Dolphin 7.1 (Sundance) Development Outline

Andrew Boon posted 20th of March 2011 in News. 42 comments.

Game on! Isn't March the best month in a year to start something important, moving and beautiful?! Oh yes, we are officially opening the season of a new major Dolphin version update development. Not just bug-smudging or speed-bumping, not just holes-patching or even spam-gating. Some real-deal core upgrades, modules rewrites, feature adds and UI redesigns are on the way! Woo-hoo!


We have been collecting requests, wishes and reports for months. Last week we went through them all again and identified a list of what should become a final set of planned Dolphin 7.1 improvements. And so, we share it with you. It's a massive list, a really challenging slew of tickets, so please don't feel obliged to add to it (unless you have a mightily compelling reason to do so).


Dolphin 7.1 Development Outline




- All-new universal default design template with advanced customization options (prescreened).

- Advanced AntiSPAM Tools (bad-words filter, blocking, moderation, etc.).

- New unified system for Media uploads (photo, video, files, music), handling, insertion into modules, etc.

- Membership types in Fields Builder.

- Blocks visibility settings for membership types in Page Builder.

- Unified system for "reports" (report link in any content with a common admin interface).

- Improved Alerts engine.

- Installation and update of design templates via admin panel.

- Remake of TinyMCE initialization.

- Relative time-stamps everywhere (solution to Timezones).

- Full-name/Real name support for usernames.

- New Couple profiles.

- Forms improvement.

- Separate URLs setting for static content.

- Privacy settings enhancements.

- Complete overhaul of navigation menu structure and code.

- Predefined membership types for admins and moderators.

- All-new "Share" functionality.

- Latest version of jQuery.

- Installation and update of modules from Admins panel.

- 3rd-party extensions support for Mobile Apps (iPhone and Android).

- Pagination enhancement in all modules.

- OpenID

- Contacts Importer as part of sign-up routine and as a separate tool

- Events module update

- News/Articles module update

- Profile wall update

- Sign-up by invitation only

- Chat, IM and Shoutbox improvements (anti-flood, moderation, etc). Some flash-based components may be discontinued/replaced.

- Improved watermarks

- Forum improvements

- Avatars moderation

- All-new Blogs module

- Contacts management


Those are just quick-picks. Full list is as follows:



#596 Antispam tools enhancements, bad word filter and others somebody enhancement critical 2 years 3 days
#1030 Images object AlexT enhancement critical 19 months 3 days
#1031 Videos objects AlexT enhancement critical 19 months 3 days
#1032 Sounds objects AlexT enhancement critical 19 months 3 days
#1033 Files objects AlexT enhancement critical 19 months 3 days
#1070 Add choose of membership type in fields builder somebody enhancement critical 19 months 3 days
#1105 Extend any block visibility in page builder to existing membership types somebody enhancement critical 19 months 3 days
#1106 Unified report system somebody enhancement critical 19 months 3 days
#1133 Improvements for Alerts engine. AntonL enhancement critical 19 months 3 days
#1148 Templates install/update from admin panel AntonL enhancement critical 19 months 3 days
#1372 Remake TinyMCE initialization somebody enhancement critical 17 months 3 days
#1624 Timezone somebody enhancement critical 15 months 3 days
#2112 Alert for displaying username (fullname/realname support) somebody enhancement critical 7 months 3 days
#2121 Couple Profiles enhancement critical 7 months 3 days
#2179 Forms enhancements AlexT defect critical 6 months 3 days
#2188 Separate url setting for all static resources defect critical 6 months 3 days
#2444 Privacy enhancements defect critical 4 days 3 days
#2446 Menu remake defect critical 4 days 3 days
#2447 New design and layout defect critical 4 days 3 days
#2448 Moderators/admins predefined membership types defect critical 4 days 3 days
#2453 remake "share" feature to be more modern enhancement critical 3 days 3 days
#2455 Update jQuery to the lastest version + forms and bulders update defect critical 3 days 3 days
#2456 Modules install/update from admin panel defect critical 3 days 3 days
#2457 3rd-party modules support in iPhone/Android app AlexT enhancement critical 3 days 3 days
#2458 Paginate enhancements defect critical 3 days 3 days

