Attention: All Market VendorsZarcon started 18 Feb 2013 · Zarcon replied 18 Feb 2013I know this has been discussed before but if you sell products and/or services via the BoonEx market, please take a moment to...
Errors fixing procedures during upgradeAlexT started 6 Nov 2012 · AlexT replied 6 Nov 2012Errors fixing procedures during upgrade Errors shouldn't happen during upgrad...
Orders not automatically processedouttareach started 9 Apr 2013 · tvween replied 8 Jun 2016I am using 7.1 and testing through paypal sandbox and everytime I make an order it gets processed and comes back to a page th...
Too many spam members joining up. How to stop thisAnthonyOD started 4 Sep 2013 · AnthonyOD replied 4 Sep 2013I have a version of Dolphin 7.1 setup on a domain. The number of spam members signing up is driving me nuts. Is...
Video, Photo and Sound Upload issuestcpride started 25 Apr 2013 · AlexT replied 15 May 2013With complete new install of 7.1.1  I cannot switch the photo/video upload options from the flash option to regular,shoot or ...
Chat+ issuetpd started 9h ago · tpd replied 9h agoHey...    Would someone please explain the steps I need to take to restart the media server on Chat+.... Nathan...
Getting the timeline not to jump in when scrollingcanadianstoday started 3d ago · johnk42 replied 2d agoHello Everyone, I recently have had to change my domain, and now have lost all my core products I had with
putting menu in html blockmlbs started 4d ago · mlbs replied 3d agoHi all i found this post here about inserting menu items in a html block
Profiles Not Geo-coded.geek_girl started 1 Jun 2017 · cocobey replied 4d agoIs there a way for me to run a script that would geo-code the profiles of members into the table bx_wmap_locations?
Currency changespudsnall started 8d ago · spudsnall replied 7d agoHi how do you change from $ to £ sign in ads please.
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