und Fehlers. Ich habe für Profi Script bezahlt und nicht für Anfänger Programmierer.
Scheiss auf Eure Arbeit.
Jeden Monat für Werbung bei Google bezahlt und Eure Mitarbeiter sagen mir die Seite ist nicht vorhanden. Soll das eine Abzocke sein oder was ??

Finale sollte ende 2008 sein. Wir haben mitte 2010 und wieder Beta und wieder Fehlers. HA HA HA

Ihr seit echt lächerlich.



Chcę moje pieniądze z powrotem. Przez 3 lata tylko beta i błędy. Zapłaciłem za profesjonalny skrypt, a nie dla początkujących programistów.
Sram na waszą prace.
Co miesiąc płace za reklame w Google a waszi pracownicy powiedzieli mi że strona nie istnieje. Jest to zdzieranie kasy tylko czy co?

Finałowa wersja miała być 2008. Mamy w połowe 2010 i ponownie Beta i ponownie błędy. HA HA HA

Jesteście naprawde śmieszni.
@Rappi @UFO360 we have to test the version before make release ! ..people prefer tested version... if you prefer not tested version you can always download the latest version from SVN
@houstonlively @MichelSwiss @amar these tickets will be moved to 7.0.2 - this bugs are not critical and requires a lot of time for debugging ...
@CALTRADE .. the problem is fixed for single select field, the improvement for multiple select field will be considered in future versions
Can you release the updated version already?? You test, we upload... I wish we could test our sites and software free by utilizing other people it would save me a whole lot of money (not time)... I still am lost on the concept of your business model. If you are going to release software then test it inhouse and hire an outside party to test entire site from functionality to layout, then release. It's alot better to roll out a product with less then 50 bugs then it is to have over 200, it not only see more gives you a bad reputation but also alot of pissed off people. Enough betas, .01, .02's just test your service and roll out a solid product inwhich would have less complaints and more happy paying customers.. Take a few months, raise your fees then give us a solid 98% product. (easy people about raising fees and taking time, but look at it logical; we are spending time finding, debugging, posting bugs (only to have them pushed to next version) what's your time really worth?.. I for one would not mind paying a few bucks more for a product that is 98%.. I am lost here now with this whole beta version for an update, i thought we went through this with the rollout of d7?? If you would have listened to a few Great members here, you should have rolled out smaller updates along the way. My ONLY suggestion is to communicate with members on here that have real life experience with live fuctional sites and experience with d7, there the ones that will guide the path... Thanks to boonex and all of the members that have helped!!. As alway's -- why not..
@ AlexT
Thank you for feedback ;-)
@ AlexT

You guys are taking to long to get the new version for the same bugs and errors you know im truth on this one you guys are making more bugs than before i dont know what you guys be doing on this 3 months but i dont see no diferents on the beta 7.0.1 is all the same and some tickes say close and fix but they not realy fix you guys are making people to believe the tickes has been fix or bugs i check the road map every day to see how much tickes are been fix so i can download the new version see more for good but i wait for people first to see if they say Thak's guy Good Work or some think like that you know

but everyone i getting piss off because is all the same with more bugs and they get mad and you get people talikng bads worlds to the new version if you dont want this to happen no more i think you guys need to do the right think before posting craps on the news

@ these tickets will be moved to 7.0.2 - this bugs are not critical and requires a lot of time for debugging ...

@ AlexT

lol how long we have to wait for 7.0.2 because 7.0.1 take more than 2 months for nothing
my suggestion

- roll out an update once a month (if you guys manage to fix 15 or 5 tickets that's fine)
- provide only changed files (there's no need to install everything every time and start all over again) (i have about 12 sites on the server all test betas)
- wen bugs are discovered/provided by US members who spend to much time on testing this thing don't just ignore them (this bugs are not critical and requires a lot of time for debugging ...)

Thank you ;)
Maybe scrapping D7 and moving on would be best.

I think Boonex gave up on D7 a long time ago and all we are getting now (for the most part), is empty promises, lip service, and more waiting for days that never seem to come.