#535 Open ID SashaE task major 2 years 4 days
#975 Contact Importer on Signup and in Profile somebody enhancement major 19 months 19 months
#1130 Promo Slideshow is loading pictures randomly sashae defect major 19 months 19 months
#1183 Events improvements somebody enhancement major 18 months 18 months
#1260 News / Articles enhance somebody enhancement major 18 months 18 months
#1263 Wall improvement somebody enhancement major 18 months 3 days
#1266 Join by invitation somebody defect major 18 months 18 months
#1272 Script creates $oAdmTemplate when not needed somebody defect major 18 months 18 months
#1282 Submenu tabs - content indication somebody enhancement major 18 months 17 months
#1285 Wrong blocks title (Sites, Albums, etc...) somebody defect major 18 months 17 months
#1312 Chat bubble with online friends in floating menu SashaE defect major 17 months 17 months
#1374 Subscribe action - add to Membership level somebody enhancement major 17 months 17 months
#1375 Files settings improvement LeonidS enhancement major 17 months 16 months
#1401 Embed Video on Wall somebody enhancement major 17 months 17 months
#1410 Presence Status Update somebody enhancement major 17 months 17 months
#1469 can't dissalow the forum permalinks somebody enhancement major 16 months 16 months
#1506 Chat Flood, Shout, Bad Word, Filters. Max Message length. Chat logs. AlexL enhancement major 16 months 4 days
#1527 Members age display somebody enhancement major 16 months 16 months
#1560 Action Menu Change Needed AlexL, SashaE enhancement major 16 months 4 days
#1568 Add admin control for image reloader on index page somebody enhancement major 16 months 15 months
#1572 Auto-Play of Audio and Video in Wall somebody defect major 16 months 16 months
#1574 add sound notification in simple IM / NEW Letter etc somebody defect major 16 months 16 months
#1578 Add PHP Block to page builder Somebody enhancement major 16 months 16 months
#1640 Wall "reply" AntonL enhancement major 15 months 15 months
#1651 cannot delete a created Predefined List somebody defect major 15 months 15 months
#1662 Improve watermarks LeonidS enhancement major 15 months 4 days
#1702 Remake votes tracking to consider voter's id, not just ip address AlexT defect major 14 months 14 months
#1910 Properly label membership actions somebody enhancement major 13 months 3 days
#2025 Add privacy setting to groups/events, to restrict view access for group/event media. AlexT enhancement major 10 months 3 days
#2032 Categories (Tags) enhancement. somebody enhancement major 10 months 4 days
#2064 Admin dashboard add extra values for users block somebody defect major 9 months 9 months
#2100 Forum: post pagination in the topic and my posts AlexT enhancement major 8 months 7 months
#2103 Forum: allow to post new topic from anywhere AlexT enhancement major 7 months 7 months
#2106 Forum: ability to make a topic "not sticky" AlexT defect major 7 months 4 days
#2118 Avatars moderation enhancements somebody defect major 7 months 3 days
#2289 Profile Photo Block Bug after Nickname Changed. defect major 4 months 3 days
#2307 Ads Homepage Not In Page Builder defect major 4 months 4 days
#2326 Make character count if a form field is limited by the number of characters. enhancement major 3 months 3 months
#2347 Add email notifications to admin enhancement major 3 months 3 days
#2379 Payment result improvement enhancement major 8 weeks 4 days
#2381 remember previous page number for media pagination LeonidS defect major 8 weeks 4 days
#2382 Search by tags/categories is not working sometimes AlexT defect major 8 weeks 4 days
#2383 Profile blocking enhancement major 8 weeks 8 weeks
#2392 Add membership level for view news and articles items enhancement major 7 weeks 7 weeks
#2396 Implement reCAPTCHA defect major 7 weeks 7 weeks
#2400 Upload photo not worked in multiply join form LeonidS defect major 6 weeks 4 days
#2408 Flash apps skinning problems AlexT defect major 5 weeks 4 days
#2409 Flash apps template swithing problem AlexL defect major 5 weeks 3 days
#2414 Forum: error caused by javascript AlexT defect major 4 weeks 3 days
#2420 Desktop application problem AlexL defect major 4 weeks 4 days
#2423 Articles migration problem SashaE defect major 3 weeks 4 days
#2424 Don't allow to install modules with dependencies AntonL defect major 3 weeks 3 days
#2425 Change Fffmpeg bitrate parameters from 'kb' to 'k' AlexL defect major 3 weeks 4 days
