Back on track!

Andrew Boon posted 6th of December 2015 in Our Journey. 12 comments.

Just a little over a month has passed since our house was destroyed in a fire. A magical month! Our friends and community supported us with such vigour and warmth that Boons family never had a reason to complain. We've been given all the basic things, toys for the baby son, violin for the bigger boy and a lovely soups

Last night fire destroyed our home (aka Boonex HQ).

Andrew Boon posted 2nd of November 2015 in Our Journey. 59 comments.

Last night my wife and I woke up to a strange cracking sound coming from the kitchen, like a clumsy intruder shuffling things at 4am. Just about 20 minutes later nothing was left of our house, the home-office, computers, violins, guitars, books or anything at all. We got out with kids a minute before it would be too late. Thank

Boonex.com goes 100% HTTPS. Ready to install SSL to Dolphin sites for Subscribers.

Andrew Boon posted 21st of October 2015 in Boonex News. 10 comments.

We have just finished setting up SSL encryption and authentication for Boonex.com site-wide. This means that all your sensitive data transmitted via Boonex.com is protected and will only be seen by those who you mean to show it to. Since a lot of web-masters share site access details, use internal messages, make payments and fill-in potentially private information in their

Dolphin.Pro 7.2.1 Released With Over 50 Improvements

Andrew Boon posted 19th of October 2015 in Dolphin.pro News. 20 comments.

This is a "service" version update  with 42 fixes and 11 enhancements. Since 7.2 has introduced so many significant changes a service update is coming out hot on its heels to address any issues that may have been missed in 7.2.

Dolphin 7.2.1 Beta

AlexT posted 15th of October 2015 in Dolphin.pro News. 6 comments.

This update has some critical bugs fixed as well as nice enhancements. We recommend to test it carefully, so unnoticed bugs can be fixed before the final release. IMPORTANT: this version is not suitable for production sites and there will be no upgrade packs for it.

Meet The Boonex Team

Andrew Boon posted 7th of October 2015 in Our Journey. 11 comments.

Boonex is a community. We have thousands of really active members that build software, help in forums, share ideas and run various businesses connected to Boonex. So, generally it is best to see Boonex as big collective. There is also what we call a "core team". A bunch of guys that breathe Dolphin, day-in and day-out. Every one of us

You don't need to know PHP to use DolphinPro, but if you do want to know it, here's a good way to start.

Andrew Boon posted 6th of October 2015 in Social Software. 1 comment.

DolphinPro is a PHP platform, for the most part. It's incredible how PHP, initially created as a small "hobby' language evolved into a de-facto #1 standard for web-development. It now powers estimated 40% of all websites in the world, including Facebook. So, it would be safe to say that people browse PHP-driven pages most of the time.    So, if you are

Boonex is a PayPal Partner! Now what?

Andrew Boon posted 6th of October 2015 in Boonex News. 9 comments.

We are officially a PayPal Partner now (for PayPal North America Partnership program). What it means for DolphinPro users is that we will now have better and more tools to improve PayPal products in Dolphin, track any issues and fine-tune Dolphin to make PayPal work seamlessly.    In further updates we plan to focus more on e-commerce and payment aspects of DolphinPro.

Support Service Improvements Report

Andrew Boon posted 6th of October 2015 in Boonex News. 0 comments.

Just a few weeks ago we launched the Mission: Diligent Support, with the goal to improve our communication with customers, offer options for dedicated support and improve overall experience for non-technical users.    Since that post we have made some changes in direction - got rid of Zopim chat and Groove CRM, but switched to Intercom system to do both. We've also

How to get the first 1000 real members to join your social network. On a shoestring budget.

Andrew Boon posted 25th of September 2015 in Social Software. 38 comments.

Zero.   That’s how many members your “community” site has right after you've completed installation, initial setup, branding and customisation. Not much of a community, eh!  

Introducing Leased License, Subscriptions and Hosting!

Andrew Boon posted 23rd of September 2015 in Boonex News. 0 comments.

Dolphin.Pro is awesome! It’s getting better and better. And still, very often people have troubles with installation, setup, settings, hosting, etc. Some need dedicated support. Some just need a good hosting to start with. Some want to try running a licensed site for while without paying a full license fee.   Dolphin.Pro is very powerful. Its power unfolds more and more when

Dolphin upgrade patch from 7.1.6 to 7.2.0

AlexT posted 21st of September 2015 in Dolphin.pro News. 16 comments.

Here is upgrade patch from 7.1.6 to 7.2.0.    If you have custom templates and/or modules then it's better to ask authors about compatibility with 7.2.0 version before upgrading.

Fork Dolphin.Pro on GitHub, pretty please!

