AntonLV's agent page

AntonLV posted 25th of December 2009 in Boonex News. 114 comments.

My name is Anton! I am a professional developer. I have been a BoonExer for more than 5 years already

LyubovL's Agent page

LyubovL posted 25th of December 2009. 25 comments.


Dolphin 7... On the way! (Updated)

Andrew Boon posted 23rd of November 2008. 309 comments.

We planned for Dolphin 6.2, but while working on it we realized that we have to change so many things and

One Unlimited Dolphin License to Everyone (who needs it)

Andrew Boon posted 11th of May 2009. 375 comments.

Today we're generating one free unlimited license ($790 value) to every single registered Unity account. It's a one-time action. Accounts created

Dolphin Licenses Pricing Structure Clarification

Andrew Boon posted 3rd of October 2012 in Dolphin.pro News. 0 comments.

TRIAL COPY  Using a Trial copy of Dolphin doesn't require any license. Trial copy has full functionality and is not time-limited. The only requirement is to display BoonEx "powered by" links and banners on the site. Updating from Trial copy to fully licensed copy doesn't require re-installation. STANDARD LICENSE This is the base license for the Dolphin platform. Standard License gives permission to

Dolphin 7.0.8 Released!

Andrew Boon posted 24th of October 2011 in Dolphin.pro News. 36 comments.

Dolphin 7.0.8 is here with us, rectifying some security vulnerabilities and busting a mid-sized gang of virtual insects (aka bugs).

Dolphin 7 templates system

MichelSwiss posted 26th of May 2009 in Community Voice. 12 comments.

I was hoping that Dolphin 7 will allow to make a custom template (or to edit the tmpl_uni) more easily than

Agent Igor L.

IgorL posted 25th of December 2009 in Community Voice. 17 comments.

Hello. My name is Igor.

Payments in Dolphin

AntonLV posted 1st of February 2010 in Dolphin.pro News. 40 comments.

By default Dolphin has Payment module with PayPal integration in it. This module is used to add shopping cart functionality to Dolphin and process payments. For example, default Dolphin's Store module is integrated with Payment module. So, if you want to use Store to sell something on your site you need to start from setting up Payment module. You need to

VictorT's agent page

VictorT posted 25th of December 2009 in Boonex News. 7 comments.

Social networking templates and dating templates - our take.

Andrew Boon posted 26th of December 2010 in Dolphin.pro News. 32 comments.

As you know we don't provide a bunch a of design templates with Dolphin anymore. Surely, community sites, social networks

Welcome to Mike’s Agent Page

Mike posted 25th of December 2009. 24 comments.

Your website is important to you! It is your statement to the world, and it is also very important to me

Tutorial: How to build "Facebook Clone" using Dolphin

VictorT posted 27th of August 2010. 29 comments.

We've started preparing and publishing a set of tutorials which would help people get a deeper and better understanding of

How to Add PHP in a BLOCK

jtadeo posted 11th of July 2008 in Community Voice. 47 comments.

Extend Your Blocks with the Power of PHP! It

Footer, links removal, licenses... and our apologies.

Andrew Boon posted 8th of May 2008. 137 comments.

We made a major mistake with the license/links handling in Dolphin 6.1. And we are sorry for being overly too

Dolphin, Orca, Ray Media Server (RMS) hosting

stylesmith posted 5th of March 2008 in Community Voice. 23 comments.

We are new to Boonex products and we just launched our Dolphin community with Orca and Ray.  Long before we

Need To know where to get rid of the Boonex Links at the bottom

Technoman posted 16th of March 2008 in Community Voice. 21 comments.

Powered by Dolphin Smart Community Builder   Orca Interactive Forum Script   Ray Community Widget Suite Copyright © 2008

Adding more Admins in Dolphin or changing admin password

gkcgautam posted 12th of May 2008 in Community Voice. 16 comments.

So many people at Unity keep asking about adding more Administrators to their Dolphin powered sites so as to divide

Dolphin 8 Preview - Page Builder

Andrew Boon posted 16th of February 2012 in Dolphin.pro News. 52 comments.

Finally the time has come to play with the most exciting of the Dolphin builders.

Dolphin 6.2, Ray 3.6, Orca 2.1 Now In Works

Andrew Boon posted 9th of July 2008. 160 comments.

We've been doing some development on the "new versions" side and now it's time to start discussions about what's going

FINALS! Dolphin 6.1, Ray 3.5 and Orca 2!

Andrew Boon posted 29th of April 2008. 383 comments.

After 7 months of active development and testing we are happy to announce Dolphin 6.1 Final, Ray 3.5 Final

Dolphin 7 (Hookie). Alpha Build 16.

Andrew Boon posted 21st of April 2009. 127 comments.

One more update of Hookie Alpha today. Some interesting things to look at, most importantly...

Dolphin 7.0.7 Released! Better Mobile Apps, Access Control and More.

Andrew Boon posted 1st of August 2011 in Dolphin.pro News. 52 comments.

Dolphin 7.0.7 is ready for download with over 100 improvements, fixes and new features. Along with being a generally improved

FREE Templates & Special Offers!

DolphinTemplate posted 24th of December 2010 in Community Voice. 14 comments.

We are very grateful to every single client we had and to every single visitor that browsed our website and

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