#2436 Page builder still don't save blocks positions in Safari/Chrome defect major 7 days 4 days
#2437 Add support for new HTML5 type="date" input field enhancement major 7 days 4 days
#2439 Desktop app's online status doesn't update itself AlexL defect major 6 days 3 days
#2441 Admin menu builder doesn't save icon paths defect major 5 days 4 days
#2445 Delete opensocial module task major 4 days 3 days
#2451 Remake blogs based on Articles/News AntonL defect major 3 days 3 days
#2459 Make html promo by default enhancement major 3 days 3 days
#994 Ads -> custom value meaning enhancement minor 19 months 4 days
#1012 My Contacts management AlexE enhancement minor 19 months 4 days
#1212 Add history to chat AlexL defect minor 18 months 4 days
#1256 tags like facebook whit WP-Phototagger somebody enhancement minor 18 months 18 months
#1423 Polls: unable to add answers during editing SashaE enhancement minor 17 months 3 days
#1521 No member proposed categories somebody enhancement minor 16 months 4 days
#1529 Greeting notification - problem when answering using the link in the notification somebody enhancement minor 16 months 4 days
#1573 Allow gif file extension for avatars AlexT enhancement minor 16 months 3 days
#1645 Admin getting cupid matches somebody enhancement minor 15 months 4 days
#1908 Optmize predefined values adminstration defect minor 13 months 3 days
#1964 Missing Captions for some blocks in FieldsBuilder + Default values in select boxes somebody enhancement minor 11 months 3 days
#2220 Chat rooms AlexL defect minor 5 months 3 days
#2257 Admin Chat Shows Male Regardless of Gender AlexL defect minor 5 months 4 days
#2282 "Access denied" message when profile is not accessable defect minor 4 months 3 days
#2287 Delete Confirmation defect minor 4 months 3 days
#2342 Don't allow to remove mandatory fields (like nickname and email) defect minor 3 months 4 days
#2350 Add email notification when profile rejected friends request enhancement minor 3 months 3 days
#2407 Facebook Connect to existing profiles SashaE enhancement minor 5 weeks 3 days
#2410 Promo block's images are not aligned properly on initial loading of page defect minor 5 weeks 5 weeks
#2415 Polls: voting SashaE defect minor 4 weeks 3 days
#2429 No messages if account is deleted SashaE defect minor 2 weeks 3 days
#2449 Pre-listen doesn't work in Sound recorder AlexL defect minor 3 days 3 days
#2452 One URL scheme for core module permalinks enhancement minor 3 days 3 days
#2454 Can not view news, feedback if uri is numerical AntonL defect minor 3 days 3 days
#570 Upload cover/image to the audio files the user uploads to Dolphin LeonidS task trivial 2 years 4 days
#834 Provide Admin option to specify whether site is online or offline Somebody task trivial 20 months 3 days
#965 Mail box - Missing "Reply" button AlexE enhancement trivial 19 months 3 days
#1281 Hot or Not: Next or Skip button LeonidS enhancement trivial 18 months 4 days
#1361 toggle hide after success submitting somebody enhancement trivial 17 months 3 days
#1428 Add captcha for sending greetings somebody defect trivial 17 months 4 days
#1520 Profile - Ads - wrong behavior somebody defect trivial 16 months 3 days
#1555 Sound Alerts somebody enhancement trivial 16 months 3 days
#1636 Restrict user names somebody enhancement trivial 15 months 4 days
#1857 IE7 CSS issues on front page somebody defect trivial 13 months 3 days
#2125 Create link to Unity (or Unity Account) in Dolphin admin section defect trivial 7 months 3 days
#2197 FLash apps themes/design change via admin, XML or other means enhancement trivial 6 months 6 months
#2401 add URL's parsing in simple messenger enhancement trivial 6 weeks 3 days
#2405 Profiles customizer themes are not aligned right. defect trivial 6 weeks 3 days
#2431 Can't view slideshow of your own photo albums LeonidS defect trivial 13 days 3 days
#2435 IP block list: edit is not possible if there is apostrophe in desc AlexT defect trivial 7 days 3 days
#2440 Memberships aren't displayed in any particular order AntonL defect trivial 6 days 3 days
#2442 Add email template for contact form LeonidS defect trivial 5 days 3 days
#2443 Messages are displayed in iPhone app even if they are deleted AlexT defect trivial 5 days 3 days
#2450 Remove any categories with BoonEx/Dolphin words defect trivial 3 days 3 days
#2460 Non-confirmed members should not be able to log in enhancement trivial 2 days 56 minutes