I had a suspicion long ago that D7 was more about selling the brand to another company than it was to create the NBT (as it was put many, many times).
I may be wrong in my suspicions, but even so - it sure looks like there was some other motive involved in all of the hype.

I see more am a non-premium member so my criticism doesn't count for much. Still, it really doesn't look to me like any-one else's opinions (or) criticism's count for much either. I'm not sure they ever did - looking back over the years.

The inconceivable question is why a company would get so close to the "prize" and then just drop the ball at the goal line - consistently. I don't get it. I probably never will. There is so much potential, but seemingly so little will behind it.

Thanks for the Beta. I won't be installing it. I just don't see the point and the comments here don't give me any hope that 7.01 is anything but a headache. Maybe you can pull this out of your hat, but it sure isn't looking like it right now.

Money follows success guys. You can't have success with half assed fixes to a script with half of its features pushed into the future from the start. All of the lies don't help either (whether intentional or unintentional).

You know all of this already though.

My parents had a saying...... "Sh*t, or get off the pot".

Very fitting right now.

Maybe scrapping D7 and moving on would be best. Even fixing 6.1x would be better than this.

*shakes head and goes to bed*
@ AlexT - sorry but this is not possible to work like that

caltrade mentioned the problem - we expected to see resolved this problem with the output of the D 7.0.1
because it is a basic function for any dating site - many of us - have dating sites

and you answer - " the improvement for multiple select field will be considered in future versions "

It's really disheartening to read your reply
OMG. Here we go again with the betas. I am with prolaznik (above) and DeeEmm (See DeeEmm's blog entry below)
@Theguypc: I have to second you here on calling it a day with D7 and focusing efforts on D8/Trident from a clean platform and without the clutter of the old codebase (which is a mish-mash of versions from the days of AEdating).

Somehow the whole of the Dolphin 7 saga reminds me of the Windows Vista release... Massive hype, all sorts of things rolling in --- except they are really only rolling in for the "next" version, and as it stands we're dealing with bubblegum patches from here into see more the foreseeable future.

I do have sympathy for the guys trying to fix up D7 though --- while chipping away many of the bugs reported for D7 would be a small issue if you were on a solid framework, with D7 you would have to pay me a LARGE amount of money to roll up my sleeves and start debugging and patching all the problems... (Somewhere in the larger five digits, and feel free to ask more if someone wants to take me/us up on the offer. I'm all for extreme sports.)
@danielmarseille - Thank you for posting that. There are many people here who understand that this is a serious issue of basic functionality and for many of us it has essentially made D7 useless. The blog post I made that Boonex censored was about this exact issue. It contained absolutely no obscenities or personal attacks, it simply was titled "Why D7 is really still a beta". I still believe that - in fact, now more than ever - the first thing that should have happened was to have see more a join form that worked perfectly - as it more or less did in D6, and to have working search functions. The fact that you can make them work under narrow circumstances is ridiculous - they don't work, plain and simple.

@Alex - calling this "fixed" is dishonest - and saying it "will be considered in future versions" is completely "disheartening" as dm put it. Are you speaking for the company when you say that? Part of this is not your fault - a developer should not be the one deciding whether something is a bug or not - you have a built in conflict of interest - there should be some QA person there making those decisions. Since I don't believe you are trying to use this software in the real world I'm not sure you have a real good sense of what is "non-critical" and what isn't.

Going back to calling D7.01 a beta is just admitting what most of us knew all along - that D7 really is still a beta and still doesn't have things working that were fine in D6. Please get back to making the basic functionality work on D7 so we can get our sites working properly.
The null issue seems to be ignored still. It is a pitty as it is something basic and needed.

@Alex - Saying it will be considered is almost saying it might not happen. Dolphin software is great but it can not yet be called the best. That is my opinion. There is still a lot of basic functions that are missing for a software that is called the best. Yes, it is good but lacking the important basic stuff which most of your competitors do have.

Coders might have no issue fixing this themselfs see more but non-coders buy this thinking it has everything because it is advertised as being number 1.

