4 days ago7 comments
The first feature-final release of Trident has arrived. Meet Trident 8.0 BETA! It only took what... 5 years?
10 days ago8 comments
Your fresh-out-of-the-oven social network is up and running. Hosting server optimised, friends invited, initial marketing campaign launched, coffee is still hot and... TA-DA! The first member joined! Name is "Prudence", wants to "meet nice people", and... WOW! Another one! Girl again... posting in blog already... something about designer bags..? WTF!?! Before the day is out your server is bogged down
10th of April 201522 comments
Comments can make or brake engagement on a content-focused social network. Mobile traffic overtakes desktop traffic on social networking sites. Getting comments to look and work perfectly on mobile devices is crucial for social software platform like Dolphin. Let's talk about what would constitute the most elegant, user-friendly, efficient, secure and engaging commenting system.
1st of April 201516 comments
We had a brief talk about Bootstrap today, again. Every now and then the lure of pre-cooked CSS elements takes our attention, and yet we keep resisting. I've mentioned Bootstrap before聽and that it doesn't work for us because of UI inconsistencies, but I thought maybe we could use the lego-pieces without necessarily doing an "all-bootstrap" cookie-cutter site. And so we
24th of March 201516 comments
This is both sharing and an ever-open question. While building Trident and recently updating BoonEx we have gained a good deal of experience and insight into how web-software can be built to make websites "mobile-friendly". Conventions are all still far from definitive. Mobile web is that new frontier that has already gained strong mainstream end-user acceptance, while developers and technologies
16th of February 201533 comments
This is the last "alpha" release of the Trident platform. Next one will be a beta, which means we won't be adding any more new features until final release. So, between now and Beta it is the last chance to squeeze in some new functionality or even changes in existing features. Feel free to share your ideas in comments.聽
18th of January 201510 comments
Dolphin 7.1.5 (Final) is released and is available for download. This is a security update. We strongly recommend all Dolphin-powered sites to upgrade to 7.1.5 immediately.聽
15th of January 20156 comments
Our new platform, now called Trident, is getting very very close to beta release. We anticipate perhaps one more alpha before it happens. In this update we're bringing quite a few improvements as well as general remming from Dolphin to Trident.
29th of December 201442 comments
The name of the new platform has been bouncing back and forth quite a bit lately. Well, we thought we'd test your patience once again, hopefully cementing it once and for all. We are renaming Dolphin U to Trident. Moreover, we plan to move Trident downloads, support and discussion to another site soon. BoonEx will only be focused on Dolphin
14th of December 201414 comments
Why? Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can't help them, at least don't hurt them.聽(Dalai Lama)
10th of December 201426 comments
We are getting a lot closer to the feature set that we plan for initial release of Dolphin U. This update (alpha 9) is a significant and very important leap forward. Most notably, Dolphin U now has a new Video Transcoder, which has already been used in the new "Timeline Videos" feature. So, you can upload videos to Timeline and
28th of November 20142 comments
It's that crazy time of the year again! Deepest discounts happen this Friday and eager shoppers storm participating stores. Apparently, at least in US it can actually be dangerous to shop during back Friday. Online shopping, however, is as safe as it gets and we are happy to bring forward our once-a-year offer...
24th of November 201411 comments
聽 The new Video Transcoder provides powerful features and聽very simplified interface for developers. Working with video is as simple as working with images using Images Transcoder.聽Converted files聽are automatically stored it in the聽storage engine.聽 It generates .mp4 and .webm videos to support HTML5 video playing in all modern browsers:
12th of November 201425 comments
Work on Dolphin PRO is resuming alongside with Dolphin U development. As we've announced earlier聽among other things Dolphin PRO will be getting a responsive design overhaul. There are many ways to make website interface "responsive", though. In Dolphin U, for example, we are experimenting with more unconventional, but compact main menu and adaptive popups, while pages content relies on either
10th of November 201416 comments
Today's update of Dolphin U Alpha is one of the most significant since we started public testing. There are new features, core improvements and design changes. Let's see what we've done...
24th of October 20149 comments
Dolphin U is further improving and Alpha 7 is good for grabs. This time changes are a bit more subtle, while we're cleaning up before adding bigger features. So, in this alpha you're getting... 聽
23rd of October 201450 comments
We have already done some work planned for Dolphin PRO 7.2 and outlined some of the key improvements, which will be actively worked on as soon as Dolphin U Beta is released. Today, we'd like to share our ideas with you. BoonEx community can be very insightful when it comes to discussion of Dolphin features, so we decided to bring
23rd of October 201420 comments
Dolphin PRO (aka Dolphin 7, aka Dolphin Classic) licenses are going to change starting from the next version update. 聽
22nd of October 201411 comments
鈥淲hat's in a name? that which we call a rose By any other name would smell as sweet.鈥澛 鈥暵燱illiam Shakespeare,聽Romeo and Juliet
9th of October 201424 comments
Dolphin U development is further progressing, with almost all planned features finally emerging and small refinements coming in droves . There're still some known issues, a few nifty things to add and a fair bit of polishing to do, but Dolphin U is definitely shaping up as a fantastic community platform! 聽 Main Improvements in Alpha 6 - 聽In this update we've improved
27th of September 20140 comments
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7th of September 20147 comments
The new approach for handling date/time in Dolphin U have the following nice advantages.聽 聽 Real-time updates for relative time The following is happening without page reload:
4th of September 20141 comments
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2nd of September 201425 comments
Time is speeding up. BoonEx is 14. Yay!