Not too shabby, huh!



By now many of you know that this quintessential question is not relevant in software development world. Any answer would inevitably misguide you. So, let us just say that we're wholeheartedly committed to bring it to you as soon as possible and in a very good condition.


ALPHAs, BETAs, RCs and Final.

For all of us to have more fun we decided to tweak our pre-release updates policy:

- Alphas will start appearing quite soon and quite often, with community encouraged to participate in development.

- BETAs will have upgrade packs, for those brave-hearts that would venture to use them on live sites (no warranty though, naturally).

- RCs and ultimately Final Release will be sent to and tested on servers of certified hosting providers before going public.


Mark your calendars, mates! The ride is on and you're invited!



The code-name for 7.1 is Sundance. Same as the real dolphin that we're adopting today to join the crew.

"Hi, I'm Sundance. I was first spotted in 1990 when I was a tiny calf. Now I'm grown up and WDCS recognises me by a nick in my fin. I love to socialise with my friends and there are lots of photos of me splashing and leaping with the other dolphins."


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Great News! How much work will this cause for developers to upgrade their modules from 7.05?
The only thing i have been requesting for a long time is.... All Lower case data base tables and all lower case table calls in the code. When i build one windows and upload to linux i have a hell of time figuring out why its not working. low and behold its becuse of the case sentive between linux and windows.

Windows changes everthing to lower case and linux is Looking for "Profiles" When windows changed it to "profiles". I know what i am asking for is a ton of work see more but most of the tables are all lower case. There are a handful that do remian.

Just my birthday wish. Thanks
I wish next release to b search engine friendly.....
good luck !!
When will the new version be released?
"Mark your calendars, mates!"

What day is "as soon as possible and in a very good condition" so I can mark my calendar? =)
Andrew Boon
Mark today as a start day and any day in the future to look up and check if it's ready. If it's not, mark another day then. ;)

Seriously though, by the sheer volume of items in the list I couldn't come up with any estimate date no matter how much I tried. You'll be watching the progress, thats' for sure.
Nathan Paton
It's good to see you guys are back to adopting dolphins. I'm looking forward to all the improvements in 7.1 and will be marking my calendar accordingly (I'll figure it out).
Sounds great. I will dive in when it's time to test ; )
good news but waht whit the RTL and agen what abut RTL???
great news. cant wait to play around with Alphas and betas again.
great! now I have to spend more money buying more serial number for my new clients :D
Something is missing - Better SEO for all the page
yes better seo is definitely missing :-(
Is ticket 1624 (timezones) included ? That's just great !
module migration from 7.05 to 7.1 does not forget to make
cool very nice its really getting more and more perfect :-)
Thank you BoonEx Team!
Stunning :-)
Nice..... sounds like every extension, and every template that I bought for 7.0.x will be rendered obsolete, and the countless hours I put into customization will have been for nothing. I just love flushing a ton of work down the toilet.