Pushing everything back to the next release, will make development last forever. By that time you release D8/Trident and ditch D7.

A non-coder can't really start any reliable production site with D7 if they don't hire someone to fix stuff or add basic functions.

This is not whining as some might call it. It's just how it is.
May i please ask the Boonex's spokesmen/spokeswomen 2 things...
a) In which timeframe of the following versions would you possibly place the full implementation of hard-coded design elements into your templating system.
b) In which timeframe of the following versions would you possibly place the CPU spikes that the cronjobs raise?
Hello dear Boonex staff

We can understand that you have lots to do in your daily ongoings and that it may be difficult to get everything done and I am wondering if you have anyone guiding you through the various stages of developing something like Dolphin?

I know what I am about to recommend is like stating the obviious, but it does seem necessary..

The reason that Boonex was created was to develop a script for use by potential customers......that'd be us....the ones complaining. :)

Many see more of us customers have customers of our own to whom we are responsible...........some more than others as there are those that run free sites and those that charge a fee. Now I am not saying that free sites are less important but those that do charge have a little more pressure on their shoulders to deliver a product that works. Saying that, the free sites do owe their members a service that functions smoothly too as they may one day want to charge a fee as well.

Now flip that baby and we have us again.....the customers of Boonex. Yes we make demands all the time but hey, we have the right o do so. Obviously when these demands are not met, we may get angry.

To simply ignore these demands is bad business. Many of us requested Dolphin bug fix patches to be released more often based upon reaching a point of an "x" number of tickets having been resolved.

Not rocket science is it?

A release of 7.0.1 was due quite a while ago. Smaller bug fixes should have been in that well overdue patch called 7.0.1.

Issues that you say require more time such as Houstonlively's point and Caltrade's point which I have personally seen him request be fixed on many an occasion may take you guys a lot more time but still require resolution. Not to mention the see more many times I have myself requested for the compatability issues with D7 and Internet Explorer to finally be remedied.

Fair enough they may warrant a Beta version but that should not mean that larger fixes should hold up the smaller ones.

Saying that, these larger issues should have been released in some sort of an Beta attempt called 7.0.2 which I have to say is also well overdue.

Fair enough, things were delyaed by the unfortunate events in Kyrgyzstan for which we are glad to hear that no-one was hurt in but many issues should have been fixed and released way before turmoil in Kyrgyzstan kicked off.

How many times do we have to request for bugs to be fixed?

Please sort this out and release a patch that is not a Beta at the very least.
I love the fact that the Iphone app is a complete disaster. Boonex has completely ignored this program since it's launch, it is full of problems and provides full media access to all your sites. That means that regardless of any restrictions placed on member levels, the iphone app nicely goes around them. Was this reported as a bug, well yes it was in January (3 months+ ago). What happened to the ticket, it is still up and nobody is addressing it.

It seems very apparent to myself and others see more that boonex developers only fix bugs they deem important or want to fix. All other bugs fall into limbo and stay cued in traac. There is no reason that a bug isn't addressed after a few months. It is extremely disingenuous to ask us to test your software and report bugs, and then ignore said reports because you deem them unimportant. The same goes for saying something "worksforme" but ignore the fact that the way something is designed and implemented is incorrect and counterproductive for users (deleting mail message is a prime example).

