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Andrew Boon posted 8th of August 2008. 590 comments.

8 is not just a simple number for us, actually. You can see it in our logo; it has something

AntonLV's agent page

AntonLV posted 25th of December 2009 in Boonex News. 114 comments.

My name is Anton! I am a professional developer. I have been a BoonExer for more than 5 years already

One Unlimited Dolphin License to Everyone (who needs it)

Andrew Boon posted 11th of May 2009. 375 comments.

Today we're generating one free unlimited license ($790 value) to every single registered Unity account. It's a one-time action. Accounts created

Dolphin 7... On the way! (Updated)

Andrew Boon posted 23rd of November 2008. 309 comments.

We planned for Dolphin 6.2, but while working on it we realized that we have to change so many things and

Dolphin 7 (Hookie) Public Preview. Build 12.

Andrew Boon posted 12th of March 2009. 188 comments.

The very first public preview of Dolphin 7 is available now. As many of you know, we were initially planning

DosDawgs, Nomination to become a Moderator

DosDawg posted 26th of May 2009 in Community Voice. 93 comments.

Hey all, as you have seen over the past few days, there have been some really positive directionals achieved here

Nominations for Moderator

mrpowless posted 26th of May 2008 in Community Voice. 89 comments.

Please post reply and nominate for moderator. So all in favor  click the THUMBS UP

Hookie Build 15. Groups & Couples. Facebook Page.

Andrew Boon posted 8th of April 2009. 222 comments.

New alpha build of Dolphin 7 is up + BoonEx page at Facebook created + We need your opinions on

Dolphin 7 development. Update. (updated)

Andrew Boon posted 26th of February 2009. 118 comments.

The big "renovation" is taking more time than we all expected, just like any renovation always does. Be sure that

Dolphin 6.2, Ray 3.6, Orca 2.1 Now In Works

Andrew Boon posted 9th of July 2008. 160 comments.

We've been doing some development on the "new versions" side and now it's time to start discussions about what's going

Hookie Alpha Build 13

Andrew Boon posted 20th of March 2009. 130 comments.

We've just updated the demo at http://www.demozzz.c om/dolphin7a/. We had to add a few extra features to the initial plan (store, shopping

LyubovL's Agent page

LyubovL posted 25th of December 2009. 25 comments.


New List of Pundits (proposed)

Andrew Boon posted 26th of May 2009. 84 comments.

Here goes with a preliminary list of new Pundits. To actually become a pundit, the following account holders need to

BoonEx Turns 8. Happy Birthday!

Andrew Boon posted 1st of September 2008. 88 comments.

“It’s not the critic who counts, not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles or where the

Dolphin 7 (Hookie). Alpha Build 17. Downloadable

VictorT posted 12th of June 2009. 169 comments.

Meet the new Hookie Alpha Build 17 today. The most interesting and important features of this build are the new

BoonEx is getting ready to celebrate Christmas!

LyubovL posted 2nd of December 2009. 77 comments.

Ho, ho, ho! Santa is almost here! BoonEx is getting ready to celebrate Christmas! How about a gift exchange?

Friday, 13th - perfect time for... Dolphin 7 RC!

Andrew Boon posted 13th of November 2009. 119 comments.

What's your favorite way to spend a Friday night? Glass of wine? Romantic dinner? Crazy clubbing? Whatever... we've got a

Community Choice Award

LyubovL posted 19th of May 2009. 47 comments.

Dear friends! has announced a Community Choice Award, which they

Thank You!

Andrew Boon posted 12th of May 2009. 73 comments.

It's just one day since we announced the big license giveaway, but we've already received a whopping 10,000 USD in

Dolphin a Finalist for SourceForge's Community Choice Award

LyubovL posted 24th of June 2009. 47 comments.

Dear customers, friends, and visitors! As you may remember, we asked you to help us to nominate Dolphin for a Community

Welcome to Mike’s Agent Page

Mike posted 25th of December 2009. 24 comments.

Your website is important to you! It is your statement to the world, and it is also very important to me

It's close, but...

Andrew Boon posted 8th of January 2009. 188 comments.

... there's one bigger thing we need to discuss. The "green" thing... Ok, I know that many of you are waiting

Dolphin 6.1.5 Released. 100% Open Source. Flash Apps & Forum Included. New Licenses.

Andrew Boon posted 6th of May 2009. 213 comments.

While preparing for the huge release of Dolphin 7, we decided to update 6.1.x line to make sure the current

The New Logo & The Next Big Thing

Andrew Boon posted 2nd of July 2008. 86 comments.

The New BoonEx Logo The time has come to say goodbye to our old logo, it has served us well and

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