If I'll have to start all over, can you guys at least remove module inter-dependencies where you can, and just let the modules stand on their own?

Most useless Dolphin module: Avatars (next to OpenSocial, that is)

The avatar module is inextricably woven see more into Dolphin.... and I don't even want the damn thing. Just get rid of the stupid thing, Avatars were popular in the 90's on message boards, but they really have no use in a platform like Dolphin. A resized and cropped profile photo is sufficient. I would suggest that you find out whoever wanted this useless module in the first place, and then bind and gag them for the duration of 7.1 development.
What ever happened to the page access control mod that was done by Anton - it was announced that its features would be in the core product I believe.

Agree with Houston about the Avatar - it is causing endiless confusion and doesn't work anyway - agree that a cropped profile photo would be best.

While I am ranting does the profile matching work at all? There was a post about long standing problems and it was mentioned. I have a site where I can't get it to work. I wrote Boonex a few times see more but got no reply, but finally someone said I had to pay a support fee. I threw 5 bucks in the hat - not much I know, to see if I could get someone to take a look or at least answer my email

RG - p.s. Null field issue going to get fixed?
Andrew Boon
Yes it is going to be added to 7.1. We're not announcing it widely.
Yeah... Kill Avatars as well as shared photos :-) Restore the "Main profile photo" concept :-)
are you planning on having any documentation on this? are you going to have your staff, beta-test this release, are you going to fix all reported and known bugs in 7.0.x before you release 7.1?

if you are not going to fix the reported bugs in 7.0.x, can you explicitly commit to fixing all reported bugs that you get from the community and let your staff know that if something is release, and doesnt function, that requesting to fix the bug is not an enhancement.
you have one mention of match, and the iteration is that admin is getting cupid matches and its declared as an enhancement.

Andrew, can you examine this on your instance of, because match does not work, and it has been ignored for some time now. if this is a dating social engine, or social networking engine then match needs to work, and not just on sexual flavors and favors, match should be functional no matter what the scope of the site is.
can we get search to work with this release? search does not work in the current release 7.0.x

search is mentioned once in here and that is search by tags. tags are all over the place, and i think that whole process needs to be rethought, because you end up with a ton of useless words, being entered in as tag words.

please look into the search feature of the site and the matching feature.
I would agree. Tags are useless if users don't know how to use them, and can screw up search results, which unfortunately, there is no means to configure search parameters. I'd greatly prefer:

- they weren't required on certain pages which they currently are
- they could be uninstalled completely

On this last point, why are some things considered modules, and others (like tags) not modules. Don't understand why this is the case.
can you look into limiting the size of an image video and sound file based on the membership level,

so membership A can upload up to 10mb filesize
membershipB can upload up to 50mb filesize
membershipC can upload 100MB+ filesize

this should be a setting available for each membership level and action

membershipA can upload 3 images period, not set a number of minutes or seconds that expire
membershipA can upload 3 sound files period, " "

if membershipA has maxxed out their see more actions level and are attempting to utilize that sites feature, redirect to upgrade page.
This is good news, I agree with you if DosDawg & you could also add to the sounds and videos in a playlist the album selection instead of left / right to go in the album to select the sound / video that you want, it'd be good, do it by reading one of selection, which will be much more convenient

Thank you
i know i get trapped off on these blogs with my long answers:

articles and news, this needs to be usable by the site members, exactly how much news do you think hte admin of the site has?

fix the site cart module so that the members can actually offer their products for sale from the site cart, and use their paypal to collect the funds
Having a functioning cart module is imperative. Why is this considered an enhancement?