I think the software has great potential but there really needs to be a proactive approach from the devs to the community. Too often issues go unresolved or questions unanswered by any boonex staff. Then you will swoop in and do a drive-by-post without ever coming back and actually engaging the community in discussion. This is the biggest failing of boonex and its staff and if it can be resolved I'm confident things would be much smoother here. (Making a blog post asking for comments and without any real communication and actual discussion is not the same).
Final rant, get rid of the "Live Support" picture and inference! Live support is a complete fabrication and a utter lie, it has never gone "Online" once since the site change, heck getting an agent's attention takes days at best. It is a prime example of advertising a feature that is not implemented, and likely will never be implemented. This dishonesty should make Boonex ashamed.
Another one I see above is the CPU spikes. This is a real issue for me as it is using a lot of my resources. It is mentioned on lots of forum posts by a lot of respected Dolphin users. Initially I thought it was my server but when I got down to analysing the problem there happened to be no one on the server when the CPU spikes and peaks at 30% CPU usage. For "1" SITE! There is something SERIOUSLY wrong with all my dolphin websites. Even the test ones which I set up and are not being used see more publically are spiking to such a degree on the server CPU. I have seen numerous posts on this on boonex and even as extreme as 100% CPU on some servers for one site but as I can see from responses it has been swept under the carpet. Okay my server can servive at a 30% CPU spike but there are other people with more than one or two D7 systems on their servers and they are gonna be screwed as far as I can see.
All I can say is forget Dolphin...too many issues, from Boonex to the script itself, it was a regretful choice that I made in spending money on it.
Poor service on their part reflects on the script functionality. It's amazing how something with so much potential that lured me in, proves to being such a disappointment!

I will be taken the monetary loss and switching to phpFox (Now that is one amazing script/company/service) - Been testing it for a few days and I am in awe!

Sorry Bonnex, you see more have a lot to learn, specially when it comes to listening to your customers (remember us? ...we are the people that keep you in business)

@cbassthefish, the spikes are real and caused by ONE dolphin file. It is inexcusable but we haven't seen anything form boonex's end on resolving the issue. Likely they don't have any idea on how to resolve it or as to what is causing it. They made the program too complex for its own good.
@mauricecano - It really sucks the CPU usage thing. Especially when there is no one using the website!!!! FFS!!! WTF!?!?! Well I knew the solution a while back i.e. Switch off the cron jobs and EVERYTHING goes back to normal on your server. That is my recommendation for people having server problems. Dont use the cron stuff. The stuff stuffs you! Maybe I can hack out the D6 RMS "stuff" to use on D7. D6 "stuff" was much better".
@Profesize: "How many times do we have to request for bugs to be fixed?"

You could scan through the archives and compile the stats if you wanted, but I think it's in the range of 10-15 times you need to ask to get your bug report some attention, and possibly quite a bit more until it actually gets fixed.

@Miquel: "Sorry Bonnex, you have a lot to learn, specially when it comes to listening to your customers"

I believe they're aware of it (as it's been said hundreds of see more times), and have periodically made attempts to do something about it, but their level of responsiveness seems to still fall a bit on the poor side.
Ok ok. have no association with CodeSatori and I serve my own requirements. However I did install CodeSatori's own social networking website software after looking at his profile. Note he has never mentioned his own project anyway on Boonex apart from his own profile page. He has developed this social engine of his in a little over a year by himself but the thing is that the engine looks clean, simplistic and usable to me. Pretty clean code that has been built from the ground up. Unless anyone is see more able to advise to the contrary. I am been playing with his stuff for the last month now and hope to use it if client experiences are good compared to D7. Hopefully this comment does not get censored.
I think what has happened is Boonex stopped listening to their own community. Look at what we are seeing here - the best and most supportive members are becoming disgusted and some are even leaving. It seems to me the real energy is no longer in the product itself but rather in the paid mods the development staff is making. Some of these seem to be offering functionality that should have been in the product in the first place.

I also believe they over hyped D7 - way too early, and tried to see more do too much at once. As a result, almost nothing works well. I'm not sure how much time was spent on things like the iPhone apps or Facebook connect, but I haven't found anyone who thinks these things work in the real world. Meanwhile, D7 doesn't even have basic functions like join forms and search fully working after nearly two years.

Mauricecano makes a good point about "drive by postings" of Boonex staff and cherry picking the bugs to fix. Whenever someone posts a technical issue on the Blogs, they are told to go to the forums. The community there does often help, but Boonex almost never does. It's too bad, because the community there has developed many of common sense fixes that should be in the product - but I have a sinking feeling that they are not.