Andrew Boon posted 11th of September 2015 in Dolphin.pro News. 11 comments.

Dear developers, designers, web-masters!   If you're working with Dolphin.Pro, either creating extensions, adapting it for your project or modifying it for your clients, please consider forking it from our GitHub repository and submitting pull requests when you make improvements. 

All your old licenses are now upgraded.

Andrew Boon posted 9th of September 2015 in Boonex News. 3 comments.

As planned, we have now upgraded all old licenses to "Dolphin.Pro License" for all accounts. Prime holders received 2 licenses per Prime package, and all Permanent licenses have been upgraded one-to-one. Mobile licenses are also converted to full Dolphin.Pro licenses.   Every Dolphin.Pro license allows branding-free use of Dolphin.Pro on one domain. Dolphin Mobile Apps will connect to registered sites only, so

Dolphin.Pro is now on GitHub

Andrew Boon posted 5th of September 2015 in Boonex News. 1 comment.

Dolphin.Pro development is moved to GitHub   Dolphin.Pro Code is where the code now lives. Developers are encouraged to fork the repository and then use that as your own centralised repository. From there you can send "pull requests" to the Boonex Dolphin.Pro project with your changes and then we can review them before deciding whether to include them in to the main code-base.

The New Boonex Site

Andrew Boon posted 2nd of September 2015 in Boonex News. 18 comments.

Cleaner and leaner Boonex.com is going live!   The site is updated with refreshed look, Dolphin.Pro 7.2 materials, memberships information and new licensing terms. There are a few more changes coming over the next few days, so please don't mind the slightly wacky Market and Trac. They'll look great soon!   License Pricing  

Dolphin.Pro 7.2 Released - Powerful, Beautiful, Mobile.

Andrew Boon posted 1st of September 2015 in Dolphin.pro News. 33 comments.

After two years of “service” updates and 6 months of feature development and testing, the new Dolphin.Pro 7.2 FINAL is released and is available for immediate download.

Boonex Forums Restructured

Andrew Boon posted 25th of August 2015 in Boonex News. 1 comment.

In preparation for the upcoming changes and planned Knowledge Base overhaul we have restructured Boonex Forums. Some categories have been moved to Archive, and some have been merged with new ones.    General idea is to step away from software versions or types (web, mobile, desktop, trident, etc.). Forums are now focused on users intention. Those who come to learn the basics go

Dolphin.Pro 7.2 Release Candidate is here! (attention ALL DEVELOPERS)

Andrew Boon posted 24th of August 2015 in Dolphin.pro News. 38 comments.

Today we are releasing Dolphin.Pro 7.2 RC. This update is particularly important for all developers who have extensions in BoonEx Market. There will be no or only minor changes from RC to Final, so now is the best time to update your extensions to ensure compatibility. Remember, Market will be listing only 7.2-compatible extensions as Featured.   

Must-Read! Big changes coming in September.

Andrew Boon posted 24th of August 2015 in Boonex News. 91 comments.

In just one week Boonex will turn 15. Perfect milestone to introduce some serious changes. In this post I will briefly outline what is planned for the month of September. More details posts will follow.  

Mission: Diligent Support

Andrew Boon posted 7th of August 2015 in Boonex News. 17 comments.

While Dolphin Pro 7.2 work is being finalised, we decided to focus on our support system. We are a small team working with lots of clients, but we believe that there are things that can be improved anyway. Sometimes we miss important requests or fail to reply in time. Documentation is getting outdated and somewhat disorganised. A lot of clients

Dolphin Pro 7.2 Beta 2

Andrew Boon posted 3rd of August 2015 in Dolphin.pro News. 37 comments.

July was a bug-squashing month. Thanks to community report we have been able to identify and fix a whole lot of issues in the recently announced Dolphin 7.2 Beta. It seemed overwhelming at first, though only natural for the amount of new features and improvements that we came up with. Today, we have the second beta for you.

Developers invitation

AlexT posted 9th of July 2015 in Dolphin.pro News. 3 comments.

We're inviting selected developers to participate in Dolphin development. We believe that it will be beneficial for the developers and the Dolphin community. We are opening the way where developers can introduce own enhancements into the Dolphin core which will make their mods to work better without modifications.   

Dolphin Pro 7.2 Beta Released!

Andrew Boon posted 9th of July 2015 in Dolphin.pro News. 45 comments.

It is impossible to overstate significance of this release. Dolphin Pro 7.2 is the first major feature update in over 2 years! Yes, it is still a "BETA" package, but it doesn't normally take long to progress from feature-final beta to a full stable release. Also, if you're brave and if you don't need to upgrade from 7.1, it is

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