#2379 Payment result improvement enhancement major 8 weeks 4 days

My site cannot go live because PayPal integration DOESN'T WORK. This was detected 8 weeks ago and wasn't included in 7.0.5 after I asked, pleaded for it to be included. Is anyone home at Boonex?
did i mention that site search and match do not work?
easy up grades like WP Maybe? mods themes everything upgrades together
is dolphin only a cms for dating? not a chance for regular portal features?
Why do I have the impression that Dolphin will never be a finished product?

You see all the necessary improvements Boonex accepts to face and the comments from its users/clients, and then you wonder why would you invest time and money in something that is clearly not working properly (it´s not error proof, from what I can read here) and then the developers and parents of the creature keep jumping forward (or running forward if you wish) instead of concentrating in finishing 1 single product.

I´m see more trying not to be offensive with my comment. It´s not my intention to be offensive. So I apologize if it looks that way.

I think Boonex should either rethink its strategy and cancel this Sundance thing, and/or sell partner with an experienced software company that would lead Boonex in the right direction (which, based on the facts we all see here, it is not. One more comment, if it is in the right direction, then it´s going so slow that the damage is almost the same).

So, to sum up, I would like Andrew or any other Boonex responsible person to answer this single question:

Why can´t you just finish a basic-bug-free version of Dolphin before jumping to future releases (call them Sundance, Poseidon, etc.)?

Thanks & regards,
I just posted a suggestion to Boonex for a way for them to fix their bugs and still work on the new version at the same time:
I have to agree a bit with HernanL.

I love Dolphin and am one of the biggest fans. I joined so I can take advantage of the social networking platform it has to offer. The upgrades are a bit much and costly for someone who invested modules and is not a developer. I love the version I am at right now, but from what I read, it seems there is a lot that needs to be fixed. I would like to concentrate on the business aspect of my site, but with the upgrades, bugs, and fixes have not allowed me to see more and I have had my site up for 1 1/2 years. I don't have the confidence to watch it take off like I know it can. I currently have D 7.3 and am so far from the other versions, it's crazy. It has been costly to move up to another version without compromising the modules I have purchased as well. I am not a Developer and it seems Dolphin is made for Developers, not people that would just like to open a site and take advantage of its beautiful platform and upgrades.

Why doesn't Dolpin offer a free upgrade? Maybe set a price for upgrading the modules that have been purchased and work something out with the Developers? Have the Developers make a ready version of the modules that they offer, with the dolphin upgrade.

Thanks and please know I am a huge Dolphin fan!!!

Maybe I'm offtopic but I still don't understand the logic for 'Top rated' and 'Popular' - Function in 'People' section . In fact; Does it really work?

If you go to People ->"top rated", you should normally, get the sorted list of the registered members with the most votes first, but instead you get a random list of the registered user.
It's not only on my page, on you get the same results.
I reported it allready but nobody gave me a solution, nobody did care about see more that.

Will this problem be solved in 7.1?
Otherwise, 'Top-Rated' makes no sense.
Will the native video uploads load any quicker???
at the moment, there is a fairly long delay (sometimes needs clicking twice...) between having clicked the play button ,and the video actually playing.

Would be great to have the vid section working a lot smoother
Is it not about time that we had a check box in membership levels to allow/disallow viewing of cams in chat? this would be the biggest reason people would make money from others to use a site, is to pay for cam access.
Seeing people chat in open chat is enough for non-paying members, they can read the convos, and would pay if they read a few keywords in the chat, in reference to someone doing something on cam.

I am sure some guys would get their credit card out if they seen a comment like "wow see more that's a big butt you got" and once they paid, they see a woman put a cigarette out after just a few puffs leaving a big butt in the ash tray.
lmao i got their money what do i care what they thought they were gonna get once they paid?
moderator to make avatars or main photo
I really can't wait to see, test and feel 7.1... Really, really looking forward to the release...
Can we get links in profile fields - an easy way for people to enter their websites that can be clicked when the profile if viewed. Also, can we get Google connect, to compliment Facebook connect.
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