What has been gradually lost here, I think is what I would call "The spirit of open source". More and more this is seeming like a tightly held company, with us as the unpaid testing staff, and our customers as the guinea pigs. I think we somehow need to get back to that mode of "sharing" I saw when I first came here. This should start by really listening to at least two kinds of people here - the other developers who understand code, and the people who are trying to build communities that make this software work in the real world. I still think this product has incredible potential, and certainly wouldn't recommend dumping it like others here, but I do think things are moving in the wrong direction.
Andrew Boon

Every day, at least 3-4 Boonexers start their day from exactly that - listening to the community, reading reports, comments, posts, etc. We're trying to find a an effective combination of bug-fixing, feature development , Trident development, and direct support.

So, believe me, if you told us about the bug, there's no need repeating it over and over and talk about "lost spirit" or anything like that. Now, we're trying to release the over 200-tickets-worth update and then we'll see more be proving smaller updates with fixes like the join-form-multiple select, etc and adding features by small portions. About once a month or so.

Now, if you have time, please look at the beta, and we'll be releasing the update very soon.
is this update available in boonex mods admin?

and trident blog?

Wouldn't it show more prudence to take out the things making the first release a Beta and saving them for 7.0.2 so that you can release 7.0.1 now? It is what your community is asking for.

Flexibility is a management skill and it may keep the natives from moving from restless to out right war.................. :)

Just my two cents worth.
@Andrew - That is great, but there is "understanding" an issue and "communicating" about it- they are two different things. That is why people on the forums often talk about Boonex staff doin "drive by postings" - they will say something about an issue, leave it unresolved, and not return for weeks or sometimes months. Perhaps they are still working on it, but we have no way of knowing that - we aren't mind readers.

With the particular issues I was trying to see more get addressed, my last communication with Alex was when he incorrectly said it was fixed after trying it with a guest account on my system. I pointed out that this was not correct and showed him why, but got no answer to that or a few other messages. I then contacted my agent Mike who was responsive, but he said two different developers there wouldn't tell him any thing about it either. After that I just tried to get the ticket to correctly show that this was not "fixed" - posting it on your new disputes board - but again no communication. With your staff saying it was fixed, and the ticket falsely saying it was fixed - how could I assume anything other than you either weren't listening or didn't get it?

So that is fantastic if you are really listening more than it seems, and especially if you are incorporating some of the wonderful fixes and enhancements that have been done by the community, but the "hard evidence" we have didn't give any reason to know that.

On the particular but that has concerned me, one of the other members here has contacted me about this issue and already seems to have some ideas of how it can be fixed so hopefully he will be able to figure this out and help your staff out. Like everyone, I look forward to the release of the new version.
Andrew Boon

It would help us very much if you and anybody else would be posting bug reports with short and specific descriptions to the forum. In that case things would really go better. We are ready and will fix critical bugs and security issues swiftly. If, however, we move a ticket to 7.0.2 there must be a compelling reason for that. Anyway, 7.0.2 will not take nearly as long as 7.0.1. We're preparing to try a monthly update cycle.

Do you have any release date for 7.0.1, Still not clear when you are going to release 7.0.1?

I am really happy with Dolphin 7 thus far. The problems I have seen are a lot of the mods (imagine that). The Dolphin 7 script alone is solid for the most part. When you start tinkering and adding mods, you trash it. That was the same problem with 6. I have been running 7 now since it was a RC on my live site. My site is doing quite well and I am not seeing a lot of the problems a lot of you are. No complaints from my users. I am going to wait patiently like I have in the past see more so that I have a good quality update when the time comes. Some of you also fail to see that there is still all hell breaking loose in Kyrgyzstan. That is where most of the programmers are located. I would like to see any of you work in those conditions and be "productive".

There was a comment before about PHPfox. There are just as many problems with that platform as there are with Dolphin. Do your research and you will see that I am correct.


Does Boonex have its own Iphone developer? You state that you swiftly fix critical bugs first yet you leave the iphone untouched. Thus far we can prove beyond any doubt that media doesn't play correctly, uploading doesn't work half the time, and Iphone completely ignores any and all media restrictions on your account thus making it one massive loophole. I don't know about you but if I were touting a "mobile" platform integration I would surely want the thing to work properly. see more

Instead the Iphone app appears pretty much abandoned has it has not been worked on in over 2 months, and then only a few cosmetic changes were applied (changing Mayamar to list properly and showing more than 10 results on return). These fixes are not "critical," they were simple and thus were fixed. All other Iphone issues that are truly critical and hard to fix are ignored for months, if they get listed on trac at all. Some insight as to the mobile platform development is needed. What are the true plans, not the market push, but true development plans and who is handling it. Also where is the Trident Blog we get with our subscription?
@Andrew ... @AlexT ... @AntonLV

If this was my software my first priorities would address strictly issues that are VISIBLE ON THE SCREEN TO JOINED MEMBERS, beginning with the joining process. COMMON SENSE tells you if members aren't happy with what they're seeing, then they'll drop off like flies. Bad "word of mouth" reputation on the internet is the KISS OF DEATH to sites. Common sense further dictates that site owners would be severely frustrated at losing members which means that see more you could be losing paying customers and developing your own bad reputation. PRIORITIES should go to those items that are most often seen and used. Have 3 to 5 developers working on the same issue if the issue is so difficult to fix, and get it done pronto that way. JOINING should be FLAWLESS !!!

Server requirements page NEEDS TO BE DESPERATELY UPDATED for *ALL* requirements to run a D7 site with *ALL* available "official" modules i.e. the ones from Boonex, Rayz, as they appear in the admin dashboard. Current requirements page is crap because our server more than meets those requirements, yet we still have nothing but problems.

Forums SHOULD LOOK LIKE YOUR FORUMS after the installation ... because that's what any site owner who saw your own forums would expect to see on their paid for commercial site. The standard forum, after the installation, is one of the worst that I've ever seen. What a nasty looking thing that is ....

All "internal stuff" that nobody but site owners and developers can see should be last because nothing is more important to joe blow than what's seen on the screen. Furthermore, support is waning more and more too. Every day you can find important posts where members are bumping up their questions after two or more days because some of the top people of long ago simply don't give a damn about us newbies anymore. This too, does nothing to make Boonex look good at all. You're selling a product to NON-DEVELOPERS and so it has to work for non-developers !!!

I don't know why Boonex have a Roadmap 7.1

when 7.0.1 is not 100% Fix from bugs and version 7.1 have some bugs

i dont get it this people are to much for me that's why I never pay for a licensed or a membership this dont make no sense this Dolphin 7

You guy realy need to make a a new Social Network call Bugs . 8.0 or something diferent or Better than Dolphin

and you guys have 6 Years Making The Triden and you guys say is Coming In 2010 I will be see the new Triden on 2012 you see more guys are to slow and you guys are taking for ever fixing Dolphin 7.0 so i dont think is coming in 2010 but when this Triden is Out I will not be wasting time Downloading your new Social Network with bugs maybe this time i can get hacked

I agree completely. In the past 18 months I must've spent at least 160 to 200 hours working with a project that I could not get to work flawlessly as either D6 or D7. Our server has never been a problem and or server admin runs a facility with a couple of dozen commercial servers.

I'm not a developer but I'm not stupid either. The Dolphin "work in progress project" is being offered TO THE PUBLIC and that means that everything needs to work, aside from minor glitches and see more bug fixes. But when you pay for professional D7 installations on a server that's dedicated to D7 and you still encounter bug after bug and problem after problem, without any decent RELIABLE SUPPORT in the forums, then I can't see a good future for Dolphin.

Shame on all of you who've been letting the little guys down - especially those long time Dolphin fans/developers (you know who you are) because you're also directly responsible for contributing to a lot of the bad feelings that come up from us newbies. Shame on Boonex for not doing a better job at ensuring proper support in the forums at all times. How hard would it be to have paid employees rotate in shifts, one per shift, to answer anything & everything that can possibly be answered? Dolphin is beginning to look more and more like a hobby project, and not a serious business entity.

Yup, you're 100% right too!
There's some awesome support efforts from a hand full of people in the forums, but the ones who really really know the guts of this software (again, you know who you are), the ones who do the code in their sleep, these guys have totally abandoned trying to help anyone out. Heck, I've even tried sending PMs with no results whatsoever. Nothing !!! No answers to questions in the forums, no answers to searches made in the forums to most of those questions, no see more answers to private messages, no answers PERIOD !!! It's disturbing and it pi**es me off that some of the key developers are letting things get this bad on purpose.

I can't even imagine the logic behind a massive gigantic humongous project like this ... WITHOUT PROPER SUPPORT in place at all times. That would be like Microsoft releasing Windows or Office with ZERO support. Just imagine how fast people would stop using those products. OpenOffice, Linux, and countless other HUGE projects are 100% opensource too, but at least those products work and at least there's some real support available. LACK OF REAL SUPPORT with real answers to problems is in my opinion the key reason why Dolphin is doomed to fail in the long run !!!
@ Andrew and AlexT

It would help us very much if you and anybody else would be posting bug reports with short and specific descriptions to the forum. In that case things would really go better. We are ready and will fix critical bugs and security issues swiftly. If, however, we move a ticket to 7.0.2 there must be a compelling reason for that. Anyway, 7.0.2 will not take nearly as long as 7.0.1. We're preparing to try a monthly update cycle."

sir, i for one as well as many others see more have posted to the bugs forum with descriptives and screen shots on several occassions. so this statement where it sounds good diplomatically speaking for those who are reading this blog post, but those who have been in the trenches, and even realize we had to beg for a forum where we could post bugs and defects.

these issues are addressed as caltrade mentions, cherry picked, and they are picked by one or two of the staff, and then they are deemed as features not functionalities. if something doesnt work on the release, R E M O V E, should you choose to call such a feature.

i will state again, i think Dolphin 7 was released prematurely, and under pressure because of the promise of the release. Dolphin 6 never was actually stablized by the Boonex Staff, and as of now, as best we can tell, is no longer being maintained.

Dolphin 6 has been stabilized by several of the other developers, security features implemented, and the script is very sucessful. There are those of us who are working on Dolphin 7 to bring it to the same level of usability. The script has issues, issues that are very frequently ignored.
@ Andrew and AlexT --> 200 character limit continuation

Dolphin is a great script, and you guys have done a superb job getting the script to a beta platform, and that is all it is. The release of Dolphin 7 was not ready for public consumption, just as you can tell with the +200 bugs. But i am not here to slam on the Boon, you guys continue what you are doing on that side, and we will continue what we are doing on this side, and in the midst of it all, Unity shall prevail.

to those in the see more warzone, our prayers are going out to you and your families. God Speed,

Can't wait.
Sometimes I have to refresh a page to get it to load hopefully this update fixes that!
Anton said, "The problem was fixed. Did you still see it somewhere? If so give me please a link."

My Reply: You can see the problem here:

Just visit with FF, hit CTRL - a few times, and watch what happens. The ticket is reopened.
Yeahhh!! I was waiting for it... anxiously!!! Very good!!! Thanks!!! A lot!!!!
Keep up the good work! Will be checking out the beta, and following svn.
Andrey ..... known now to us all MR BOON
( this will be the very last time i ever tell you this 1 on 1 )

Get rid of your 5 year old programmers whom which are running your buisness to the ground and hire a REAL Professional CODER like I mentioned 2 years ago on this BLOG.

Your current programmers suck big time and we all know this :)

Hire CodeSatori pay him the contract ( negoatiate what he wants ) and I promise you MR BOON, Dolphin will have a futur!

You know. I try to be a believer. It's getting more difficult every day but this is the second time I have jumped onto a sinking ship. The first time (soopportal) took 4 years out of my life before it finally capsized and now It seems I am treading water again.
"I thought I saw a troll... Yes I did see a troll!" — Tweetieman
"I thought I saw a troll... Yes I did see a troll!" — Tweetieman
Nathan Paton
I've been meaning to respond to this blog post for a while, along with the individual comments.

I see nothing wrong with releasing a beta for an upgrade which includes over two-hundred fixes, many of which include the rewriting of code and the inclusion of new security enhancements which will find their way onto our web sites. In my opinion, releasing such an update without testing it, especially without the community's input, would be a foolish mistake, which is being avoided here by doing what see more should be done. Of course, this was meant for those that were complaining about the release of a beta, which I found to be personally striking a nerve.

To those who are complaining about the sheer size of this update, and the time of release for a finalized version of this update, I must agree with you. BoonEx should have released smaller updates for critical fixes over the span of months since the release of the latest version of the script. The lack of an update, especially one with important fixes and enhancements such as this one, has left many of us, including myself, waiting while our web sites and dreams collect nothing but dust. There are those who have launched their web sites using the first release, and have found themselves falling down a very steep hill, using a release equivalent to a beta. I do believe BoonEx made a mistake with the release of this script, as it is, in my honest opinion, premature and has brought a rise to numerous issues which should simply not exist in a final release.
Of course if it's a 200+ fix release, a beta stands to reason. I believe the cries about "not another beta" ultimately have to do with the fact that a 7.0.1 release shouldn't include such a bulk of fixes of this caliber to begin with.

I second Magnussoft on his view that Dolphin 7.0.0 wasn't ready for release as a stable version. It's one thing to have missing features and put out the first build of the 7 series, but as long as things are *clearly broken* it should stay in beta until see more everything is fixed. Now of course beta isn't as sexy to sell, but then again it isn't too sexy to sell a beta as a stable release either.
Hello everyone,

To be honest i have seen alot of slander towards boonex for the dolphin product, ok it cost alittle money i can see 1000 social networking scripts and people want $500.00 for it yet, they are not as good as dolphin.

You only have to pay to have the adds removed otherwise your free to go, SO, stop complaining simples =]

Anyhow if you don't like the product don't use it, if you could develop something better yourself then do it however i see everyone is using dolphin because see more they cant =]

Oh well keep the betas coming =]

Best Regards,
Lee -
@Vilayer: So I did develop my own modular CMS and have been using it for months for my own development and clients, because at the end of the day it helped saved my time more than using Dolphin 6/7 as a platform and hacking around would have... what to speak of waiting for all the remaining issues to be fixed. We're still not quite there with D7!

And that's why I've been saying it might be a good idea to just let D7 be and focus on Trident and a solid architecture! Put together a tight coder team see more and give it six months of solid focus development time with some level of funding so programmers don't need to try making side income with additional mods wherever they get the chance, and we'll all have something better to work with.
Nathan Paton
Vilayer, I belive you're forgetting about the hundreds of people who have invested thousands of dollars into BoonEx, only for them (BoonEx) to release a beta-quality product. In my opinion, these people have a right to complain, since they paid for something that BoonEx advertised, but did not deliver upon. Some people have also built their web sites heavily upon Dolphin, meaning they cannot simply "stop using it." To do so, would mean scrapping months of work and progress, and possibly see more never reaching anywhere near success again. And that was in no way over-dramatizing things, as I have been witness to such occasions many times.
Boonex is on the right path but there was just too many Beta's leading up to D7 and no sooner we have D7, Beta time again on an update of all things.
It is a fine balance of mental ability to fix everything on the current old code base but the Boonex coders are trying to sort it out until the core re-write of D8 arrives, which as CodeSatori said would not take too long do. =)
Of course it's an open question how long "finishing" Dolphin 7.Proper.Stable will take.

D8/Trident will not arrive until D7 is done and dealt with, because the Trident team was brought in to work on D7... I've been waiting for news or an update on Trident a small forever.
No message about 7.01 ? Can't wait thats why !
waiting on the upgrade before going live...hoping its soon.
Dolphin works considering it is an app and I'm glad others have written it! Have any of you EVER come across software that is bug-free?!

I get the blank page showing up a lot too. Sometimes even refreshing does not work. Hope you'll fix that! And REAL answers to our problems would be good. You D7 developers know where the problems are more than anybody, so sort it out.

Monthly updates would be steady progress in the right direction and update only those files that are bring replaced - no need see more to upload everything!
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